Carmelo Marcus is a young business owner and creative director with a love for simple fonts and Jordan 3's.

Andre Crawford

Andre and Brooklyn go together like wave caps and Murray's. He believes Timbs are a casual dress shoe and that Fab spent 3 days on the F train to pay for the sins of Hip-Hop. If you see him coming off the 3, say wassup. He’ll swipe you in.

Belise Thomas

I am a graphic designer (and sometimes writer) who likes her sneakers clean and her tea green. I play with colors and fonts all day at NBC and on the side at HRDCVR and Rap Radar. Pay me in lobster rolls.

Collin Strajack

Collin is a lyrical hip-hop enthusiast and also the Co-Creator of NowThatsCollege.com. He also created the Twitter account @HipHopMw to promote hip-hop artists through out the Midwest.

Darren Gooden

Florida-based. I want to connect the dots and unlock the codes. I specialize in outcheaness level optimization.


I like to go by the writing moniker Ghost!, I’ve been listening to music for as long as I can remember and writing for a couple of years now. I love all genres of music except country and EDM. I’m a Pokemon connoisseur, avid sports fan, and anime enthusiast.

Harry Itie

Believer. Entertainment Journalist. Pop Culture/Social Commentator. Africa's Next Media Entrepreneur


I'm just a girl who loves art and frequents museums, and wants to share her world through drawings and photographs. I often fall into "SoundCloud rabbit holes." I am also the president of my local chapter of the Beyhive.

Martin Boev

I'm Bulgarian. I live in the UK. I Was born in 1995, which is a great year for hip-hop- The Infamous, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version etc etc. My first love was for hip-hop, I remember getting into Naughty By Nature, Digital Underground, Coolio, Afrika Bambaataa, Slick Rick and House of Pain. They were my first introduction to hip-hop and I've had a special connection to the genre ever since. Now I'm more interested in beatmakers, producers and jazz musicians too (Sun Ra is the one I'm most intrigued by). My favorite producers are Dilla (naturally), Madlib, RZA, DJ Premier, Flying Lotus, Samiyam and Alchemist, just to name a few.

Michell C. Clark

I started Artistic Manifesto in 2009 and it changed my life. A Virginia native. Looks like Huey, acts like Riley. Terrible at directions, somewhat decent at writing, mildly obsessed with SoundCloud surfing. Part time all caps texting enthusiast.

Quinelle Holder

I didn't do my homework, still watched Rap City | Social: @quinelleholder