Gotham nights
New Music Oct 17  |  

The Underachievers – “Gotham Nights” (Video)

The Underachievers split time between gorgeous naturalistic scenery and dark urban scenes in their new video for “Gotham Nights.” The gloomy single is a standout track from their recently released Renaissance project. Watch the video for “Gotham Nights” below. If you’re in New York, The Underachievers homecoming show goes down tonight. HOMECOMING SHOW IN NEW . . .

2 of a kind
New Music Jun 13  |  

The Underachievers – “2 Of A Kind”

Gritty Brooklyn duo The Underachievers just dropped an album called Renaissance last month, but they’re already back in full effect with a single called “2 Of A Kind” for AK’s birthday. Stream “2 Of A Kind” below, and purchase Renaissance via iTunes.

saint paul
New Music May 17  |  

The Underachievers – “Saint Paul”

The Underachievers have a number of gritty, rough and rugged hip hop records within their discography, but “Saint Paul” finds them heading in a different, more ambient direction. With their Renaissance project only two days away, as both AK and Issa Gold reflect on people they’ve lost and pledge to make the most of their . . .

final destination
New Music Mar 18  |  

The Underachievers – “Final Destination”

“Final Destination” is the third single to be released from Brooklyn duo The Underachievers‘ forthcoming Renaissance album. Produced by Powers Pleasant of Pro Era, it has the decidedly ominous vibe that we’ve come to expect from Issa Gold and AK. Tune in and vibe out. Stream “Final Destination” below.

gotham nights
New Music Feb 1  |  

The Underachievers – “Gotham Nights”

The Underachievers are back on the map with a beautifully executed, emotionally nuanced new record called “Gotham Nights.” This single is the first release from their forthcoming 2017 release, Renaissance. AK and Issa Gold continue to deliver nothing but high quality content. Stream “Gotham Nights” below.

look inside
New Music May 22  |  

AK of The Underachievers takes a poignant “Look Inside”

AK of The Underachievers, also known as AK The Savior, re-emerges with a cinematic, Powers Pleasant-produced track called “Look Inside.” This is actually the latest of an ongoing manga series AK has been producing, called Nakaoamiru. Listen to more of his music via SoundCloud. Stream “Look Inside” below, and check out previous songs from Nakaoamiru . . .

it happened in flatbush
New Music May 16  |  

The Underachievers – ‘It Happened In Flatbush’ (Mixtape)

It Happened In Flatbush is a mixtape packed full of the dark, booming hip-hop sound that fans have come to expect from the Brooklyn-based duo. The Underachievers know their lane, and they fill it with precision on their latest release. Stream It Happened In Flatbush below.

really got it
New Music May 9  |  

The Underachievers – “Really Got It”

More often than not, music by The Underachievers makes me feel like the walls are closing in on me. It’s frantic, it’s ominous, it’s gloriously delightful in the strangest of ways. Their latest release, “Really Got It” has that same dark energy. They billed this song as a Mother’s Day gift on SoundCloud. I don’t . . .

play that way
New Music Apr 21  |  

The Underachievers – “Play That Way”

This joint is a guaranteed trunk rattler. Featuring obscene amounts of bass and ominous melodies, The Underachievers‘s “Play That Way” is a banger set to be featured on their currently untitled, forthcoming project. The production hits you in the chest; the lyrics are aggressive and to the point. Stream “Play That Way” below.

in your atmosphere
New Music Sep 14  |  

AK (of The Underachievers) – “In Your Atmosphere”

AK of The Underachievers is setting up shop to release his sophomore album, Evermore: The Art of Duality on September 25th, and the Cookin’ Soul-produced “In Your Atmosphere” is an excellent appetizer. This track won’t be on the actual project, but it still whets appetites for what is to come. Stream “In Your Atmosphere” below. . . .

New Music Aug 26  |  

The Underachievers – “Allusions”

The Underachievers are back with a gloomy new release called “Allusions,” full of the dark grit we’ve come to expect from them. Look for Issa Gold and AK’s sophomore album, Evermore – The Art of Duality to release on September 25th. Stream “Allusions” below.

New Music Jan 21  |  

The Underachievers – “Amorphous” ft. Portugal. The Man (Video)

New York hip-hop duo The Underachievers delivers an impactful, symbolic video for “Amorphous,” a forward-thinking record originally featured on their debut LP, Cellar Door: Terminus ut Exordium. Sampling Alaskan rock band Portual. The Man, “Amorphous” has an ethereal feel to it that the vast majority of hip-hop songs can’t touch. Watch the video for “Amorphous” . . .

Clockwork Indigo
New Music Oct 19  |  

The Underachievers & Flatbush Zombies – “Clockwork Indigo” (EP)

The Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies team up for Clockwork Indigo, a new EP that illustrates just how effective the marriage of their sounds is. The two New York acts have long been running in very similar lanes, so this project almost feels overdue, in a sense. Erick The Architect’s production keeps everything on the up . . .

butterfly effect
New Music Sep 17  |  

Clockwork Indigo (Flatbush Zombies & The Underachievers) – “Butterfly Effect”

It should come as no surprise that Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers saw fit to officially connect. They both specialize in gritty, grungy hip-hop, specializing in drug-related and spiritual references. Lo and behold, the two groups have united under the moniker of Clockwork Indigo. The result? Well, just what you would expect. At times the . . .

Leopard Shepherd
New Music Nov 26  |  

Video: The Underachievers – “Leopard Shepherd”

Gritty and innovative hip-hop duo The Underachievers drop a visual for “Leopard Shepherd,” a standout cut from their debut mixtape, Indigoism. Directed by WRUNG PARIS, the video features the Brooklyn duo in Paris, a fitting backdrop for the horn-laden track. Watch the video for “Leopard Shepherd” after the break, and stay tuned for the talented . . .