deejay element

Deejay Element speaks on his DJ career and artistic pursuits

If you don’t have a 9 to 5 dead end career by now don’t let your puritanical baby boomer relatives or sycophant gen-xers know you’re eating avacado toast. Chasing passions outside the corporate structure is a balancing act between thrill and security, passion and obligation. In the end everything is work, the denominator is whether . . .

darius moreno

Meet Darius Moreno, the artist behind GoldLink’s animated “Meditation” video

I walked into Harlem Public on 149th and Broadway, very sure of the direction this piece would take. My mission: sit down with the visual artist behind GoldLink’s latest hit “Meditation,” which was produced by Kaytranada and featured Jazmine Sullivan. I’d ask him about the inspiration behind the visuals, what the process was like, and . . .


Turkish musician Alpman uses psychedelic rock and funk to “fight back” (Interview)

“Music is the only way for me to live. It’s the only thing I really know. This is how I fight back.” Music can be remarkably expressive—reflecting the world at times, while also serving as a way to escape reality. Alpman’s music has a degree of cinematic thrill that allows listeners to accomplish the latter. . . .

Javeon discusses “Control” and the challenges of multi-genre artistry

You’d be forgiven for thinking Javeon was raised on house music. After getting a start with garage joints and songs with fellow Bristolian Julio Bashmore, the budding night club emcee and singer soon found himself rising to the forefront of house’s new generation of vocalists. Following a string of successful releases with some of the . . .

Interview Oct 31  |  

Jeezy discusses ‘Trap Or Die 3’ on Sway In The Morning (Video)

Jeezy is on the back of the release of his Trap or Die 3 album and word has it it is expected to shift 60k in the first week. To continue promoting the project, the self-proclaimed “snowman” sat down with Sway for an in-depth interview. The topic of conversation was of course the album itself, . . .

mir fontane

Mir Fontane talks New Jersey, creativity, and musical inspiration (Interview)

Something has been brewing on the southside of Jersey and it’s become clear that Camden artist, Mir Fontane, has an opportunity to play a big role in it. He has had quite a journey to this moment and his outlook is positive. From the high flying regional hit “Wanni Wag” to an invite to visit . . .

InterviewNew Music Aug 29  |  

Is @BurmanFree the best rapper in Nashville? #TheTwitterMixtape

If you listen to Burman (@BurmanFree) rap, it’s pretty easy to see that he has all the tools of a star in the making. Bars, charisma, and the ability to construct a quality song, front to back. Burman submitted “Last”, the 1st single from @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape, and never has elevator music been molded into something so . . .

InterviewNew Music Aug 24  |  

Nigeria, stand up! @lexi_sugar’s “Reach The Stars” is a standout on @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape

A Maryland transplant with Nigerian soul, @Lexi_Sugar, provided “Reach The Stars” for #TheTwitterMixtape. If you listen to most albums, you save the most uplifting, inspiring song for last, and inspiration is exactly what Lexi brings to the project. Relaxed vocals and calming production encourage the listener to never give up on what means most to them, . . .

InterviewNew Music Aug 23  |  

Hey. @camjamesraps doesn’t care about your feelings. #TheTwitterMixtape

Undoubtedly the hardest track on @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape, A-Town resident Cam James (@camjamesraps) submitted “F.Y.F”, a song that proves has little regard for the people he may have had in mind over the course of the recording. Depth and emotion over a hard ass track tends to be a winner most times, and this song is . . .

haasan barclay
InterviewNew Music Aug 10  |  

It’s clear that @haasanbarclay is the most eclectic artist on #TheTwitterMixtape

A personal favorite, and one of the first songs accepted for the final tracklisting is @HaasanBarclay‘s “Get You, Right?” Barclay has a knack for catchy melodies, strong hooks, and lyrics that may require several listens. Trust us; it’s a good thing. Get to know more about the Boston native below. How did you hear about #TheTwitterMixtape? I . . .

InterviewNew Music Jul 26  |  

@WhoIsPule’s “Stay Afloat” reveals vulnerability on @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape

ATL alum Pule (@WhoIsPule) submitted one of the most poignant and personal tracks to @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape, “Stay Afloat”. Equipped with bars that the average joe can relate to, and a super catchy hook, we’re interested to hear more of what Pule has to say. “Stay Afloat” was one of the easier choices TheMixCrew had when . . .

InterviewNew Music Jul 20  |  

@AmareSymone sings about heartbreak & redemption on #TheTwitterMixtape

Windy City transplant @AmareSymone submitted “Break Of Mind” for @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment. “Break” not only provides one of the best vocal performances on the project, but showcases some very solid songwriting as well. Amare has a style all her own, so get ready; she’s an artist on the verge. How did you hear about #TheTwitterMixtape? . . .

InterviewNew Music Jul 15  |  

Nashville’s @worldofbrown flexes charisma on @TheMixCrew’s #TheTwitterMixtape

Equipped with sharp lyrics and personality to match, Nashville’s own @worldofbrown (Brian Brown) provided “HeyHeyHey!” to @TheMixCrew‘s #TheTwitterMixtape. Refreshing flows, spot-on cadences, and a catchy hook make for a damn good track. With the song nearing almost 100k plays on Soundcloud alone, safe to say that Brown is here to for the long haul. How did . . .

Ta-ku speaks on his creative journey, his faith, and his future goals (Interview)

In an age where the music industry trends towards favoring repeating trends and rehashing classic songs for plays and profit, Ta-ku has carved out a career that’s defined by his originality and innovation. His journey has taken him beyond just music. The worlds of photography, books, fashion and even barbershops have become part of the Perth-based musician’s . . .


#TheTwitterMixtape gets introspective with @COZMEDUSE’s “V E N U S”

Compton native @COZMEDUSE submitted “V E N U S” for the @TheMixCrew‘s project. As evidenced by the soothing vocals and simple harmonies over a minimalist backdrop, “V E N U S” is not only short and sweet, but provides a little introspection as well. How did you hear about #TheTwitterMixtape? I heard about #TheTwitterMixtape through some friends on . . .