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New Music Nov 19  |  

The Stuyvesants’ Allmos preps for his debut with “Aromas Naturalle”

Allmos of The Stuyvesants is releasing his solo debut album called Sound Affects Vol. 1. Listen to the first single, “Aromas Naturalle.”

Texas-based label Dolfin Records puts family first

Check out the top five releases by Texas-based label Dolfin Records. The group is full of musicians, singers, producers, writers, DJs, painters, and more.

sean tarpey
New Music Nov 14  |  

Sean Tarpey’s “Sunshine” is warm music for the fall

Guitarist Sean Tarpey strums from Los Angeles and brings us a new jubilant track perfect for fall called “Sunshine.”

New Music Oct 12  |  

Mysterious artist Hex floats over airy samples on “Hex”

Hex has released “Hex” – it’s as simple and complicated as that. Hex is a Minneapolis artist who is also known as Offsite, but comes wielding a new reconfiguration and sound. His debut self-titled track comes in the form of visuals traveling through his mind that feel like a hazy forest. He invites you to . . .

Back to Basics

Blu & Exile call back to ‘Below The Heavens’ with “Back To Basics”

After cancelling their tour due to health concerns, Blu & Exile have returned with a gem called “Back To Basics.”  In the Beginning: Before the Heavens will contain tracks from before and during the recording of their underground classic Below The Heavens. There were over forty tracks that didn’t make the final cut of their 2007 release, and . . .

pretty boi
New Music Aug 6  |  

Ryun Yusef’s “pretty boi” sounds like a cool summer sunset

I recently moved to Boston from Florida, and Ryun Yusef‘s “pretty boi” is the epitome of a beautiful day for me. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t think Boston would be humid. I thought I was leaving behind the sticky and the wet heat of Florida once I left. I was wrong. Boston is . . .

Listen to Dizzy Fae's funky, infectious "Johnny Bravo"
New Music Jul 20  |  

Listen to Dizzy Fae’s funky, infectious “Johnny Bravo”

Minneapolis comes together for a new Funk, R&B, electro-fusion single called “Johnny Bravo.” The new single makes you feel as cool as the character that it’s named after. It’s a dance song for any occasion. At the helm is Dizzy Fae with an infectious, versatile voice. Her voice is fun and she can adapt to . . .

New Music Jul 18  |  

Massachusetts-based singer DK paints a picture of loneliness on his new single

Dakota Kruser, better known as DK, is a Massachusetts-based singer and producer with a new single about the downward emotional spiral of loneliness. “It’s okay to be alone, but sometimes, being alone gets lonely” is a letter to those who are sulking in their rooms and feeling lonely where they feel like they should feel . . .

New Music May 16  |  

Chester Watson floats through the night with Fredfades on “Magia”

Fredfades and Chester Watson is a combo I should have seen coming, and I’m blown away with their new track together, “Magia.” The Norwegian producer has previewed quite a few tracks from his new album, Warmth before its June release. But “Magia” is one of the most exciting tracks I’ve heard from it yet. I’m a huge fan of Ivan Ave and . . .

New Music May 15  |  

Listen to Choker’s new atmospheric, genre-blending album, ‘PEAK’

Choker showcases his versatility with producing, singing and rapping on his new album PEAK.

tango for one
New Music Apr 10  |  

Cehryl battles with her thoughts on “Tango For One”

“Tango For One” is Cehryl’s latest and once again showcases the chemistry between her poetic lyricism and warm, soothing instrumentation.

40 in april
New Music Apr 2  |  

Soft Glas brings in spring with “40 In April”

While Late Bloom felt like the perfect winter album, his newest single “40 In April” welcomes us into spring with versatile guitar work and jazzy keys.

Francis Novotny
New Music Apr 2  |  

Francis Novotny comes in with a booming single “Between The Lines”

The emergence of Francis Novotny is a delightful mystery filled with experimental production and strong vocals.

New Music Mar 16  |  

Morgue floats over ethereal production on “Limelight”

SoundCloud is a beautiful place, once you look around the flaws it carries due to the music industry. There’s so many artists on there that make you wonder whether you’re early or late to their party. Morgue is a singer from Phoenix and a prime example of one of these talents. I had not heard of . . .

New Music Mar 15  |  

MistaDC is on a rocket ship of love on “Sunrays”

MistaDC soaks in the shining light of love while facing the reality of its departure over jovial production by local producer Kyo-Ken.