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Perfect Sense
New Music Aug 12  |  

Troy NōKa taps Natasha Bedingfield for “Perfect Sense” (Video)

Austin native Troy NōKa believes that someday it will all make “perfect sense” in his latest UNKLELUC-directed video. Featuring vocals from Grammy Award nominee Natasha Bedingfield, the song explores the current state of violence, societal inequalities and everyday mistakes. The video features emotionally striking visuals and melodic trips down memory lane. Watch the video for NōKa’s “Perfect Sense” below. Purchase . . .

Deante' Hitchcock's Lyrical Message
New Music Jul 21  |  

Atlanta’s Deante’ Hitchcock goes viral with #BlackLivesMatter message

There’s no secret that the latest elephant in the room has been the topic of racism and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Atlanta-based rapper, Deante’ Hitchcock has lyrically touched on the subject as an artist gaining positive reactions, retweets and “likes”. With the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, there has been opinions flying everywhere. . . .