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Columbusing Afrobeats Why a Whitewashed Trend is Better at its Source

Columbusing Afrobeats: Why a Whitewashed Trend is Better at its Source

As people move, so does music, borrowing and blending to reflect the different pieces of our global identities. Music is dynamic. In Nigeria today, this is afrobeats, a broad term used to describe Nigeria’s pop music. Rooted in Fela Kuti’s afrobeat, afrobeats plays with a broad array of genres, including hip hop, dancehall, grime, highlife, . . .

Little Monsters
New Music Jul 7  |  

Jayso drops a Men In Black-inspired video for “Little Monsters” with Sarkodie

“Little Monsters” is a single from Ghanaian producer Jayso‘s solo project, Making Tasha Proud. The accompanying animated visuals follow Men In Black-esque theme, as Jayso and guest artist Sarkodie have to set off to save Miss Hiplife. When I asked Jayso what hiplife was, and why it needed saving, he was quick to give credit to Reggie Rockstone as the . . .