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Otis Otis
New Music Nov 7  |  

Mr. Carmack snaps on the Otis Redding-sampling “Otis Otis”

Three months after his 50+ track release splurge, the immaculate Mr. Carmack is back at it again with a non-traditional banger called “Otis Otis.” Taking a jab at the infamous Otis Redding sample used on Jay Z & Kanye West‘s “Otis,” Carmack displays brilliance in his rendition of the tune. To start the track out, . . .

New Music Nov 3  |  

Stream Monte Booker’s lush take on a Kanye classic in “Alexis”

“Couldn’t afford a car, so she named her daughter Alexis.” Monte Booker brings forth an intricate take of Kanye West‘s “All Falls Down” in “Alexis.” Prominent jazz chord progressions and ricocheting percussion create the main groove of the song. The incorporation of upbeat trap elements with lush layers of instrumentation are essential to Booker’s bouncy sound. In . . .

Owe The World
New Music Oct 30  |  

J Robb remixes two Nas classics to create “Owe The World”

Baltimore-based creative connoisseur J. Robb is back again with a unique spin on Nas that actually combines two of his songs, “The World is Yours” and “Owe Me Back.” In “Owe The World,” J. takes a step back from his well known speaker knocking style and follows a Kaytranada-like blueprint, using “The World Is Yours” as the . . .

New Music Oct 24  |  

French producer Soudiere’s “Chewin” is instrumental brilliance

All the way from France, brisk producer Soudiere, whose name is stylized as $OUDIERE, drops three new tracks via Paris label Orfèvre. The primary single of the EP entitled, ‘3 A.M. STORIES’ features a contrasting banger in “Chewin.” A catchy electric piano chord progression immediately takes hold of the listener’s ear, followed by an astounding mixture of . . .

New Music Oct 24  |  

Elaquent prepares for upcoming album on “Within”

Rootnote Collective‘s own Elaquent is getting ready to release an instrumental LP entitled Worst Case Scenario. Back to back drops in “Nollieflip” and now “Within” hint at a wavy and funk-filled instrumental experience via the Toronto native. On “Within,” Elaquent merges late-night jazz influences with impressive vibrating synth work. All together paired with dusty off-the-grid . . .

Popcaan – “Unruly”

After giving a wishful shoutout to notable collaborator Popcaan on OVOSound Radio, Drake proceeded to share “Unruly” from the Jamaican jam king himself. Episode 32 was filled with an amazing setlist; probably one of the best to date, and tracks as such managed to make that the case. Popcaan’s tenacious rhymes over synth-infused island instrumentation . . .

Drake – “Wanna Know” (Remix) ft. Dave

Yet another premiere track from Drake‘s celebratory birthday episode of OVOSound Radio is here. This time, a vibrant remix of young London artist Dave‘s original composition, “Wanna Know.” Drake takes charge from the get go with slang-driven vocal phrases and plays a seamless game of back and forth with the original Dave verse. Melodic and . . .

The Mood
New Music Oct 18  |  

Kaelyn gets the vibe just right with “The Mood”

Courtesy of the recently established Majestic Casual Records, sultry instrumental specialist Kaelyn returns with “The Mood.” Vibrant yet mellow instrumentation is Kaelyn’s exemplary style that tends to have a listener escape into a brief moment of bliss with the start of a track. On “The Mood,” this vibe was conveyed just right; between atmospheric vocal . . .

Falkor the Luck Dragon
New Music Oct 14  |  

Graves & King Tadashi contrast beautifully on “Falkor the Luck Dragon”

Honolulu beatsmith Graves is on a hot streak with collaborations in the past month. From Team EZY and Maazel, Graves now delivers another collaboratively eminent track with King Tadashi on, “Falkor the Luck Dragon.” Wobbling synths paired with a bright and atmospheric piano melody lay the foundation for a downbeat yet groove-filled instrumental. The two exhibit how . . .

Gucci Gucci
New Music Oct 12  |  

SwuM merges lush lo-fi and upbeat influences in “Gucci Gucci”

Beat savant SwuM releases his first new track in nearly two months with “Gucci Gucci.” Accustomed to a vibrant lo-fi vibe, SwuM. masterfully blends a jazzy flute riff with a contrasting Gucci Mane vocal cut. Throughout the entirety of the track, we’re met by impending sound effects, EDM Trap-esque percussive fills and rolls and a variety . . .

Fabian Mazur - Savior
New Music Oct 10  |  

Fabian Mazur releases “Savior” via Elysian Records

Back again on the infamous trap platform Elysian Records is none other than Fabian Mazur. A common name on Elysian, Mazur is known for heavy trap influenced bangers fused with pitch manipulated vocal cuts. On this latest record “Savior” we find Mazur delicately guiding the listener with segments of bouncy and submerged instrumentation followed by an acute rise in . . .

New Music Oct 9  |  

Gravez presents an intense mix of unheard recordings in “Rize”

Atlanta native and melody maven Gravez has been a bit quiet on the scene lately. Multiple shows, a few remixes and a meme heavy Twitter presence have had the artist overloaded with social responsibility. In his latest drop, “Rize,” he presents a short mix of a few unreleased tracks and remixes to keep his fanbase occupied until the . . .

After She
New Music Jan 26  |  

KA-YU Dishes Out A Melodic Masterpiece With “After She”

KA-YU is back again, this time with a sultry Art In Melodies premiered track entitled, “After She.” Rich and delicate pads, background vocals and a sublime synth backing create a melodic, chord-enriched soundscape. Beyond just the instrumentation, the drums feature a mixture of a hard-hitting, modern kick/snare combination and jazzy hat & percussive elements. KA-YU’s style . . .


Anderson Paak’s ‘Malibu’ Pushes Beyond Societal Constraints (Review)

Last year was a breakthrough year for Anderson Paak. Releases with Dr. Dre, The Game, GoldLink, and knxwledge showcased his unique talents on a huge scale. Venice, Paak’s Sophomore album, showed a bit of his artistic capabilities, yet he wasn’t able to muster up the fanbase to propel him to the forefront of a lackluster R&B/Soul industry. Venice was a . . .

I Love You
New Music Jan 25  |  

Exyle’s Elegant Track “I Love You” Is Nothing Short Of Exuberant

Exyle delivers an elegant new track in, “i love you,” featuring an expansive soundscape and ethereal chord progressions. Smooth and sanguine synths pave the way for the opening and bridge, complimented by lightly brushed brass. The main section relies on a simplistic melodic twinkle to cater to the bouncing drum cadence. Midway, a wide-sounding percussive . . .