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I started Artistic Manifesto in 2009 and it changed my life. A Virginia native. Looks like Huey, acts like Riley. Terrible at directions, somewhat decent at writing, mildly obsessed with SoundCloud surfing. Part time all caps texting enthusiast.

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Jay-Z’s slickest verses collide with DJ Premier’s illest beats on ‘7:18’ (Mix)

“This mixtape is a love letter to the hip hop we grew up listening to.” MICK and Chi Duly have truly blessed us today, with the release of their 7:18 mashup project. What happens when you take some of Jay’s most memorable verses and place them on top of some of Premo’s illest beats? Well, . . .

grand bazaar
New Music Nov 22  |  

Bristol producer Sir Hiss takes us to another world with “Grand Bazaar”

“You’ve never heard anything like this.” “Truly unique.” “One of a kind.” …what is this, Michell, a subpar PR interview? No, this is actually how I feel about this Sir Hiss record. “Grand Bazaar” sounds like how I imagine it would feel to chug a Four Loko, sprint through a market in a Saudi Arabian . . .

cold war
New Music Nov 21  |  

Stream a lush IAMNOBODI remix of Cautious Clay’s “Cold War”

It feels sacrilegious to make the claim that a remix is better than the original. Every element of the original was created to fit together. That being said, IAMNOBODI did a fantastic job with his remix of Cautious Clay‘s “Cold War.” The Berlin, Germany-based producer’s minimalistic brand of production has all the right touches to . . .

heavenly mother
New Music Nov 21  |  

Kelechi and VanJess take us to church with “Heavenly Mother”

“I’ve been thinking bout forever, and I’ve been thinking bout now.” Do I love songs with choral vocals in them because I was raised in the church, or would I have always loved them regardless? That’s a debate for another post, but I will say without a doubt that Kelechi and VanJess are an absolutely . . .

New Music Nov 20  |  

Swiss producer Shady delivers intriguing, hazy instrumentation to the world

I heard of Shady for the first time today, as I was scrolling through my feed today. He’s based in Switzerland, and he has a style of production that is worth stopping to talk about. He has a playlist of five instrumentals, released anywhere from a month to two years ago, with influences that include . . .

You Were Meant For Me
New Music Nov 20  |  

Flamingosis warms things up with the soul-sampling “You Were Meant For Me”

The art of sampling is beautiful when properly executed, and Flamingosis‘s “You Were Meant For Me” is a prime example. The veteran producer’s latest effort is vibrant and warm, thanks in no small part to the vocals that he chose to sample. Stream “You Were Meant For Me” below, and check out all of the . . .

the amber room

Maurice Moore invites us to a relaxing night in ‘The Amber Room’

Ottawa, Canada-based singer/songwriter Maurice Moore is in top form on his 13-track new project, The Amber Room. Sensual lyricism is a foundational element of this project, which features bouncy, soulful, futuristic instrumentation and lush harmonies. If you enjoy romantic R&B with a future beats-influenced twist, this project is for you. Stream The Amber Room below.

New Music Nov 15  |  

The Kount lays down the funk on “Coconuts”

Any time The Kount releases something, you know it’s going to be funky. Take “Coconuts,” for example. The Toronto-based producer and instrumentalist’s latest SoundCloud release is crisp and full of vibrant instrumentation. This is the kind of music that you and your parents can both get into, even if they’re still giving you those “back . . .


Premiere: Eli Wesse embraces his victories and never looks back on “696”

Southwest Michigan native Eli Wesse is onto something with his airy, autotune-fueled new single, “696.” Eli has a chip on his shoulder, and he’s not afraid to let us know exactly how he feels.  Eli produced this record himself, with the help of Arjun Singh, who he worked with for previous records such as “Small . . .


NxWorries laces us with the Uptwnmixx remix of “Suede”

Let me start by stating that “Suede” was ridiculously smooth in its original form. NxWorries‘s 2015 single sounded like a sunny spring day – not too hot, but warm enough for outfits that’ll grab the attention of a nearby tenderoni. The newly released Uptwnmixx version sounds like a laid back night in a smoky jazz . . .

New Music Nov 13  |  

Muhsinah’s “Myself” is an ode to independent go-getters

Feathery harmonies? Check. Empowering message? Check. Replay value? Check. Muhsinah makes a strong impression with “Myself,” and not just because it sounds great. The song’s power comes from its authenticity. We can tell that the Washington, D.C. native means every word. If you’re ready to do whatever you must to win on your own terms, . . .

walk on water

Eminem – “Walk On Water” ft. Beyoncé

“I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus. I walk on water, but only when it freezes.” “Walk On Water” finds Eminem in a very poignant space. It’s a good thing, because the fact that he got Beyoncé on the chorus automatically means that he’ll find himself with a whole new audience, this time . . .


Premiere: GXNXVS and Rome Fortune link for “Shapes & Colours”

“All shapes & colours, I dig ’em.” Gold Coast native and Melbourne resident GXNXVS, whose name is pronounced “Genius,” stands poised to grab our attention once more with a hazy single called “Shapes & Colours.” The Australian producer’s latest effort features verses from Atlanta emcee Rome Fortune. GXNXVS has already worked with the likes of . . .

old school cool

Premiere: Alex Mack flows over alluring saxophone on “Old School Cool”

“Styles upon styles upon styles.” Numerous emcees have taken cues from jazz over the years. Multitalented Virginia native Alex Mack is a new name to add to the list, thanks to records such as the newly released “Old School Cool.” Alex lays down an enticing, jazzy saxophone sample on the beat, and uses deft, varying . . .

moon girl
New Music Nov 8  |  

IshDarr flows over spacey electronic instrumentation for “Moon Girl”

IshDarr doesn’t just flow over production, he makes it his own. The Milwaukee emcee’s latest effort, “Moon Girl,” comes to us courtesy of Parisian music label Kitsuné. Ish floats over billowing, surging electronic instrumentation, letting his delivery rise and fall to match the variance of the beat itself. He paints a picture with his words, . . .