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I started Artistic Manifesto in 2009 and it changed my life. A Virginia native. Looks like Huey, acts like Riley. Terrible at directions, somewhat decent at writing, mildly obsessed with SoundCloud surfing. Part time all caps texting enthusiast.

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5 for the squad
New Music Sep 19  |  

The Kount takes you into outer space with “5 For The Squad”

If I ever heard a jazz concert in outer space in the year 3017, I’d hope to hear something like Toronto-based producer and instrumentalist The Kount‘s latest release, “5 for The Squad.” Featuring warm horns and distorted electronic instrumentation, the complex carefully record toes the line between welcoming and foreboding. Stream “5 For The Squad” . . .

New Music Sep 19  |  

(Jay) IDK ups the ante with his “Baby Scale” video

IDK, formerly known as Jay IDK, continues to push the envelope with a video for his intense, rapid fire new single, “Baby Scale.” The video is fairly simple, but ultimately effective. IDK told Pigeons&Planes: “it’s just to show people balance. I don’t think there’s any new rapper more versatile in the rap genre than me. . . .

Perks Of Being A Sunflower
New Music Sep 19  |  

Soft Glas shows you the “Perks Of Being A Sunflower”

Soft Glas isn’t afraid to be himself, even in the midst of the goregous instrumentation and mellow vibe that characterizes “Perks Of Being A Sunflower.” On the chill new release, he finds himself wrestling with some of the traits he hates about himself the most. Stream “Perks Of Being A Sunflower” below, and look for . . .

see you sweat
New Music Sep 18  |  

Injury Reserve invites us to an otherworldly party on “See You Sweat”

Injury Reserve has an outstanding track record so far, and their trippy video for “See You Sweat” is no exception. Ritchie With a T, Stepa J Groggs and Parker Corey take us to a hot, raging house party complete with police cars, a swimming pool, and undeniable energy. When’s the last time you saw somebody . . .

what the funk
New Music Sep 18  |  

Stream Madijuwon’s silky smooth new instrumental, “What The Funk”

I know. Mondays aren’t always the most fun. Madijuwon is here for you, though. The France-based producer teamed up with fellow beatsmith N3gabeats to smooth out your day with a mellow new instrumental called “What The Funk” that’s just as groovy as the title would suggest. Stream “What The Funk” below, and download here.

New Music Sep 18  |  

Steve Lacy’s “4Real” will get your blood pumping

“It’s such a thrill to love you, and it’s real.” Steve Lacy didn’t come to play games today. “4Real” has a falsetto that you wish you could hit, and pulsating percussion that drives everything forward as he sings of the type of love that’s good enough to drive you insane. Funk and rock influences collide . . .

extended plea
New Music Sep 15  |  

TOULOUSE’s ‘Extended Plea’ album is full of passion

TOULOUSE manages to make every song he releases into an emotional culmination. The talented singer/songwriter’s Extended Plea captivates as expected, with a grand total of eight soul wrenching records. The project, which was released via the Los Angeles-based Terrible Records, speaks to emotions that are often viewed as weaknesses in a very poignant way that . . .

jet age of tomorrow
New Music Sep 15  |  

Jet Age Of Tomorrow returns with the long-awaited ‘God’s Poop or Clouds?’

Matt Martians and Pyramid Vritra are Jet Age of Tomorrow, and they’re back with a brand new project called God’s Poop or Clouds? that you can’t afford to miss out on. Lackadaisical title notwithstanding, the project is a beautifully executed reminder of why these two have always been such an amazing combination. Matt released a . . .

New Music Sep 14  |  

Wasiu takes us to Montreal for “Cigarettes & Poutine”

Wasiu waxes poetic over jazzy production as he takes us to his hometown with “Cigarettes & Poutine.” Apparently, Montreal has a very distinct smell. In regards to his new record, Wasiu told High Snobiety: “when describing environments the olfactory sense is often neglected. Everybody wanna talk about how shit looks or how shit sounds but . . .

New Music Sep 14  |  

Stream Dornik’s jazzy, electronic, romantic single, “Bestie”

Dornik has a very solid track record in this game, and he doesn’t fumble with “Bestie.” The London-based R&B artist sings about a lover who is also his best friend over top of jazzy saxophone riffs and bright electronic instrumentation. This joint feels like a throwback to 1990’s R&B, especially when the harmonies come in . . .

New Music Sep 13  |  

Sylvan Lacue makes time for himself on “Selfish” (Video)

Sylvan Lacue‘s video for “Selfish” features some beautiful scenery. The reflective single finds him in a reflective mood, as he realizes that he needs to take more time for himself. Sylvan is gearing up for his Apologies In Advance album, and he plans to shake some things up with the project’s release. In an interview on his . . .

hpnotiq iconiq
New Music Sep 13  |  

Hpnotiq pays homage to its hip-hop roots with ‘Hpnotiq Iconiq Mixtape Vol. 1’

Hpnotiq was created in 2001. The blue liquer gained popularity through association with hip-hop superstars such as Diddy, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Missy Elliott. It was immortalized in the opening line of F.L.Y.’s “Swag Surfin” – “I’m on Hpnotiq, exotic. This polo on my body.” It’s only right that the brand has returned to . . .

rowdy brain processes
New Music Sep 13  |  

Goldenchild remixes “Wild Thoughts” to create “Rowdy Brain Procresses”

“Rowdy Brain Processes” has to be the most creative interpretation of “Wild Thoughts” out there. Not only did Goldenchild come up with a clever rephrasing of DJ Khaled‘s smash single, he also saw fit to flip the vibe of the original on its head. You might be tired of hearing the original, but this version . . .

no limit
New Music Sep 13  |  

JOSEPH L’ÉTRANGER remixes Young Thug’s “No Limit” verse

I’d be willing to bet that you’ve heard Usher‘s “No Limit” at least once. The June 2016 release, which features Young Thug, was all over the radio when it hit the streets. Toronto JOSEPH L’ÉTRANGER decided to give it a new spin. Spacey, sparse production keeps things interesting. Stream JOSEPH L’ÉTRANGER’s “No Limit” remix below.

gotta know
New Music Sep 12  |  

Kari Faux drops a lo-fi video for the self-affirming “Gotta Know”

“You’re either damned if you do, and you’re damned if you won’t. So you might as well go ahead and just do what ya want.” Little Rock, Arkansas rapper Kari Faux gives us 90’s vibes with her low-fi video for “Gotta Know.” Kari refuses to let anyone put her in a box as she confidently . . .