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I started Artistic Manifesto in 2009 and it changed my life. A Virginia native. Looks like Huey, acts like Riley. Terrible at directions, somewhat decent at writing, mildly obsessed with SoundCloud surfing. Part time all caps texting enthusiast.

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New Music Apr 26  |  

Goapele delivers a percussion-driven new single, “Power”

I’ve been listening to more Goapele than usual since she pulled me in during her recent performance at Howard Theatre, so I was delighted to see that she’s released a new single called “Power.” The Oakland, California native has a history of weaving positivity and social consciousness into her music, and she does so with . . .

New Music Apr 26  |  

West1ne gives you a dose of the future with “Kondo”

I think my ultimate goal is to find music that make me scrunch up my face when it drops. West1ne made me do that with his frenetic, swirling instrumental release, “Kondo.” It’s fast paced, full of bass, and full of unpredictable twists and turns to keep you guessing as your head continues to bob in . . .

Good Ones Go
New Music Apr 26  |  

Vanessa Elisha and XXYYXX remix Drake’s “Good Ones Go”

More Life is ruling the majority of the world’s Drake-related discussions at the moment, but Vanessa Elisha and XXYYXX saw fit to remix “Good Ones Go,” a standout cut from Drizzy’s 2011 release, Take Care. The song carries a definitively melancoholy vibe, and they don’t stray away from that feeling as they give the record . . .

shine a light
New Music Apr 25  |  

Shabazz Palaces – “Shine A Light”

You never know what to expect from Shabazz Palaces, and that’s a great thing. The experimental group released a new single called “Shine A Light,” and announced their forthcoming Tendai Maraire album, which is set to release on July 14th. Stream “Shine A Light” below. TRACKLIST: 1. Since C.A.Y.A 2. When Cats Claw 3. Shine . . .

boo you know
New Music Apr 25  |  

Falcons – “Boo You Know” ft. GoldLink

Falcons and GoldLink already have a pretty solid history together, so it should come as no surprise that “Boo You Know” is another gem. Falcons produced GoldLink’s explosive June 6 single with Chaz French, “Aquafina,” and GoldLink also featured on their somewhat more downtempo February 2016 release, “Vroom.” “Boo You Know” is another success, thanks . . .

i think of you

Jeremih – “I Think Of You” ft. Big Sean & Chris Brown (Video)

Jeremih has a lot of good buzz behind his “I Think Of You” single, and he adds more fuel to the fire with the newly released visual accompaniment. The song, which features Big Sean and Chris Brown, has a distinctly throwback vibe to it. It also features the infamous “peter pipa picka peppa” guys who . . .


Offset keeps things smooth on a “Monday”

Quavo might have the most juice, but Offset continues to remind us that he can make great music by himself. His latest, “Monday,” is a melody driven, addicting new joint produced by OG Parker and Deko. There’s no word on where this song will end up at, but I feel confident in saying that it’ll . . .

What Part Of The Game Is That
New Music Apr 24  |  

Bugus stays down to Earth on “What Part Of The Game Is That”

“Crossing boundaries. What part of the game is that?” Bugus continues to stay the course with another smooth gem of a record called “What Part Of The Game Is That.” With lyrics that toe the line between vulnerable introspection and unquestionable confidence, Bugus keeps us listening and nodding our heads for the track’s duration. Stream . . .

I Need My Boy
New Music Apr 24  |  

Watch Psymun’s bizarre video for “I Need My Boy”

Sometimes videos are off the wall, or a bit different. Psymun‘s video for “I Need My Boy” is just downright strange, and possibly indicative of drug usage during its conceptualization or execution. The Minnesota-based producer gave us trippy, disorienting electronic sounds with the song, so it’s only right that the video itself borders on incomprehensible. . . .

grade a frequencies
New Music Apr 24  |  

Brooklyn rapper Stro makes his mark with ‘Grade A Frequencies’

20 year-old Brooklyn native Stro‘s Grade A Frequencies project is more than just an album; it marks his return to focusing on the form of creativity that matters to him the most. The 20-year-old has been getting a lot of attention for his acting as of late, but he wants to make it clear where . . .

Goapele previewed her ‘Dreamseeker’ EP with a graceful D.C. performance

We saw the lights before we saw her. They flickered and shifted over the stage at Howard Theatre, an almost hypnotizing array of colors and shapes with a life of their own. A variety of images flashed before our eyes, and the audience noise dropped down to almost complete silence as we waited for Goapele . . .

New Music Apr 22  |  

Matt McGhee pushes the pace with “Moving” (Video)

Matt McGhee‘s latest release, “Moving,” has a fast pace and sense of urgency to it that pulls in listeners from the start. The accompanying video, which features visual direction by Codie Monowi and Chebeni Wabuyele, does a great job of conveying the feeling of moving fast with no plans of slowing down. Watch the video . . .

the get down pt ii

Stream ‘The Get Down Part II’ soundtrack with Nas, 6lack, Alessia Cara & more

The Get Down Part II is out on NetFlix. It should come as no surprise that such a hip-hop centric show features music by a diverse array of artists including Nas, 6lack, Alessia Cara, Lil Yachty, and The Get Down Brothers (of course). Stream The Get Down Part II soundtrack below.

take a dab
New Music Apr 21  |  

King Chip – “Take A Dab”

With “Take A Dab,” Cleveland mainstay King Chip is back with more of the bass-heavy, high octane sound that we’ve come to expect from him. Expect this Big Duke-produced single to feature on Chip’s forthcoming Thornhill project. This is a short song, but it packs more than enough power to make a lasting impression. Stream . . .

Stream J Dilla's 'Motor City' LP
New Music Apr 21  |  

Stream J Dilla’s ‘Motor City’ LP

J Dilla has moved on from this world, but his family continues to extend his legacy with the release of posthumous projects such as the Motor City LP. This 20-track affair was conceived by Ma Dukes as a “letter to her son.” Thankfully, we get to listen in as well. Stream Motor City below.