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News Feb 21  |  

Is Future Dropping Another Album On Friday?

Don’t. You. Ever. Deny. King. Future. A Good Morning. Dawg, I am not playing with you. It was mad early in the morning as I was exiting the Future-Hive so I could go to my office. I started getting mad notifications, like when my mother tags me in a picture on Facebook. I tried to ignore . . .


Future’s self titled album is an instant classic

This isn’t an album review. This is bible study. On Valentine’s Day, God sent his only begotten son to announce the release of his new album, Future. We won’t call it self-titled, we’ll call it self-loved. And hey, I know what you’re thinking, too. “Oh, the album just dropped. You’re downloading leaks! That’s not right!” Gah-damn . . .


Stream Future’s self-titled album

As promised on Valentine’s Day, King Future has released his highly anticipated absolutely necessary, self-titled album. Announcing an album just three days prior to its release was very Beyoncé-like, indicating further proof that he is a ghost-writer for many. But hey, what do I know? I haven’t gotten an edge up in two weeks and . . .

Kuku Kelz
New Music Feb 16  |  

18 year old Virginia rapper KuKu Kelz has a jam with “Do My Dance”

The Discovery I arrived at my office with no intent of doing any work. I sent a few emails so everyone knew I was present but each message was extremely brief so I can avoid being asked to do anything. It was quiet, paperwork was stacked, and I decided to do what any adult would: get . . .

EditorialNews Feb 14  |  

King Future returns with a self-titled album, long before Easter

“Just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” (Romans 6:4) Here we are. Weeks into Trump’s presidency, days before payday, and two overdrafts fees deep into debt. When smiles turn into depression and Beyoncé doesn’t win album of the year, her ghostwriter, our . . .

From Mane To Man: The Growth of Gucci

From Mane To Man: The Growth of Gucci

Prison either makes you or breaks you. What you decide to do with your time is a strong representation of what and who you’ll become once being released. As a felon, I can vouch that prison is far from reforming. However, while serving time I learned that everything you think, feel, and act on is . . .

Joe Trufant
New Music Oct 6  |  

Joe Trufant represents small town artists with big city dreams

Have you ever watched one of those movies based in a small town with this one popular guy whose dreams outweigh the acceptance of his neighbors? He has hopes of seeing a big city like New York. The lights are fascinating to him and inspire him to sing his way out of his hometown. He . . .

I Was 19 and In Prison When Shawty Lo Dropped “Dey Know”

It was November 2007. I had just turned nineteen. This would usually be where I tell you about my feelings going into my second year of college, but instead I’ll explain the emotionless state I was in as I entered my first year in the prison system. I was dressed with extra underwear and beaters, . . .

Would Your Barber Approve of Your Favorite Rapper?

I know it’s been a few months since you’ve all heard from me. Please forgive me. I’ve been extremely busy cleansing my liver with iced lemon water as I prepare to sell my soul because I don’t have an upgrade and this new iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB in Jet Black is dropping tomorrow. I . . .

I’m a Future fan, and I don’t hate Desiigner’s “Panda”

Just like our forefathers before us, I believe that Future discovered America. We once believed the earth was flat until the fabled creator of “Codeine Crazy” showed us otherwise. So, what do we do when a clone comes along? What do we do with “Panda”? I was confused when I first heard Desiigner’s song “Panda,” just . . .

fell in love
New Music Apr 13  |  

Toronto’s Nav Takes a Flight to LA for “Fell In Love”

Two months after releasing “On My Own.” Nav has released a new self-produced chat called “Fell In Love.” Similar to previous releases, “Fell In Love” is not to be put into any box, whatsoever. With an unorthodox sound and a rapidly growing fan base, I see major things happening for Toronto’s newest artist.   “Fell . . .

Long Live The Pimp

Long Live the Pimp: Why Pimp C’s Documentary is so Important

On Monday, April 4th, my roommate tweeted me a link of Pimp C’s documentary: Long Live The Pimp. All he said “wait until 5 PM”, which was code for “Bro, I don’t get off until 5 PM, so please don’t watch this sh*t until I make it back to the crib!” So I did. When . . .

march madness

One Year Ago Today, Future’s “March Madness” Changed The World

Today is a holiday. Today is a special day. Today marks one year since the day our lives changed. What was once considered sorrow and confusion is now a mere collage of hope and prosperity. On March 16th, 2015, during a time of racial slander and overdraft fees, Future released “March Madness,” and saved us . . .

Four Things You Have To Control
Editorial Mar 7  |  

Four Things You Have To Control

There are certain things in life that we truly have no control over. At times we get so accustomed to thinking we can’t control something that we end up using it as an excuse to not control things we can actually change and monitor. Here are four things that you can change for the better. 1. Your emotions. You are . . .


Five Ways to Boost Your Creativity

It’s all about the technique, sometimes. Creativity is not something exclusive to a specific subset of people, although some people are naturally more inclined at bringing it to life. I want to paint a picture of the techniques and routines that have allowed me to open up creatively and be more comfortable with my art. . . .