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side effects
New Music Sep 25  |  

Patrick Michel showcases every element of artistry on ‘Side Effects’ (Album)

Up until recently, I was unaware of the artist known as Patrick Michel. Thankfully, a mutual friend linked me to some of his work and he’s been showing up steadily on my playlists ever since. The first song I came across was “Off The Shits,” an incredibly melodic, well-written and structured track that highlights all . . .

at home
New Music Sep 25  |  

East Coast meets West Coast on Izzy Strange and Blu’s “At Home”

Scottdale, Pennsylvania emcee Izzy Strange continues to impress fans and critics alike with his sophomore album, A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy. For his fourth video installment from the album, he teams with California legend Blu for their “At Home” collaboration. Listen in as Izzy and Blu utterly destroy feeble-minded emcees with a . . .

New Music Sep 18  |  

Connor Evans feels like Lil Wayne in 2007 on “Kodak”

Following the release of his “song of the Summer” contender “American Bandstand”, Connor Evans follows-up with the bouncy, insanely catchy “Kodak.” Evans releases the song in the midst of evacuating from the US Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma. When Connor says he “feels like Wayne in 2007”, it’s a notice to the game that Connor . . .

J. Lye Let's Talk
New Music Sep 17  |  

Boston’s J. Lye reflects on past relationships on “Let’s Talk” (Video)

Watch J. Lye’s “Let’s Talk” video Following the release of his debut album, Behind the Lyes, J. Lye follows up with his brand new video for the relationship anthem “Let’s Talk.” The song is the 2nd single off Behind the Lyes and J. Lye’s most personal to date. The song sees him revisiting three past relationships . . .

Supergroup ST. da Squad brings lyricism back on "It's The ST. 2.0 (Let Em' Know)"
New Music Sep 17  |  

Supergroup ST. da Squad brings lyricism back on “It’s The ST. 2.0 (Let Em’ Know)”

Watch ST. da Squad’s “It’s The ST. 2.0 (Let Em’ Know)” video It’s always bothered me when people would proclaim “Hip Hop is dead”, “lyricism is dead.” Anything else of the sort has, too. The statement itself isn’t what bothered me. It was the unwillingness of these people to go and look for new music they’d . . .

New Music Sep 14  |  

R&B bad boy Vann digs deep on his new single, “Painkilla”

Forced into becoming a recording artist after many failed attempts of securing a publishing deal, multi-talented R&B phenom Vann returns with his most promising solo effort yet. Serving as the follow up to his 2016 Summer heater “Backseat”, “Painkilla” is a guitar-driven declaration of vulnerability and finds the soulful songwriter, sonically, right where he belongs. . . .

New Music Sep 14  |  

Kwaku gets a taste of his own “Medicine” from a new romantic interest

Throughout “Medicine,” Boston lyricist/emcee Kwaku tells a story of his past actions in a story about the difficulties of starting a serious relationship with a girl who’s playing games with him – just as he used to do, giving him a taste of his own medicine. The track was produced by Shadowkey, Spenser Edmund, and . . .

The #DailyDelivery
New Music Sep 5  |  

Cas Metah, Mouf Warren, Lyriz, & R.U.S.H. link for ‘The #DailyDelivery’

The #DailyDelivery is a rarity in this day and age. The new age of technology has been a blessing to music. Everyone has a chance to produce their own music and have people listen to it all over the world. However, with the advancement of technology, some of the intimacy has vanished. Rarely are cats . . .

by the river
New Music Sep 5  |  

Kamron Bahani spreads positivity and focuses on mental health on ‘By The River’

It’s no secret that New York has a plethora of hidden and slept-on talent. Emcee Kamron Bahani is quickly on the rise with his By The River project. Bahani recently exploded onto the scene with his first project, an EP called DSM VI. On this project, he began gaining traction by spreading positivity and hope . . .

family cookout
New Music Aug 29  |  

The SuperSmashBroz unite Boston for their ‘Family Cookout’ mega album

Our greatest passions in life stem from the happy experiences we felt in their beginnings. When you’re genuinely interested in something, your personal investment in it’s growth will naturally become that much greater. Music and sports are always the greatest examples I can provide for this statement; we grow up having fun with them, passionate . . .

land of the lost
New Music Aug 23  |  

Slaine and Termanology go blow for blow on “Land Of The Lost” (Video)

Two of New England’s veteran gip-gop heavyweights finally square off on an album that’s guaranteed to send quakes throughout the underground Rap community. Anti-Hero is the essence of street music, with Slaine and Termanology throwing line after line of lyrical heaters over production from some of the most notable, legendary beatmakers in the game. Their . . .

empathetic victories
New Music Aug 22  |  

Reedus 3M is a catalyst for change on “Empathetic Victories”

Repping Boston and the entire East coast proudly, Reedus 3M recently released the first single off of his debut mixtape, Pedigree Over Every Thing. “Empathetic Victories” is a self-produced song about going big, following your dreams and reminding yourself that we can accomplish great things if we want them bad enough. Touching on the social . . .

darwin's frankenstein
New Music Aug 21  |  

Stream Boston lyricist Esh’s monstrous album, ‘Darwin’s Frankenstein’

Darwin’s Frankenstein isn’t just one of the coolest album names of all-time, it’s also the latest release from veteran Boston lyricist – Esh. Creating monstrous works of art that stand the test of time are this man’s specialty and his latest feels like it’s going to leave a similar legacy. With production from The Arcitype . . .

purple peanuts
New Music Aug 21  |  

Purple Peanuts And Rama Duke put a new spin on Ghost Town DJ’s’ “My Boo”

In 1996, the Ghost Town DJ’s crafted a masterpiece with their hit single “My Boo,” which still receives heavy playtime today all over the world – most recently being re-sparked from the viral “Running Man Challenge” videos in 2016. Flash forward to 2017 and the classic hit is getting re-worked into a new school style. . . .

things will change
New Music Aug 16  |  

Jake Lewis creates music for all moods on ‘Things Will Change’ (Album)

Jake Lewis recently released his Things Will Change project, and after getting hooked on the lead single, “Idols,” I happily dove into the full body of work. Jake explained, “this track holds a lot of weight. We all have idols but sometimes get caught up in perfection, almost obsessed, making us unhappy with ourselves. No . . .