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New Music Jul 18  |  

Delaware trio Cypher Clique drops a summery video for “Trust The Process”

It’s not everyday you see quality Hip Hop come out of little ol’ Delaware, but for the Cypher Clique trio it’s just routine business. Following up on their “Every Time I Pull Up” video, they drop by again with a new visual for their elevating single, “Trust The Process.” Inspiring, motivating and energetic flows have . . .

Mad Squablz
New Music Jul 18  |  

Mad Squablz bridges generational gaps on “Need To Learn” (Video)

Philly native and TeamBackpack front-runner Mad Squablz is a force to be reckoned with. This kid is only 20 years old and can spit fiercer bars than some of your favorites. Squablz doesn’t just rhyme, though – his stage presence, style and overall attitude are all top tier and as professional as a veteran. Listen . . .

pushing buttons
New Music Jul 18  |  

Atlanta’s Keenon Rush and John Dierre premiere a cinematic video for “Pushing Buttons”

Atlanta rapper Keenon Rush linked up with fellow Atlanta cinematographer John Dierre to release a video for Keenon’s bass-heavy single, “Pushing Buttons.” Johni Dierre visually taps into the emotional contradictions of success, revenge and determination. The video parallels the minimalist instrumentation of “Pushing Buttons,” setting Keenon in a dystopian training facility where he must learn to . . .

New Music May 27  |  

24 Artists, 24 Songs, 24 Hours. LFOD’s ‘#24in24’ is the essence of unity

Living in an age of cluttered music and an overwhelming amount of artists is not that fun, but real music lovers take pride in the hunt. The quality of the art’s essence gets watered down and becomes mundane over time, but again – we know greatness is out there, so we are undeterred. Another big . . .

Neimans Barneys
New Music May 26  |  

Cousin Stizz Links with G-Eazy for “Neimans Barneys”

The best artists know that their fans come first, and making them happy is a top priority. Cousin Stizz has no issues when it comes to honing this element of artistry, which is why he’s blessed us with a new single, “Neimans Barneys,” featuring G-Eazy. His One Night Only album being pushed back due to clearance issues. As an . . .

Just Like You
New Music May 22  |  

Joyner Lucas tackles a tough topic with “Just Like You” (Video)

Joyner Lucas‘s latest, “Just Like You,” follows the lives of two children, a boy and a girl, as they battle with the trials and tribulations of surpassing and rising above a negative legacy that their parents are currently creating. Adults, including parents, often forget how absorbent the mind of a child really is. Substance abuse, failed . . .

Hug Someone
New Music May 22  |  

Koncept’s “Hug Someone” video shows us the power of unity

New York native, Brown Bag All-Star and lyrically inclined emcee Koncept has been on an exponential growth curve recently, and this past year he took the wave straight across the globe. Currently residing in Seoul, South Korea, Koncept is gearing up to release his next album. The project title, 14 Hours Ahead, conveniently showcases the time difference between Seoul and his . . .

Mass Ave & Lenox
New Music May 21  |  

Avenue takes us on a tour of Boston with his ‘Mass Ave & Lenox’ album

Boston’s South End/Lower Roxbury probably looks a rough spot to call home from an outside perspective, but the pressure and challenges one encounters while living there is exactly why the area cultivates massive amounts of creative people of all types. This particular part of Boston isn’t exactly dandelions and daises and you probably won’t see . . .

36 Chambers

How I bought ’36 Chambers’ at 7 years old and the ways it affected my music discovery process

The album buying process, from discovery to purchase, has drastically deviated from what I remember it being like when I was an adolescent. As a 30 year young hip-hop head and overall music enthusiast refusing to accept this as a reality, it was up to me to somehow recourse that perspective. I’ll never forget my first album . . .


Cousin Stizz drops “Headlock” with Offset, announces ‘One Night Only’ debut

Following up on the success of his Suffolk County mixtape in 2015 and his Monda EP in 2016, Boston lyricist Cousin Stizz has just announced his next project – “One Night Only.” If that didn’t excite fans enough, he joined forces with Offset and paired the breaking news with the project’s lead single, “Headlock” – all . . .

the payback
New Music Mar 24  |  

DJ Low Cut and EMS plot for “The Payback”

Are you a fan of raw, in your face, unapologetic Golden Era style spitters? If not, please exit stage left now. For the rest of you, we have a special treat: DJ Low Cut‘s new single, “The Payback,” featuring EMS, M-Dot, REV, and Mayhem. Sounding like a lost file from an old Wu-Tang album, the . . .

Reality Only
New Music Mar 24  |  

Cypher Clique and Mickey Factz drop the piano-driven “Reality Only”

Delaware’s most renowned three man hip-hop trio, Cypher Clique, is back with a new release entitled “Reality Only.” For the track’s melodic piano-driven production, the Clique deferred to member James Major for the keys and recruited none other than Mickey Factz for the assisting lyrical feature.  This group of artists is a machine when it . . .

mind over matter
New Music Mar 16  |  

Siimba Liives Long puts “Miind Over Matter” with his new single

Siimba Liives Long can always be counted on to release emotionally-charged tracks with perfect timing. As human beings around the world continue to unite in the midst of constant chaos and provocation, “Miind Over Matter” proves that music can still be a catalyst for evoking change – both literally and figuratively. Siimba Liives Long is an Ethiopian-American . . .