I'm just a girl who loves art and frequents museums, and wants to share her world through drawings and photographs. I often fall into "SoundCloud rabbit holes." I am also the president of my local chapter of the Beyhive.

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slide on me

Frank Ocean – “Slide On Me” ft. Young Thug

The elusive Frank Ocean has been pretty active lately. Late last summer he released two albums Endless, and then Blond the very next day. Fast forward and we get Blonded Radio on Apple Music, on which Ocean has been sharing new music–such as the singles “Chanel”, “Biking,” and most recently an updated version of “Slide On Me” . . .

New Music Mar 10  |  

Playboi Carti – “Lookin” & “Woke Up Like This”

Playboi Carti dropped not one, but two tracks, both featuring Lil Uzi Vert. The first is “Lookin,” and the next is “Woke Up Like This.” “Lookin” has more of a turn-up vibe – the usual sound we here from Carti and Uzi, whereas “Woke Up Like This” is a little braggadocios and has more of a mellowed-out . . .

ruby francis
New Music Mar 10  |  

Ruby Francis – “Fall Asleep”

London vocalist Ruby Francis shares a sultry and soulful single called “Fall Asleep” with the people. It’s a smooth, somewhat jazzy track about enjoying time with your lover. The hook says, “I love it when we talk, then we fall asleep. And you’re holding me, it’s my nighttime therapy.” This a nice, springtime, “enjoy with . . .

Make Love

Gucci Mane – “Make Love” ft. Nicki Minaj

Earlier Thursday evening, Gucci Mane said he was dropping the hardest song of the year at midnight. The song is “Make Love,” featuring Nicki Minaj. Gucci is trying to book Beyoncé for his wedding day, and Nicki took two bars off just to laugh. The beat is hard and the hook is catchy. There’s no . . .

Downtown III
New Music Feb 9  |  

Jahkoy takes another trip with “Downtown III”

Jahkoy has been pretty consistent lately. He’s dropped a few singles from his upcoming project Forward Thinking II, and soon he’ll be accompanying Kehlani on her SweetSexySavage Tour. This time, he’s sharing “Downtown III,” the fourth single on Forward Thinking II. Still keeping it R&B, Jahkoy laments about the way things used to be, and goes on about wanting . . .


Kehlani’s ‘SweetSexySavage’ reassured me that I’m living my life just fine (Review)

I’ve had my heart broken a few times. I’ve been lied to, cheated on and called out of my name. But life goes on, right? Of course it does, but these things stick with you and words have meaning. They hold power. They can build you up, and they can tear you down. I haven’t . . .

Your Way
New Music Feb 6  |  

H.E.R. entices with the Aaliyah-sampling “Your Way”

The elusive H.E.R. has done it again and dropped a new song, titled “Your Way.” Much like the rest of her music, it has strong roots in R&B. It’s reminiscent of the style of music Aaliyah used to make. In fact, the song actually samples Aaliyah‘s “Come Over.” “Your Way” is short and to the . . .


Syd – ‘Fin’ (Album Stream)

Syd, of the band The Internet, has dropped her much-anticipated solo debut album, Fin. She’s been an integral part of the band’s image for as long as its been in existence, but she takes even more control with this new project. Only 12 tracks long, it includes the singles, “All About Me” and “Body,” and only one . . .

Hollywood V3

Jahkoy has been chilling out in “Hollywood V3”

Canadian singer Jahkoy shared “Hollywood V3” another song off of his upcoming project, Forward Thinking II. It’s a slow groove and very fitting for the cold, winter season we’re in now. If you were going to make a cuffing season playlist, I’d recommend including this song. Going off of this song and the other two songs . . .

portrait in two

Chris McClenney is a musician and a painter on ‘Portrait In Two’ (Review)

Chris McClenney had quite the 2016. He produced “Outta Sight/Dark Lavender” on D.R.A.M.’s debut album, was highlighted on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, and also made a spot for himself on their viral charts. If you’re hip to Soulection, you may already be familiar with Chris McClenney and the EP he dropped for their White Label Series. . . .

New Music Jan 11  |  

Doja Cat appeals to the senses with “Touch”

Doja Cat is back with another random single, this one called “Touch.” Like many of her other songs, “Touch” is slow and seductive. The song is very sensual with a hook that repeats, “I like it when you touch me,” and the way she sings on this particular track is alluring, adding to the overall . . .

Fake Love
New Music Jan 10  |  

Mila J flips Drake’s “Fake Love”

Los Angeles-based singer Mila J dropped her own version of Drake’s single, “Fake Love,” telling the story from a woman’s perspective. She doesn’t stray too far away from the original, staying in line with the original song’s message, keeping the same hook, but adding her own lyrics to the verses. She even added in some . . .


Tinashe turns up the heat with the “Company” video

Tinashe dropped the video for her single “Company,” a liberating song centered around female sexuality. In line with the feel and the lyrics of the song, Tinashe and her assembly of male and female background dancers can be seen performing non-stop, edgy choreography. It looks like Tinashe has started 2017 off right, and hopefully she . . .

New Music Dec 22  |  

Abra keeps things dark and wavy with “Bounty”

Abra said she misses randomly uploading new music on Soundcloud whenever she feels like it so she did just that with a dark, wavy track called “Bounty.” If you’re familiar with Abra, it fits her style, and production wise, it’s very similar to her bop, “Pull Up.” If you’re not hip to Abra, maybe you . . .

Match That
New Music Dec 16  |  

Deni Rosa wants to know if you can “Match That”

Singer Deni Rosa teamed up with producer E. Z. Rah and rapper RetroI$Awesome for her latest, “Match That.” Deni effortlessly sings over E.Z.’s upbeat, yet laid back production. Then, in the first verse, she gets straight to the point. It’s not uncommon to want someone who’s “on your level,” or as Deni puts it, someone who can . . .