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Ain't Nuthin Finer
New Music Aug 2  |  

Elevator Jay reminds us why we love the South with ‘Ain’t Nuthin Finer’

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina product Elevator Jay provides the finest of country rap tunes with his latest album. Ain’t Nothin Finer hits listeners with easy and memorizing feels like freshly fried catfish on Sundays from ya granddaddy’s house. For all the same reasons you’d love UGK and Big KRIT, Elevator Jay warrants a listen. Stream Aint . . .

Neo Age Live
EventsNews Aug 16  |  

The Neo Age Live Showcase highlights D.C.-based talent on August 18

There’s a cultural shift happening within the music world. This shift is refocusing on centering the music and culture, as opposed to leaning heavily on the music industry. It’s not that the industry is bad, but the often distracting business elements of the music industry take away from the art. This shift requires a focal . . .

#BeatsFromTheBalcony HolinessFootnotes

Beats From The Balcony: How Jamila Woods teaches the importance of self-love

“For when your playlist shuffles from Fred Hammond to Fetty Wap” Once upon a time, I held a notion that my purity, holiness, and worth were somehow linked to my abstinence. Then one day once this changed, these notions took a hit. About a week ago, I saw Black lives unjustly slaughtered on video. Again. And again, for . . .


Beats From The Balcony: Humility and the next man

“For When Your Playlist Shuffles From Fred Hammond To Fetty Wap” I started a new job recently. With this came the adjusting of morning routines so that I can get ready to leave. One thing that completely throws off my consistency in doing this successfully is the last glance in the mirror before heading out. . . .

sin will find you out

Beats From The Balcony: Sin Will Find You Out

“For When Your Playlist Shuffles From Fred Hammond To Fetty Wap” Pusha T has been rocking fan-filled venues throughout the country for years, effortlessly living up to the nickname “King Push.” I missed his show in D.C. but post after post on social media affirmed the magnitude of the experienc. Though I didn’t attend, one . . .

Father Stretch My Hands

Beats From The Balcony: Father Stretch My Hands

Black History Month is long gone, and I’ve had a chance to reflect on the wins and disappointments from February. The first one on the disappointment side was the missing reparations envelope in my mailbox. I’ll be waiting. Another one, however, occurred on February 7th – Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers lost at this year’s Super Bowl. Now, . . .

the setbacks

Beats From The Balcony: The Setbacks #ClothTalk

“For When Your Playlist Shuffles From Fred Hammond To Fetty Wap” Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first month of 2016! If you’re like me, you need to sit on this congratulatory note a little bit, because you’re not satisfied with how January went. ‘New Year, New Me’ didn’t start off so hot. Maybe you . . .

Cuffing Season Epiphanies

Beats From The Balcony: Cuffing Season Epiphanies

“For When Your Playlist Shuffles From Fred Hammond To Fetty Wap” Take a step outside. Gaze around you and with the sight of renewed Netflix accounts and the smell of homebaked desserts for bae. Cuffing season is in full force. One amazing thing about cuffing season is the wide range of ways in which people . . .

it's better this way

Beats From The Balcony: Learning From Big K.R.I.T.’s ‘It’s Better This Way’

“For When Your Playlist Shuffles From Fred Hammond To Fetty Wap” This past week was a tough one for me. Death and struggle were common. So was life and newness. The continual cycle between the two themes is weird; it makes me question a lot. My last sentence might have messed up a lot of . . .

beats from the balcony

Beats From The Balcony: For When Your Playlist Shuffles From Fred Hammond To Fetty Wap

I’m from the South. From what we crown as the “Dirty South” – where religion and church is often more cultural than it is personal. Many Christians I know even grew up in the church, only to discover (or not) The Gospel and relationship with Jesus many years after missing it growing up in the . . .