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Chance the rapper

What We Learned From Chance The Rapper’s Visit To Concordia University

Now in his prime at a wiser 22, Chance the Rapper is the rapper you want your kids to idolize. Like his politically inclined father, Chance is committed to making a difference, using the music and the power of spoken word to try and make a change in his hometown of Chicago. Currently in the . . .

Lil' Mama
Editorial May 29  |  

Lil’ Mama Is The Carefree Black Girl We Secretly Want To Be

I’ll probably be the first person to publicly say that I see it for Lil’ Mama. While I’m still confused at why she thought it was okay to run up on Jay Z and Alicia Keys like that years ago, Lil’ Mama needs to be looked at in a different light. She might not be . . .

Reviews May 29  |  

Tshizimba – “Everything X Alright” (Album Review)

As Montreal is slowly, but surely rising to the top due to the trailblazing of Kaytranada and High Klassified, young producers all over Montreal are coming out of the woodworks now that Canadians (well, people with Canadian passports) are making it big in the more or less American industry with aspirations to be on the . . .