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New Music May 14  |  

Crosby & Purpan – “Balcony”

Crosby teams up with producer Purpan for “Balcony,” a new song from their recently released EP. Speaking on life as he knows it, Crosby has a pessimistic view on his own existence. This becomes apparent as the track progresses. After cutting the beat at the end, Crosby continues to rap,” World on my hands now i’m a slave to the bitch/ Just . . .

Uncle Phil
New Music May 14  |  

MekoSupreme – “Uncle Phil”

MekoSupreme is back with a brand new single, “Uncle Phil.” Featuring a sample from the popular 90’s show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, “Uncle Phil” is one of those songs that brings out the feels in everyone who listens. Using the opening sample as a jumping off point, MekoSupreme speaks on the absence of a father . . .

New Music May 14  |  

Cas Marlow – “Drugger”

London based rapper Cas Marlow draws listeners with his new single, “Drugger.” Featuring impressive lyricism with a touch of the Slim Shady influence, “Drugger” is delightfully dark and compelling. Serving as a taste of what is soon to come, this serves as an appetizer to Marlow’s forthcoming EP, Goof. Stream “Drugger” below.

New Music May 7  |  

Jetson & Bsd.u – “Milk”

Bsd.u and Jetson prove to be a potent combination, as they join forces for “Milk.” While only a minute and a half long, “Milk” exhibits refined lyrical prowess, matched with incredible production. This is a must-listen for fans of low-fidelity beats. Listen to “Milk” below.

New Music May 7  |  

Na$ty – “Onyx”

Remixing the hit song and undeniable classic “Last Days,” “Onyx” does its namesake proud. With an unwavering and steady flow, Na$ty showcases his lyrical ability. Na$ty makes a statement with “Onyx.” Remixes of this quality don’t come around very often. Listen to “Onyx” below.

New Music May 7  |  

Made in M – “algensäure”

Made in M hits the scene once again with his new release, “algensäure.” With an ambient, trippy sound, “algensäure” is the perfect song to achieve total mental relaxation. Listen to “algensäure” below.

Barry Love
New Music May 5  |  

Barry Love – “$trawberry Panda”

Barry Love expresses his love for peanut butter and jelly with his new single, “$trawberry Panda.” Produced by Slight X Trashcat, “$trawberry Panda” samples the famous Buckwheat Boys song, “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.” With a psychedelic, engaging sound, it’s is sure to please all who dare to listen. Listen to “$trawberry Panda” below.

New Music May 4  |  

SDotBraddy – “D.A.B.S”

SDotBraddy recently released his impressive single “D.A.B.S.” With a smooth chorus that defuses even the most hostile of situations (and moods), this is truly a masterful track. With his forthcoming album Private Sessions out soon, SDotBraddy is giving listeners reason to mark its release date on their calendars. Stream “D.A.B.S.” below.

Green Figures
New Music Apr 23  |  

$erious Klein & Rascal – “Green Figures”

$erious Klein strikes again with the release of his new track, “Green Figures.” Produced by Rascal and mixed by Shove-Island, “Green Figures” starts of with a unique sample from Charlie Chaplin’s final speech in the 1940’s film, The Great Dictator. Look out for $erious’s forthcoming album, States. Stream “Green Figures.”

the green hall
New Music Apr 22  |  

Okho – “The Green Hall”

Released via Radio Juicy, “The Green Hall” by Okho is a collection of well produced beats. Perfect for any cypher, let alone the one smoke session to rule them all, “The Green Hall” is a must listen for any stoner. Listen to “The Green Hall” below.

play my shit
New Music Apr 22  |  

KR – “Play My Shit”

Kalaan Rashad Walker, better known as KR, collaborates with PYRMDPLAZA on his new track, “Play My Shit.” Sometimes, the title just explains it all. Press play. Listen to “Play My Shit” below.

New Music Apr 21  |  

Matt Vintage – “Gold” ft. Vigilante

17 year rapper and producer from San Antonio, Texas Matt Vintage impresses listeners with his recently released track “Gold.” Featuring fellow member of the LYGHTSOCIETY, Vigilante, “Gold” shows off an impressive beat with just as impressive lyrics to match. Listen to “Gold” below.

New Music Apr 17  |  

Tyler The Creator – “Smuckers” (Feat. Kanye West & Lil Wayne)

The 11th song off of Tyler the Creators new album, Cherry Bomb, “Smuckers” is an impressive new track. Featuring Kanye West and Lil Wayne, “Smuckers” is filled with a variety of synthesizers and drum effects. Going back and forth on the beat, the rappers compliment each others style and flow, all the while maintaining that . . .

Good Gracious
New Music Apr 16  |  

OG Maco – “Good Gracious” ft. Quavo

A new track by OG Maco featuring Quavo, “Good Gracious” dropped just recently. Produced by Deko, “Good Gracious” tells the story of the both rappers. The title refers to the statement one would use to describe both OG Maco and Quavo’s journey to becoming successful rappers. Stream “Good Gracious” below.

Run To
New Music Apr 16  |  

Ben Beal & Flitz&Suppe – “Run To”

Ben Beal partners up with Germany-based artist Flitz&Suppe on the track “Run To.” With a beat featuring an incredible Billie Holiday sample, “Run To” is a must-listen. Listen to “Run To” below.