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Kid Cudi’s ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ delivers an indirect response to #YouGoodMan (Review)

In a year full of highly anticipated “come-back” albums via the return of Frank Ocean, Ab-Soul, & Charles Hamilton, the release of Kid Cudi’s next entry to the rap ecosphere holds a particular interest for several reasons. Long considered the “Lord of the sad and lonely,” Kid Cudi’s star potential has been focused on delivering . . .


The Weeknd’s meteoric rise continues with ‘Starboy’ (Review)

The Weeknd shines as he continues his evolutionary trek on Starboy High Snobiety After what seemed like years of being stuck on Thursday, The Weeknd has teamed up with Daft Punk to deliver Starboy, a true coming of age LP. I define a coming of age album as one that truly shows mastery of whatever qualities initially attracted us to . . .