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dead end
New Music Oct 27  |  

Ophelia Cache gets a fresh start with ‘Dead End’ (Album)

Ophelia Cache (pronounced “cash”) truly needs no introduction, but I will quickly walk you through the history of her music and artistry. Serving stunning looks via Instagram is a habit of hers, but a unique, jazz influenced voice and beautiful vibrato are her trademarks. A favorite in her chosen home of Brooklyn, she is fresh from . . .

Ringside 5
New Music Apr 16  |  

Smoke DZA channels love of WrestleMania into his ‘Ringside 5’ EP

Smoke DZA has been incredibly busy on the low, as he just released his third official studio album Dream.Zone.Achieve while guesting on tracks by the likes of Josh Waters to Blunt Smoker. Showing supreme time management skills, he manages to complete the second part of his ongoing Ringside EP project – a series of tracks and . . .

the story so far
New Music Mar 24  |  

McKinley Dixon talks about lessons learned on “The Story So Far”

Cresting waves on a beaches and lush, melodic horns intros lead us into McKinley Dixon‘s emotional and cathartic track, “The Story So Far.” With decisive delivery, he details the stories of his life, love that he’s lost and found, and lessons learned along the way. Dixon raps with precision over boombap-inspired drums and hi hats, spitting lyrics that . . .

Soul Sista
New Music Mar 24  |  

LIKE made Bilal’s “Soul Sista” sound even better

This is an absolute audible treat on many levels. Not only am I excited to find out that LIKE (of the incredibly talented PAC DIV) is still active and creating wonderful beats, I was immediately led his to his SoundCloud, overflowing with hot beat tapes and remixes. It’s like running into a great old friend you haven’t . . .

what u do to me
New Music Feb 27  |  

GEOTHEORY’s “What U Do To Me” does everything you need

Netflix & Chill is pretty much done. GEOTHEORY & Chill is just getting started, and it’s better than anything imagined. A New York artist deep into house, jungle, soul and the DIY musical movement, GeoTheory has amassed a fairly large and rather decent discography via his soundcloud, offering a vast and diverse collection of sounds . . .