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Andre and Brooklyn go together like wave caps and Murray's. He believes Timbs are a casual dress shoe and that Fab spent 3 days on the F train to pay for the sins of Hip-Hop. If you see him coming off the 3, say wassup. He’ll swipe you in.

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dance for me
New Music Mar 22  |  

Production duo OSA and Rome’s “Dance For Me” is a sultry jam

Virginia production duo and real life brothers Tyler and Travis Jasper, known professionally as OSA (an acronym for “One Song Away”) team up with Connecticut singer/songwriter Rome for the alluring sounds of “Dance For Me”. The production alternates between soft and slow drum kicks and keys and rises to a fever pitch during each iteration . . .

New Music Mar 19  |  

Monte Booker’s instrumental is smooth like “butta”

After being urged by a few friends, some which know my musical taste, to listen to Smino‘s debut album blkswn, I decided to take a listen yesterday. Needless to say I was blown away. Outside of Smino’s unique and eccentric flow, the production was a dream. I immediately went to the liner notes and saw . . .

New Music Mar 17  |  

AL-X and Curtis Roach catch a wave with “Tsunami”

“The wave is here. Try to catch it.” California spitter AL-X enlists the help of Detroit emcee Curtis Roach for the wavy and fun-loving track “Tsunami”. AL-X rides the wave of Santos Santana’s offbeat, nostalgic production. The keys and whistle effect give it a cartoonish quality. Curtis, as usual, rides the beat and spits rhymes . . .

Extra Friez
New Music Feb 22  |  

Curtis Roach shows us his love for “Extra Friez” (Video)

A little while ago, we shared Curtis Roach‘s “Extra Friez.” Well, the 17-year-old emcee released the video for the track, and he shows us his love for the fried food. In the video, Curtis takes us on a ride in a snow-covered Honda Civic while he enjoys an extremely large bag full of fries. Once . . .

New Music Feb 22  |  

Young Soul confronts his demons on his ‘C.L.U.E.’ EP

If you’re looking for melodic hip-hop with intricate choruses, move around. If you’re looking for great storytelling and great flow, then pull up a chair. Young Soul gives us a look into his life, his grind and his struggles on his C.L.U.E. EP. Young Soul peels back the layers of his psyche and channels his . . .

dark red
New Music Feb 20  |  

Steve Lacy makes his fears sound bluesy on “Dark Red”

As the members of The Internet pursue solo projects, we’re starting to notice their individual talent even more. The newest addition to the group, Steve Lacy, is gearing up for a new song series called Steve Lacy’s Demo. The first single from the series, “Dark Red,” is a modest soundtrack that highlights the insecurities that . . .

New Music Feb 14  |  

Croosh decides to follow his intuition in “Vibrations”

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Croosh emphasizes the importance of following your instinct in the self-produced “Vibrations.” Croosh sticks to the mellow production style and the echoed harmonies. The song has an ethereal quality because of the keys that sound like harps. Although he feels attraction to her physically, it’s her mind that’s keeping his attention. He . . .


On Migos and the exhaustion that comes with empathy

My gut reaction to any perceived attack on black folks is protection. Even at the expense of my own mental and emotional well-being. That’s what I felt when I first read what the members of, currently, one of my favorite hip-hop groups Migos had to say in response to fellow rapper Makonnen’s coming out in . . .

Fuck A Friend Zone
New Music Feb 11  |  

Stream Jacquees and Dej Loaf’s “F*ck A Friend Zone” mixtape

Late last year when Jacquees and Dej Loaf released “Want Your Sex” rumors swirled that a project was coming. After confirming the news 2 days ago and releasing the first single “Deeper,” the pair released the mixtape, Fuck A Friend Zone. Jacquees brought over producers Nash B and Murphy Kid from his Since You Playin . . .

Dab of Ranch
New Music Feb 10  |  

Migos releases the studio version of “Dab of Ranch”

A few months ago, footage of Migos in the studio working on a jingle for their new rap snacks, “Dab of Ranch,” surfaced. In the video, Takeoff introduces the snacks then Quavo steals the spotlight and starts rapping with extreme enthusiasm. Even though I thought it would never be a real song, I was wrong. . . .

New Music Feb 8  |  

Mila J is no longer wasting her energy on “F*ckboy”

Los Angeles native singer/songwriter Mila J tells it exactly how it is with her latest tune, “F*ckboy.” Mila makes it known that she’s leaving the drama and lies behind her over heavy drums and soft keys. Though Mila is straightforward, she doesn’t neglect to sprinkle some petty onto the track. Taking a page from Chanté . . .

New Music Feb 8  |  

When Father sees you, it’s “Hands” on sight

I don’t know about you, but the last year has brought some ugliness out of me. Whether it be the election of [redacted] as president or people just trying me, the tests have come. While I’m mostly zen now thanks to meditation, yoga, and affirmations, I’m still a black man from East New York. Rapper . . .

Same Drugs

Chance the Rapper premieres the video for “Same Drugs”

Chance the Rapper took to Facebook live today a little after 4:00 pm to premiere the video for his song “Same Drugs” off of his critically acclaimed 2016 mixtape Coloring Book. It was a special moment for anyone who tuned in because he deleted it soon after. Luckily, he made it available on his personal . . .


Beyoncé got us together one year ago today with “Formation”

A year ago today, on a cold Saturday in February, Black America was in serious need of some healing. The day before would’ve been the 21st birthday of Trayvon Martin and police were still trigger happy across the nation. The mandarin trashcan was gaining momentum in the polls. This was all during Black History Month. . . .


Sampha allows us a peek into his psyche on ‘Process’ (Review)

If anxiety is an issue for you, you understand that quieting your mind is extremely difficult. I’ve adopted a few techniques to aid in in my journey, including yoga and meditation. A certain stillness and calm washes over me when in meditation. The slow, steady, deliberate movements and the patterned chants provide structure to my . . .