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New Music Dec 11  |  

tropes – “flyest”

I’ve been a fan of producer tropes since I saw his Boiler Room NYC x Dirty Tapes 002 Live Show back in June. By no means is he new to the game. His production style is characteristic of vintage cassette tapes mixed with spacey R&B vocals and hard hip hop lyricism. In his latest release, . . .

New Music Dec 9  |  

DJ Quijano – “Sunset Cruisin'” (Mix)

Up-and-coming artist DJ Quijano has been making some noise in the Bay Area as of recently. With influences ranging from EDM to DJ Agana, DJ Quijano has been mixing for local house parties while experimenting with photography and videography for a few years. This led him to start seriously networking with music marketers and his connections . . .

New Music Nov 15  |  

7th Soul – “Equilibrium” (Album)

7th Soul‘s latest project, “Equilibrium,” truly solidifies his artistry and image as a producer. 7th Soul attributes the project’s title to the balance of two opposing musical elements: upbeat soul and calming melodies. With timeless joints like “Angel” (which is a smooth rework of the Dwele and Slum Village classic) and “The Pharoah’s Flowers,” “Equilibrium” . . .

New Music Nov 7  |  

beatmachinearon – “reminisce”

20-year-old Icelandic producer beatmachinearon’s music style is an experience all to itself. His latest release, “reminisce,” incorporates jazz instruments, which is characteristic of dreamy night ambiance. Most of his other tracks such as “blue spirits” (a collaborative track featuring Canadian producer bsd.u) and “mellow nights” also use live instrumentation with snippets of rap vocals. beatmachinearon . . .

New Music Oct 26  |  

9th Sage – “J o u r n e y”

Houston visionary 9th Sage brings us smooth tunes with his latest mix “J o u r n e y.” Perfect for a rainy night in, “J o u r n e y” is a rich mix filled with feel-good throwback hiphop joints. Originally from San Diego, 9th Sage primarily draws inspiration from love, nature, and . . .

New Music Oct 17  |  

Eighty9s – “Hightones”

Eighty9s has been known to put out tracks with a distinct sound. Though uncanny in style, Eighty9s has developed a solid fanbase from projects such as C.o.F. and Hidden Stash, which is a personal favorite. Unlike most producers, Eighty9s has released most of his projects on cassette tape, which usually sell out via Bandcamp within . . .

New Music Oct 16  |  

7thSoul – “Dive”

Hailing from the Bay Area, 7thSoul provides the perfect combination of orchestration and relaxation with his latest release, “Dive.” With two EP’s under his belt, Dreams You Cant Remember and Hue.Phoria, 7thSoul engineers records like they’re meant for late night nostalgia. Don’t be fooled by the chill aura of his more popular vibes. 7thSoul comes . . .