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Sitting down and being “Humble”: thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s career progression

“Y’all got until April 7th to get y’all sh*t together.” I’ve been sitting with “Humble” for about a week now. For some reason this question kept coming to mind: Why do rappers lose a step? Realizing the reasons are myriad and seeing as how I’m never there to get firsthand insight, I look for the common . . .

Diamond Ray
New Music Apr 4  |  

Diamond Ray gives us summery vibes on “Alright” 

Diamond Ray drops a very chill, summer vibe single called “Alright” to open up her catalogue as an artist. The music has a pop flavor but Diamond’s voice adds a soulful and more pointedly R&B feel to the record. Fellow Hoodstock Records labelmate Pinky Liberachi assists with the second verse. Stream below via Apple Music, or . . .

Young Eye
New Music Mar 31  |  

Ivan Ave gets back to what matters the most on “Young Eye” (Video)

We’re born a blank canvas and hopefully surrounded by good painters. That is the basic premise of Ivan Ave‘s newly released track, “Young Eye. ” “Between doomsday and a day job,” and putting “blue ink on yellow paper, tryna make it green,” something happens to our perception of what is important in our day to . . .

want me
New Music Mar 28  |  

Flamingosis gets you ready for warm weather with “Want Me (Need Me)” 

Flamingosis is right on time with Want Me (need me). The last remnants of cuffing season are yielding to the coming reign of sundress season and the New Jersey soul-flipping producer has the soundtrack for the transition. Be sure to go back and check our interview with Flamingosis for some more context. Stream “Want Me (Need Me)” . . .

New Music Mar 28  |  

Substantial finds inspiration in the multi-talented on “Black Of All Trades” (Video)

As he continues the roll out for his latest LP, Substantial‘s new visual for “Black Of All Trades” is a nod to creatives who wear multiple hats while still holding down their responsibilities. Educators, designers, poets, fathers and wives introduce the video, setting up Substantial’s agile wordplay paying homage to their crafts and dedication. Watch the video for . . .

I Remember
New Music Mar 16  |  

Bonez recalls his journey on “I Remember” (Video)

Everyone has a direction for their life, but not everyone embraces and lives it to the fullest extent. Louisville rapper Bonez is setting out to do just that in the video for “I Remember,” a record from his HoodySzn project. He recalls his path and how he accelerated into the next chapter of his artistic . . .

Misty Mountain Chops
New Music Mar 8  |  

J-Ideas drops an atmospheric soundtrack on ‘Misty Mountain Chops’

Indiana, home of vast corn fields and flat terrain for miles, is also home to producer J-Ideas, whose latest release Misty Mountain Chops sounds more atmospheric than his environment. Check the hard soul samples and strange electro-boom bap cuts. Stream Misty Mountain Chops below. Misty Mountain Chops by J-Ideas

Cash Box
New Music Mar 8  |  

Bub Styles grabs Conway for the grimey “Cash Box”

Bub Styles returns to Artistic Manifesto with something new and dark on his latest single, “Cash Box.” Newly inked to Shady Records, Buffalo’s own Conway assists the Brooklyn spitter in what can best be described as gutter rhymes. This record feels like a box cutter slash to cheek. I’m just telling you. They get busy, and . . .

New Music Mar 6  |  

Jack Harlow snaps with relaxed intensity on “Hitchcock”

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of suspense and murder mystery on film. Louisville, Kentucky native Jack Harlow seems to have channeled that same mastery and adapted it for audio, as he snaps through rhyme after rhyme with a jarring intensity, not unlike an unsettling plot from the old black and white series. Keep your eye out . . .

New Music Feb 28  |  

Tessellated reimagines Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody”

Scroll through Tessellated’s soundcloud and you’ll see his music tagged as #jazzhall or #reggae-hop. Listen to his latest, a remix of Aaliyah’s ‘Are You That Somebody,’ and you don’t really care how it’s labeled. Once the revved-up tempo, horns, keys and synths take over to recreate the familiar tune, it’s tough to not blurt out a . . .

Amerigo Gazaway
New Music Feb 24  |  

Stream Amerigo Gazaway’s protest-inspired “Don’t Shoot”

“Swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Don’t shoot.” Nashville native Amerigo Gazaway samples audio from Black Lives Matter protests and spans references from many of America’s more recent, notorious police brutality cases to weave together his latest track “Don’t Shoot.” Stream below. Don't Shoot by Amerigo Gazaway

yellow beanie
New Music Feb 24  |  

J’Von spins an off-kilter love story on “Yellow Beanie”

You can likely count on your fingers the number of times you’ve heard acoustic guitar in hip hop music, and the song turns out musically dope. Shout out Nas/2pac’s “Thugz Mansion.”  Pardon the hot take, but it’s science. Anyways, J’Von‘s latest tune, Yellow Beanie, is a welcome addition to that short list.  J’Von’s busy wordplay fades in and . . .

beautiful city
New Music Feb 20  |  

The Black Opera enjoys the “Beautiful City” of Detroit (Video)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In The Black Opera‘s latest video, Magestik Legend and Jamall Bufford behold the beauty of Detroit through what come as a paradox to out of towners. Here the beauty is in the resilience and creativity inspired by a mother’s re-framing of the gunshots in the street as fireworks, thus roses . . .

New Music Feb 13  |  

Westside Gunn’s latest is causing ‘Riots On Fashion Avenue’

Buffalo’s Westside Gunn dropped his latest EP, Riots On Fashion Avenue, late last week. Like Gunn’s preceding projects, this one is a dive into unfiltered street tales, and likely another case of whiplash if this is your forte as a listener. The limited vinyl accompanying the EP on Bandcamp is already sold out, so cop a digital download or . . .

New Music Feb 9  |  

SZA gives behind the scenes looks as ‘CTRL’ nears (Video)

SZA recently dropped “Drew Barrymore” for the first release from her upcoming project, CTRL. Today, fans can go a little deeper behind the behind the scenes of what she has been up to. There is still no official release date for CTRL, but you know we got you when there is. Watch the behind the scenes . . .