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Wrong Time
New Music May 26  |  

Denmark soul artist Fjer sees a disconnect on “Wrong Time”

Denmark’s electro-soul artist Fjer doesn’t try to force pieces to a puzzle that won’t fit. On her latest single “Wrong Time,” if the vibe is off she’s unapologetically leaving it alone. Timing matters and this song matters. Stream “Wrong Time” below. Wrong Time by Fjer

good riddance
New Music May 26  |  

CashUs King and Blu show you a way out on “Good Riddance”

Dirty Science crewmates CashUs King and Blu drop “Good Riddance” to clear the lane when it’s overcrowded. In a quick lesson on being about what you say you’re about and holding fast to the craft, the duo drop bravado raps that are grounded in history lessons (Native Tongues and Wu-Tang references in tow) alongside personal testimonies of . . .

deejay element

Deejay Element speaks on his DJ career and artistic pursuits

If you don’t have a 9 to 5 dead end career by now don’t let your puritanical baby boomer relatives or sycophant gen-xers know you’re eating avacado toast. Chasing passions outside the corporate structure is a balancing act between thrill and security, passion and obligation. In the end everything is work, the denominator is whether . . .

career crooks
New Music May 24  |  

Career Crooks’s ‘Good Luck With That’ is nostalgic and forward looking

The duo of Zilla Rocca and Small Professor have teamed up to form Career Crooks, a set from Philly’s Wrecking Crew collective. Their latest endeavor, Good Luck With That, is an effort to add their stamp to the modern rap renaissance. Those bred off early to mid 90’s hip hop should relate to the fresh . . .

New Music May 23  |  

Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith are leery about moving too fast on “Tyrant” 

It’s a tough world we live in. It feels like life is a constant process of trying keeping a soft heart, despite circumstances that push us in the opposite direction. Even relationships with our loved ones grow cold. On Kali Uchis’s latest single, “Tyrant,” we can the world is weighing down on her. If she . . .

Not Humble
New Music May 17  |  

Conway remixes “Humble” to make “Not Humble”

Newly signed to Shady Records, Buffalo native Conway just dropped a quick strike over Kendrick Lamar‘s “Humble.” Conway flexes several different cadences during his rendition, putting his diverse flow on display. Don’t listen in company you need to be formal around, it’s likely going to cause a few instinctive screw faces. Stream “Not Humble” below.

New Music May 17  |  

Philly producer Kilamanzego grabs Argyle Cozbee for “Cross Trainers”

There’s something improbable about this track working. The stumbling and garbled mashup between Argyle‘s stream-of-conscious flow and Kilamanzego‘s busy, drum n bass heavy vibe would’ve likely been lost on me with lesser talented counterparts. But here I am on my fifth listen this afternoon. Argyle lets loose associations between words and ideas slip into each other, . . .

New Music May 15  |  

Young Planet’s “Glow” is an ambient party jam

Young Planet is setting me up for the summer with their new jam, “Glow.” I almost went ahead and called off work today to go sit on a dock and drink mojitos when I heard it. Take a listen and let it knock with the windows down today. Stream “Glow” below.

New Music May 15  |  

Tenacity and J57 had one too many before recording “Get Down” 

Producer Exile emailed Los Angeles veteran Tenacity the beat that would become the single below, but before it could be complete he needed a night in Brooklyn with J57 and one too many drinks. Throw some cuts at the end by Deejay Element and the outcome is intoxicating. Stream “Get Down” below.

They Say
New Music May 15  |  

Kaytranada releases “They Say” with Chance The Rapper

Over the weekend Montreal producer Kaytranada unveiled “They Say,” featuring Chance The Rapper on Pharrell’s OTHERtones radio. Chance scats along to rich piano keys that flip in and out over glitchy drum patterns. This record was created during the early phases of the recording process for Coloring Book. Though the song missed the final cut for the . . .

Coke Casa
New Music May 10  |  

Hus Kingpin & Big Ghost preview what’s to come with “Coke Casa”

The wave lord Hus Kingpin and coke biceps himself Big Ghost are teaming up for a new project due out on June 1st entitled Cocaine Beach. First up to set it off is the single “Coke Casa.” Hus’s raps are a mixture of celestial sciences, braggadocio and nods to past, present and future. There’s never . . .

New Music May 9  |  

Joseph Chilliams blacks out on “POWERPUFF”

Pivot Gang artist Joseph Chilliams uses the cartoons from his childhood as the fuel for his new track, “POWERPUFF.” Drifting between breakfast, Cartman off South Park, Lindsey Lohan and Black Mormons, Chilliams goes off on tangents loosely held together with alternating samples of “sugar” and “spice” from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon. Stream “POWERPUFF” below.

Better Days
New Music May 9  |  

P.A.T. Junior keeps hope alive on “Better Days”

North Carolina-based emcee P.A.T. Junior takes some time out to reflect on the past and take stock in the future on “Better Days.” This is the lead single from his forthcoming EP, Black & Mild, which is due out this summer. The horn laden song is driven by introspective, heartfelt lyricism. Stream “Better Days” below. . . .

New Music May 5  |  

Illa J finally found his voice on “Sam Cook”

It took Detroit emcee Illa J 22 years to find his voice artistically. In his press release, J says, “I started writing poems around 8 or 9 years old, then songs, and then raps. I eventually put it all together…22 years later…the journey to my heart, through all the ups and downs of my career . . .

the canvas
New Music May 3  |  

Sir is in a tight situation in “The Canvas” (Video)

TDE’s most recently signed artist, Sir, drops a new video from his fantastic release, Her Too. In the video for “The Canvas,” Sir finds himself bound and floating in a pool while the culprit sits leisurely off to the side. We’ll just say that things don’t go as planned. Watch the video for “The Canvas” . . .