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eons d
New Music Jul 21  |  

Eons D considers his place in the world on “Civil Rights”

On “Civil Rights,” Louisville producer and rapper Eons D reflects on his racial and historical identity to sort through what his place in society is. He filters these thoughts through considerations of his religious upbringing and introverted tendencies. Filled with live horn sections and symphonic chorus sections, this song is a socially aware and musically . . .

greg grease
New Music Jul 20  |  

Greg Grease has the cure for a “Migraine” (Video)

South Minneapolis’s Greg Grease is an emcee, producer, drummer, visual artist and clothing maker. He’s hitting the road early next month alongside his ZULUZULUU collective for Atmosphere’s “Welcome to California” tour. In order to build momentum prior to the tour, which coincides with the release of his Down So Long album on August 11, he dropped a new video for . . .

Peter clarke
New Music Jul 7  |  

Nigerian emcee Peter Clarke speaks on ills of the “Church”

Nigerian emcee Peter Clarke has questions for the church that have left him confused on “Church.” The cost of education in a Christian school, the tithes are described more as exorbitant fees. All of these serve as barriers as entry that leave the artist scratching his head. Listen to this honest and open take below.

New Music Jul 5  |  

Chuuwee vents about life’s pressures on “Desire” (Video)

Sacramento rapper Chuuwee is set to release his new album, Purgator, on July 14th. To build the buzz, he released a new video for the second single, “Desire.” He details the process of trying to push past some mental roadblocks he’s been having as of late. Watch the video for “Desire,” shot by Alan Michael . . .

Laser Cut Revival
New Music Jun 29  |  

Listen to Young Planet’s breakdance-inspired “Laser Cut Revival”

Brooklyn based duo Young Planet has been pushing their boundaries lately with their disco-esque party sounds, and now with a nod to breakdancing culture on their latest release, “Laser Cut Revival.” If I could pop & lock I’d want to try it out to this tune. Well I do pop and lock, but my bones are . . .

New Music Jun 29  |  

Swarvy gets trippy in his animated video for “Stunts”

A psychotropic cupcake turns an ordinary afternoon of playing with sound into an Alice In Wonderland like experience in Swarvy‘s new animated video for “Stunts.” The mood and tone of the video shift to fit the change ups in sound, which make for a short audio-visual journey. Pass the cupcakes and hit play. Watch the . . .

boley jack
New Music Jun 20  |  

Boley Jack has questions that need answering in “I Wonder” (Video)

Louisville rapper and AM newcomer Boley Jack asks quintessential independent rapper questions in his latest video for “I Wonder.” How do artists navigate through the quandary of getting love once your “make it,” but not a moment sooner? Feeling overlooked is a frustrating and relatable predicament that Boley wrestles with. Watch the video for “I . . .

New Music Jun 19  |  

Knxwledge reimagines yesterday’s rhymes on ‘WT.PRT.11_’

Knxwledge continues to do no wrong with his latest blend tape. Flipping new sounds behind some of the genre’s staple artists like Cam’ron, Kanye West, and others, WT.PRT.11_ sounds like a robot from Star Wars but plays like summer riding music that will have your friends asking, “What’s this?!?” Stream WT.PRT.11_ below. WT.PRT.11_ by Knxwledge.

Wrong Time
New Music May 26  |  

Denmark soul artist Fjer sees a disconnect on “Wrong Time”

Denmark’s electro-soul artist Fjer doesn’t try to force pieces to a puzzle that won’t fit. On her latest single “Wrong Time,” if the vibe is off she’s unapologetically leaving it alone. Timing matters and this song matters. Stream “Wrong Time” below. Wrong Time by Fjer

good riddance
New Music May 26  |  

CashUs King and Blu show you a way out on “Good Riddance”

Dirty Science crewmates CashUs King and Blu drop “Good Riddance” to clear the lane when it’s overcrowded. In a quick lesson on being about what you say you’re about and holding fast to the craft, the duo drop bravado raps that are grounded in history lessons (Native Tongues and Wu-Tang references in tow) alongside personal testimonies of . . .

deejay element

Deejay Element speaks on his DJ career and artistic pursuits

If you don’t have a 9 to 5 dead end career by now don’t let your puritanical baby boomer relatives or sycophant gen-xers know you’re eating avacado toast. Chasing passions outside the corporate structure is a balancing act between thrill and security, passion and obligation. In the end everything is work, the denominator is whether . . .

career crooks
New Music May 24  |  

Career Crooks’s ‘Good Luck With That’ is nostalgic and forward looking

The duo of Zilla Rocca and Small Professor have teamed up to form Career Crooks, a set from Philly’s Wrecking Crew collective. Their latest endeavor, Good Luck With That, is an effort to add their stamp to the modern rap renaissance. Those bred off early to mid 90’s hip hop should relate to the fresh . . .

New Music May 23  |  

Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith are leery about moving too fast on “Tyrant” 

It’s a tough world we live in. It feels like life is a constant process of trying keeping a soft heart, despite circumstances that push us in the opposite direction. Even relationships with our loved ones grow cold. On Kali Uchis’s latest single, “Tyrant,” we can the world is weighing down on her. If she . . .

Not Humble
New Music May 17  |  

Conway remixes “Humble” to make “Not Humble”

Newly signed to Shady Records, Buffalo native Conway just dropped a quick strike over Kendrick Lamar‘s “Humble.” Conway flexes several different cadences during his rendition, putting his diverse flow on display. Don’t listen in company you need to be formal around, it’s likely going to cause a few instinctive screw faces. Stream “Not Humble” below.

New Music May 17  |  

Philly producer Kilamanzego grabs Argyle Cozbee for “Cross Trainers”

There’s something improbable about this track working. The stumbling and garbled mashup between Argyle‘s stream-of-conscious flow and Kilamanzego‘s busy, drum n bass heavy vibe would’ve likely been lost on me with lesser talented counterparts. But here I am on my fifth listen this afternoon. Argyle lets loose associations between words and ideas slip into each other, . . .