“Music for the eclectic, selective hip-hop lover.”

Artistic Manifesto seeks to find, uplift, and expose the best music on this planet that will appeal to the eclectic, selective hip-hop lover. We don’t trip over politics, and we’re not concerned with the status quo of what’s “acceptable.” Instead, we simply want to supply you, our readers, with the best music we can find. We sincerely hope that you enjoy.

Michell C. Clark, founder of Artistic Manifesto

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Darren Gooden (Fort Myers, Florida) • Marc Miller (Honolulu, Hawaii)

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Jeremy Rosinger (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

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Wallace Mack (Brooklyn, NY) • Kyle Goldstine (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

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CallMeYuma (Baltimore, MD) • Exhibit_Dre (Brooklyn, NY) • GarryLcls (Paris, F) • JuanC4Pierce (Richmond, VA) • KingKlockwise (Birmingham, AL) • SofaKingCole92 (Charlotte, NC) • SqualidOptimism (Woodbridge, VA) • Vchilles (Seguin, TX)