waiting screen
New Music Aug 28  |  

Wize showcases his unique style of production on “Waiting Screen”

Wize has a style of production that stands out from the pack. If video game soundtracks had more bass, less repetitive sequencing, and a splash of Soulection influence, they just might sound like this. Stream “Waiting Screen” below, and listen to The Zip 1/4 afterwards. THE ZIP 1/4 by WIZE

New Music Jun 4  |  

Wize’s “Procrastination” is a futuristic gem

Wize is a producer first and foremost, but he also puts in work as a vocalist on his bouncy new release, “Procrastination.” Piano chords, slowed down vocal samples, and crisp percussion make this a song worth listening to. Wize included an appreciative message to the fans in his SoundCloud description: “a massive thank you to . . .

New Music Mar 28  |  

Oshi and Wize are an unstoppable force on “Possession”

You know a track is rare when one of the people who produced it isn’t even sure how you got it. That’s exactly what happened with Oshi and WIZE‘s collaborative effort, “Possession.” That being said, WIZE still reposted the song on his own SoundCloud, so we’re going to assume that everything is all good and . . .

Help ME
New Music Feb 27  |  

Wize uses no words but speaks volumes with “Help Me / I’m Bleeding”

Wize hails from North London, but his sounds are going to quickly carry him worldwide on a much bigger level. The innovative producer has created something conversation-worthy again with “Help Me / I’m Bleeding.” While a lot of elements have gone into the creation of this record, the complex emotions that they pull out of . . .

The Subspace Emissary
New Music Jan 9  |  

Stream Wize’s spacey instrumental, “The Subspace Emissary”

Wize always has some tricks up his sleeves. The London-based producer (and occasional emcee) employs an array of mysterious melodies and pieces them together masterfully to give us another dose of his signature production style. If you’re a fan of forward thinking instrumentation and you haven’t dug into Wize’s discography, you’re sleeping. Stream “The Subspace . . .

New Music Sep 5  |  

Wize made ‘Strip’ with his own beat kit

Wize‘s instrumentals almost feel like they have some sort of mad scientist-esque approach, at times. The London-based producer’s latest, “Strip,” bubbles and tremors with dark melodic energy, and unsurprisingly features unrelenting, uptempo percussive rhythms. This beat was produced using Wize’s sound kit, which can be downloaded by fans and aspiring producers alike via sellfy. Stream . . .

Del Perro
New Music Jul 8  |  

Wize celebrates a new milestone with “Del Perro”

It starts with a sample, but soon thereafter Wize‘s “Del Perro” blasts off into more uptempo, experimental territory. The new release comes to us in honor of the North London-based producer breaking three million plays on SoundCloud, which is no small feat. Stream “Del Perro” below.

New Music May 17  |  

Wize gives us a dreamy experience with “Goodies”

North London-based producer and emcee Wize gets back behind the boards with his energizing new release, “Goodies.” This release is a bit more intricate and subtle than some of Wize’s most recent releases, but it still packs plenty of power. Download via iTunes, courtesy of Trapdoor Records, and look for Wize’s EP to release on . . .

ozzie in space
New Music Apr 23  |  

Wize Takes us to the Moon with “Ozzie In Space”

Wize just broke 20,000 followers on SoundCloud, and in celebration saw fit to release another track that reminds us why we like him so much. “Ozzie In Space” was created entirely using Brighton native and fellow experimental producer Ozzie‘s sound kit, and what results sounds like it very well might not be of this planet. . . .

New Music Mar 14  |  

Wize Delivers Intricate Melodies on “Candy”

Wize is back at it again with another beautiful composition. The North London-based producer uses intricate, layered melodies and rapid fire percussion to great effect on “Candy.” This song was made entirely from drums from his sound pack (which can be downloaded here), and vocal samples from ZXPH XLLXS’s “WNNL.” Stream “Candy” below, and download . . .

New Music Mar 7  |  

Wize Reveals a Hidden Talent on “Juice”

North London-based talent Wize has been largely known for his unique vision as a producer, up to this point. I was surprised to find him rapping on his latest release, “Juice.” Upon listening, I was very impressed with both his delivery and wordplay. Wize explained: “I found this beat on my homie Tails ‘s SoundCloud and I’ve gotta say, . . .

New Music Nov 21  |  

Wize’s Latest Release Will Have You “Spellbound”

Not many producers are as exciting as Wize is right now. His latest drop, “Spellbound,” is a tense listen from start to finish. Dramatic sequencing, sped up vocal samples, and a host of sharp sound effects are the tools with which Wize crafts his ominous soundscape. Stream “Spellbound” below.

them feels
New Music Nov 6  |  

Wize Celebrates SoundCloud Success With “Them Feels”

It’s been a big year for Wize. The North London producer celebrates breaking 10,000 SoundCloud followers with another release that’s sure to turn heads. “Them Feels” takes a sample from Jamelia’s “Superstar” and sends it into the stratosphere with brisk, futuristic instrumentation. Stream “Them Feels” below, and watch Jamelia’s original video for “Superstar” afterwards. (FirstEarMusic)

Wize - The Code
New Music Oct 30  |  

WIZE The Producer Validates His Lyrical Abilities In “The Code”

London based producer WIZE is well known for making his mark within the Future Beats Movement, garnering support from Complexion, Mr. Carmack, and eu-IV to name a few. The tables have turned recently, as he’s been dabbling in the realm of rapping. We’ve seen a rise in the success and liking of London emcees recently, led . . .

K Lo K

Premiere: Dominican-American emcee MRG switches languages effortlessly on “K Lo K”

Queens, New york native Matthew Raymond Guzmán, better known as MRG, stands poised to continue carving out a special niche with the release of songs such as “K Lo K.” Guzmán is Dominican-American, and he effortlessly switches back and forth between English and Spanish over top of futuristic production by North London-based producer Wize. Hip-hop culture . . .