New Music Jan 10  |  

Whereisalex chops up a Chance The Rapper hit for “Problems”

“Milly rocking, scooping all the blessings out my lap.” He calls it a throwaway, we say it’s worth the list. Whereisalex’s latest, “Problems,” samples Chance The Rapper’s “No Problems.” It has an uplifting vibe, but that’s where the comparisons stop. Alex’s layered synths and futuristic sound effects push this remix into an entirely different stratosphere. . . .

New Music Mar 7  |  

Whereisalex takes us to church with a remix of San Holo’s “Light”

Whereisalex‘s latest release, a remix of San Holo’s “Light,” makes me feel like I should go back to church in the near future. It’s hard to not feel like I’m in somebody’s place of worship thanks to some crazy keyboard solos, a brazen horn section, and percussion that feels like it’s right in my left . . .

everyday machines
New Music Feb 6  |  

Whereisalex retools a familiar sample for “Everyday Machines”

Whereisalex is really on to something with “Everyday Machines,” his latest release. He borrows the sounds of Kenny Loggins‘s “Celebrate Me,” which was also sampled for Common’s “Celebrate.” That familiar, warm melody is ever present, but is accompanied by a number of futuristic, subtle touches. Stream “Everyday Machines” below.

seasonal depression
New Music Dec 24  |  

You might get lost in Whereisalex’s “Seasonal Depression”

Whereisalex‘s latest release is disorienting, enveloping, and almost too much to absorb at once. It’s kind of appropriate that it’s called “Seasonal Depression.” The experimental producer uses an array of swirling, complimentary methods and frenetic pacing to drive this record forward with reckless abandon from start to finish. Stream “Seasonal Depression” below.

Black Radio
New Music Nov 10  |  

Whereisalex remixes Biggie, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne and more for ‘Black Radio’

Whereisalex has a ton of amazing original compositions under his belt, but he gets back to the art of the remix with his latest project release, Black Radio. The seven-track effort is reimagines iconic tracks such as Lil Wayne‘s “Go DJ,” Biggie‘s “10 Crack Commandments,” and Beyoncé‘s “Irreplaceable.” Stream Black Radio below.

stuck in the wild
New Music Aug 23  |  

Whereisalex delivers a thrilling new release in “Stuck In The Wild”

When I listen to Whereisalex‘s “Stuck In The Wild” I feel like some sort of intergalactic adventure is about to take place. The innovative musician and producer lets things develop progressively, keeping the vibe bright and throwing in a barrage of different layers to keep us guessing. Stream “Stuck In The Wild” below.

Internet Theory, Part One
New Music Jun 9  |  

Whereisalex’s ‘Internet Theory, Part One’ EP feels like an epic video game soundtrack of the future

If you beat the final boss in the last level on “hard mode” in a video game in the year 2099, you very might well hear a song from Whereisalex’s ‘Internet Theory, Part One’ EP as part of your reward. There are so many different elements and layers to be peeled back and appreciated within . . .

New Music Mar 21  |  

Whereisalex is Unpredictable as Ever on “Meteorite”

Whereisalex brings out all the synths for his latest release, “Meteorite.” The detail oriented producer incorporates futuristic, mechanical elements and mixes them with more organic piano chords to create an adventurous instrumental that you’re better off enjoying than trying to predict. Stream “Meteorite” below, stream Alex’s new compilation tape below, and purchase here. two. by . . .

double elephant
New Music Feb 8  |  

Whereisalex is Unpredictable Throughout “Double Elephant”

“Double Elephant” starts off deceptively simple, with some beautiful piano cords and a few interesting sound effects in the background. Soon thereafter, Whereisalex starts to add layer after layer to create a chaotic but beautiful composition that is more futuristic than many of us would have bargained for. This cut was released as part of . . .

let the church say amen
New Music Jan 31  |  

Whereisalex Creates Futuristic Gospel on “Let The Church Say Amen”

My first reaction upon hearing this? I hope I go to a church with a soundtrack like this, at least once in my lifetime. Whereisalex had fun creating “Let The Church Say Amen,” and we can tell. There’s something about the sounds of gospel that hits home for me, as someone raised in the church. . . .

New Music Jan 20  |  

Whereisalex Remixes Kanye West’s “Touch The Sky” In Two Different Ways

Kanye West has been through so many phases as an artist. As he re-emerges with songs such as “Real Friends” and “No More Parties In LA,” Whereisalex takes us back to the Late Registration era with not one, but two confident, catchy remakes of “Touch The Sky.” Stream both remixes below.

filler pages
New Music Nov 8  |  

Enjoy Whereisalex’s Experimental Sounds on ‘Filler Pages’ Project

You never quite know what to expect from Whereisalex, but in a good way. The prolific producer employs a number of different styles and sounds throughout his wildly entertaining Filler Pages project. Common threads heard throughout include hard-hitting bass and strong use of melodies, but things are constantly heading in different directions as we progress through . . .

New Music Nov 2  |  

Groove To Whereisalex’s “Catamaran”

Whereisalex has created something beautiful with “Catamaran.” Full of rich sounds and grooves, the instrumental record manages to say a lot without an actual word being uttered. Funk influences and jazzy components build upon each other, and a few plot twists here and there keep us engaged throughout. Stream “Catamaran” below.

New Music Sep 21  |  

Whereisalex – “Separate”

Whereisalex has had our attention for a bit now, thanks to his unique brand of production. For his most recent drop, “Separate,” he joins forces with fast rising, Jamaica-based experimental label Film Noir. From the melodies to the percussion, Alex incorporates a great deal of power into his production. Stream “Separate” below.

New Music Aug 14  |  

Whereisalex – “I’m On One”

For his next magic trick, Whereisalex takes Drake‘s memorable chorus from DJ Khaled‘s “I’m On One” and flips it into a jazzy, piano-laden experimental listen. The vibes are very strong with this one. Stream “I’m On One” below.