New Music Feb 28  |  

Von Alexander’s “Balamari” is meant to be played with the volume high

Von Alexander‘s “Balamari” is crisp, full of bass, and ready to take over your car’s stereo system in the very near future. The Milwaukee native uses RNDYSVGE‘s speaker knocking percussion to great effect, delivering dynamic verses and a catchy chorus about the woman he’s waiting to take on a date. Stream “Balamari” below.

New Music Jan 11  |  

Von Alexander is triumphant on “Glory”

“All I ever did was tell my story. All I ever did was chase the glory. You know how long I’ve been waiting for it.” Von Alexander provides snappy, catchy verses and a vibe-heavy chorus to match on his exuberant new single, “Glory.” Fueled by pulsating synths, echoing soul samples, and sharp percussion, this new . . .

New Music Oct 18  |  

Von Alexander’s “Pastells” is full of introspective, ambitious thought

It’s approrpriate that Milwaukee emcee Von Alexander‘s latest release is called “Pastells,” because he certainly paints vivid pictures with his words. The expressive, mellow Renz Young production sets the perfect backdrop. As much as I despise the unaccepting mentality that generally comes with the phrase “real music,” it’s refreshing to hear a hip-hop song with . . .

New Music Feb 2  |  

Von Alexander Does “Damage” to Monte Booker Production

Von Alexander and Monte Booker both definitely know what they’re doing. Von is a Milwaukee-based emcee with a knack for finding all the creases in a beat, even Chicagoan Monte Booker’s tempestuous, head nodding sounds on “Damage.” The song is less than two minutes in total, but it’s more than enough for a bold verse . . .

von alexander
New Music Nov 24  |  

Von Alexander Is Grounded But Ambitious On ‘V O N’ EP

Von Alexander, formerly known to the world as Vonny Del Fresco, is both ambitious and firmly grounded in reality with his shining new release, the V O N EP. The Milwaukee artist has an excellent ear for production, and the flow to effortlessly ride over a variety of different sonic canvases. Stream V O N . . .

Winter Girls
New Music Oct 14  |  

BNJMN – “Winter Girls” ft. Scolla, Von Alexander & Maurice Moore

Film Noir founder and producer extraordinaire BNJMN¬†pulls in a talented supporting cast for “Winter Girls.” Scolla, Von Alexander, and Maurice Moore each make an impactful contribution to the bass-heavy groove. Stream “Winter Girls” below.