The Cool Kids – “Checkout” (Video)

“Want money. Need check.” It’s good to see The Cool Kids back in town. The dynamic duo of Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks is all about getting paid in their creative new video for “Checkout.” The song is bass-heavy, catchy, and entertaining, as we’ve come to expect from the trendsetting duo. Watch the video . . .

TV Dinner

The Cool Kids return true to form with “TV Dinner” (Video)

The Cool Kids pioneered a sound that many artists have been influenced by since their heyday, and they’re back to reclaim their spot with the release of new records such as “TV Dinner.” Mikey Rocks told Billboard: “TV Dinner” is our first video back together in some time so we wanted to make sure we . . .

Computer School
New Music Jan 13  |  

The Cool Kids – “Computer School”

tml”>The Cool Kids Have dropped a single, “Computer School”. This was also followed by another single featuring The HBK Gang called “Chop”, which will be both be included on their next project, Shark Week, coming sometime this year. Stream “Computer School” below, and check out “Chop” after the break.

Session 027

ESSNTL’S “ETYB Radio Season 3: Session 027” Features Erykah Badu, IAMNOBODI, Pete Rock & More

ESSNTL is back again with another installment of the Earth To Your Brain radio series. ETYB Radio Season 3: Session 027 is over two hours worth of well sequenced, varied music for your listening pleasure, courtest of ESSNTL, Ethereal, and Artistic Manifesto. “This show was literally created and recorded in my hotel room during the . . .

Back Of The Bus
New Music Feb 28  |  

P.S. 4080 – “Back Of The Bus” (EP)

Once upon a time only the cool kids were allowed to sit in the back of the bus. Kids on the bus would share the latest gossip and swap mix CD’s with their fellow classmates. P.S. 4080 wants you to take this compilation project as an invitation for you to sit with rest of the . . .

J.I.D. Talks Spillage Village, Sports, Life Lessons, and Cousin Stizz (Interview)

J.I.D. talks Spillage Village, sports, life lessons, and Cousin Stizz (Interview)

If you’ve ever been to New England in the winter, you know that the weather is no joke. When I hit Boston for my first J.I.D. concert experience, I wasn’t surprised to see a line wrapped around the block. I knew that the young king had a very dedicated fanbase and had been creating quite . . .

36 Chambers

How I bought ’36 Chambers’ at 7 years old and the ways it affected my music discovery process

The album buying process, from discovery to purchase, has drastically deviated from what I remember it being like when I was an adolescent. As a 30 year young hip-hop head and overall music enthusiast refusing to accept this as a reality, it was up to me to somehow recourse that perspective. I’ll never forget my first album . . .


How Daddy Yankee’s “Shaky Shaky” became the soundtrack for Walmart’s holiday commercial

Licensing and ad placement has become very interesting to me over the years, in regards to music. It’s cool to hear some of your favorite artists’ songs setting the stage for a scene in a movie/TV show, video game, or even a commercial. Music is impactful and plays a huge role in these avenues, as . . .

Rae Sremmurd helps me be myself in a world that wants someone else

Whose life is Rae Sremmurd really living? Each day, I typically wake up in a pretty good mood. I live a relatively comfortable life and I have been blessed, no doubt. Then, I turn on the news or go online and remember that I’ve woken up in a world that hates me and others like . . .

immaculate taste
EditorialInterview Nov 11  |  

An International Collision In Charlotte: Immaculate Taste’s Showcase Explored Global Sounds

It’s a rainy, humid Saturday night and I’m sitting at the Midnight Diner in uptown Charlotte. As I sift through my chicken and french toast (yes I replaced my waffles with french toast) I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the food was fantastic but the reason behind me feeling shitty is . . .

Chance the rapper

What We Learned From Chance The Rapper’s Visit To Concordia University

Now in his prime at a wiser 22, Chance the Rapper is the rapper you want your kids to idolize. Like his politically inclined father, Chance is committed to making a difference, using the music and the power of spoken word to try and make a change in his hometown of Chicago. Currently in the . . .

New Music Nov 4  |  

Ciscero & Matt McGhee Rap Over A Janet Jackson Sample On “Homies”

Ciscero teams up with Matt McGhee for “Homies,” a heartfelt, Janet Jackson-sampling record that pays homage to the people we can all rely on. With his Kids Wear Crowns project on the way, “Homies” shows us a more cool, calm presence than previous Ciscero releases such as “Na Na Na.”

EditorialInterview Mar 26  |  

Well$ Talks His Congolese-American Heritage, “Sophisticated Trap,” and North Carolina Hip-Hop (Interview)

Congolese-American rapper Well$ has been on a tear ever since the release of his project MTSYD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher last Spring. The 20 year old emcee out of North Carolina was a nominee for the XXL 2015 Freshman 10th spot, among other notable accomplishments. Well$’s drive to constantly improve derives from way back when . . .

Reesa Renee

Reesa Renee Fully Reveals The Powerful Story Behind Her “Invisible” Video (Interview)

I first met Reesa Renee at her album listening party in 2012. She was just beginning her career as a musician, but I could feel her passion and energy from the moment we met. Reesa’s debut album, Reelease, released soon thereafter. August 28th, 2012, to be exact. She quickly found a receptive audience, thanks to . . .

Nickelus F

A Conversation With Nickelus F Part 1: Marvin Sapp, Petey’s Premium Du Rags, & VCU

He’s been a fixture in Virginia hip-hop culture for years, but his influence spreads far beyond his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Nickelus F destroyed all competitors during appearances on BET’s Freestyle Friday, influenced the development of Drake’s artistry, and has been releasing some of the most unique hip-hop music you can find for many years. He’s currently . . .