lonely loss
New Music Nov 29  |  

Float away with Tek.Lun’s spacey instrumental, “Lonely Loss”

HW&W producer Tek.Lun let loose a mellow, synth-filled instrumental called “Lonely Loss.” The 23 year old Baltimore native, who currently resides in Los Angeles, has been releasing gems consistently on SoundCloud. Today is a great day to catch up, if you’re not already familiar. Stream “Lonely Loss” below.

New Music Jan 2  |  

Tek.Lun dances into the New Year with “YouNivErsity”

You just might feel like you’re floating after listening to Tek.Lun‘s latest, “YouNivErsity.” The Baltimore bred producer uses warped melodies as the foundation for his buoyant new electronic record. He is currently signed with HW&W records. Stream “YouNivErsity” below, and check out more Tek.Lun music via Apple Music.

For Free
New Music Nov 23  |  

Tek.Lun drops a spacey remix of DJ Khaled and Drake’s “For Free”

“For Free” was one of the most infectious songs of the summer, and Tek.Lun saw fit to play off of that with one of is most recent drops, “You Know You Only Do That With Me.” The Baltimore bred producer uses a soulful, sampled harmonies to put a whole new spin on Drake’s free wheeling . . .

New Music Aug 9  |  

Tek.Lun delivers a rich sound with “Aburoy”

HW&W producer Tek.Lun uses some unexpected samples to make magic happen on his latest release, “Aburoy.” The Baltimore-bred, Los Angeles-bsed producer chops things up with precision to keep heads nodding and toes tapping. You might have to get up and dance to this one. Stream “Aburoy” below.

FORTUNE ft. TEK.LUN - Matter
New Music Sep 23  |  

Fortune ft. TEK.LUN – “Matter”

Flow-Fi member Fortune teams up with TEK.LUN to put out a steady late night trap ballad in “Matter.” Watered down brass stabs and a mellow 90’s R&B-esque chord progression, create a serene, yet energetic soundscape. FORTUNE and TEK.LUN combined the best of both of their abilities in order to create this dynamic track. Stream “Matter” below.

PSA From Varth Dader
New Music Aug 14  |  

Tek.Lun & Varth Dader – “PSA From Varth Dader”

Producer Tek.Lun connects with emcee Varth Dader for the aptly pronounced “PSA From Varth Dader.” Varth has a very calm delivery, fitting in well with Tek’s smooth, soul-sampling production. Varth is relatable and honest, as he ponders, “will this SoundCloud really matter when you got bills to pay?” Stream “PSA From Varth Dader” below.

Aug 10  |  

Tek.Lun – “Beggin”

Tek.Lun‘s latest, “Beggin,” is full of alluring melodies and somewhat creepy special effects. The instrumental record takes on a life of its own, without any vocal contributions. According to Tek, this version is “not quite finished, meaning this is probably the only version that will ever be heard.” Stream “Beggin” below.

the crusade

Tek.Lun – “The Crusade” (EP)

Soulection family member TEK.LUN gets experimental with his new project, The Crusade. Moving away from the ‘soundcloud’ genre, the Baltimore producer fuses a variety of genres, from funk to house to hip-hop, to complete the eclectic mix. There’s definitely something for everyone with this one. Stay tuned for the deluxe version of the project, which . . .

what you know
New Music Mar 11  |  

T.I. – “What You Know (Tek.Lun Remix)”

T.I. has a ton of anthems in his discography, but “What You Know” may be one of the most memorable. Experimental producer Tek.Lun saw fit to take things in a different direction, slowing the vocals down and adding in darker instrumentation. Stream the Tek.Lun remix of “What You Know” below.

The GreenBox
New Music Nov 10  |  

Tek.lun – “The GreenBox” (EP)

Maryland producer Tek.lun pops back onto our radar today in a major way, with a new EP entitled The GreenBox. Rapidly rising producer Gravez is the lone feature on the four-track project. Heart In Mind features the sparse, adventurous sounds that set Tek apart from the pack. Stream “Heart In Mind” below, and check out . . .


A Conversation with Tek.Lun (Interview)

It takes an outstanding amount of talent for an artist to be involved with rising LA labels HW&W and Soulection, and very few can say they’ve been involved with both. Among that calibre are some of the most forward thinking producers, including Ta-Ku, Evil Needle and Tek.Lun, a 21 year old beatmaker and rapper (under . . .

kneelin on needles

Lupe Fiasco – “Kneelin On Needles”

Lupe Fiasco has never had a problem with laying down verses full of intricate wordplay, and he does just that on his latest release, “Kneelin On Needles.” Piano laden Tek.lun production is an elegant backdrop for the Chicago veteran’s extended metaphors. Stream “Kneelin On Needles” below.

2 am in the asylum

AM Mix: Ray Fiasco Gets The Vibe Right With “2 AM In The Asylum”

A lot of people dabble in multiple areas of creativity, but how many can claim mastery of more than one? Ray Fiasco is putting his bid in to be a viable exception with the release of his new mix, “2 AM In The Asylum.” Primarily known as a visual artist and photographer, Ray is a . . .

Ekali x Kitsune Club Night
New Music Oct 26  |  

Ekali and Kitsuné Unveil An Exclusive Playlist

If you’re looking for that new house-cleaning playlist, or simply a few tracks to vibe out to on your own time, Ekali has presented just that. Ekali and Kitsuné Club Night in Oslo, bring together an exclusive playlist, recently played on November 14, at Kitsuné. They’ve decided to make the playlist public and available for listen on Kitsuné’s Soundcloud. . . .

Session 034

ESSNTL’S “ETYB Radio: Session 034” Features Outkast, Bryson Tiller, Esta & More

Wind down your summer with the help of a new mix featuring experimental sounds, classic records, and innovative remixes courtesy of ESSNTL‘s Earth To Your Brain radio. By the time you listen to the first twenty minutes or so, you just might be ready to float away. Music comes from The Internet, John Legend, PYRMDPLAZA, Lil’ Kim, . . .