apologies in advance

Sylvan LaCue provides music for the thinkers with ‘Apologies In Advance’ (Album)

Miami native Sylvan Lacue‘s Apologies In Advance album has been highly anticipated, to say the least. Tracks such as “Best Me,” “Selfish,” “Guilt Trip,” and “5:55” set the stage for his 20-track new release. The project is an engaging listen from start to finish, but it certainly isn’t a light body of work, topically speaking. . . .

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Sylvan Lacue makes time for himself on “Selfish” (Video)

Sylvan Lacue‘s video for “Selfish” features some beautiful scenery. The reflective single finds him in a reflective mood, as he realizes that he needs to take more time for himself. Sylvan is gearing up for his Apologies In Advance album, and he plans to shake some things up with the project’s release. In an interview on his . . .

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Sylvan LaCue talks to God in “Heavenly” (Video)

“My confidence has been Godly, watching these clowns. What a laughable view.” It’s been a year since Sylvan LaCue released his Far From Familiar project. Records such as “Heavenly” have done a good job of standing the test of time thus far. The Miami bred artist told 2DopeBoyz: “we shot this video in the middle . . .

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Sylvan Lacue – “Grateful”

Sylvan Lacue is back after serving up the “Best Me” music video. He hits us with the ultra smooth sounds of “Grateful.” Stream below.

best me
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Sylvan Lacue embraces himself on “Best Me” (Video)

Miami native Sylvan Lacue revisits “Best Me,” a contemplative track from his Far From Familiar album. The video finds him drifting through the wilderness as he allows his thoughts to wander. Sylvan explained to Pigeons&Planes that the song is about “simplicity, raw honesty, and striving to embrace yourself as much as humanly possible.” Watch the . . .

Sit Down
New Music Nov 27  |  

Mélat – “Sit Down” ft. Sylvan Lacue

Austin, Texas-based songstress Mélat teams up with one of our favorite up and coming lyricists, Sylvan Lacue, for a mellow new groove, “Sit Down.” The Nate Coop-produced cut places a very strong emphasis on blocking out the people who choose not to believe. Mélat’s MéVen album is set to release tomorrow, Monday the 28th. Stream . . .

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Sylvan Lacue pays homage to Gil Scott-Heron with “Televised”

Sylvan Lacue drew inspiration from Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” for his latest release, “Televised.” The Florida-based emcee allegedly has a new project in the works, and if this release is nay indication it’s going to be a project to watch for. Sylvan told HNHH: “Making this song for me was all . . .

The Truman Show
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Sylvan Lacue and Xavier Omär ‘s “The Truman Show” is beautiful but ominous

“Don’t ever get too comfortable.” Sylvan Lacue and Xavier Omär have been paving their own way consistently in recent years, and they prove to be a salient combination on “The Truman Show.” It should come as no surprise that a number of artists are releasing music that reflects the times that we’re in. These two . . .

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Sylvan LaCue – “Best Me”

Miami’s Sylvan LaCue returns with the self-produced “Best Me.” After starting off with a spoken word-like flow he opens up the vocals to bring it all home. Listen below. Super excited to share this new music with you tomorrow. First song I’ve produced on my own. — LaCue (@SylvanLacue) October 10, 2016

Find Me
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Sylvan Lacue jumps on the remix to Khary and Lege Kale’s “Find Me”

Khary and Lege Kale‘s “Find Me” is a pretty damn fun track. Sylvan Lacue jumps into the fray for the remix, adding some fast-paced bars to match the song’s vibrant production. Khary explains, “this remix is for anyone that isn’t looking for me now.” Stream the “Find Me” remix below.

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Caleborate – “Options” ft. Pell & Sylvan Lacue

Caleborate, Pell, and Sylvan Lacue are each on the rise in their own different ways. The three emcees converge over rich Cal-A production on “Options.” The song speaks to the experiences they’ve had as rappers growing up in this era. Caleborate told Vibe: “I personally think that being born in that generation ’90-95 is a . . .

Goodnight Goodbye
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Sylvan LaCue charts a new course with “Goodnight Goodbye” and “Hello, Good Morning”

“In these times, I figured we could use some healing.” Sylvan LaCue uses his rhymes for a higher purpose on his two new releases, “Goodnight Goodbye” and “Hello, Good Morning.” “Goodnight Goodbye” is the more emphatic of the two, featuring driving, piano-laden production from Fortune and Gravez. The Miami-based emcee delivers a thoughtful call for . . .

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Sylvan LaCue – “Intuition”

Sylvan Lacue is back with “Intuition,” a solid performance for DJ Booth’s “Bless The Booth” freestyle series. Sylvan has a rapidfire, precise, melodic delivery that serves him well in the booth as he talks about the lessons he learned and how they influence his instincts today. Watch the video for “Intution” below.

meet the parents
New Music May 8  |  

Sylvan LaCue – “Meet The Parents”

According to the SoundCloud description, Sylvan LaCue‘s “Meet The Parents” is an unmastered loosie that didn’t make his Searching Sylvan project in 2014. Sylvan does an excellent job of using his lyrical dexterity, storytelling ability, and emotive delivery to take us into his world as he recounts the roles that his parents played in his . . .

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Sylvan Lacue Executes an Ambitious Vision with “Loner” (Video)

Sylvan Lacue takes us on a rather epic adventure in his symbolic video for “Loner.” “Nobody wants to be alone,” he pensively muses as we watch him enjoy time on a beach with a beautiful female companion. These scenes of bliss juxtapose sharply with imagery of him carrying a heavy load through the forest, likely . . .