Perks Of Being A Sunflower
New Music Sep 19  |  

Soft Glas shows you the “Perks Of Being A Sunflower”

Soft Glas isn’t afraid to be himself, even in the midst of the goregous instrumentation and mellow vibe that characterizes “Perks Of Being A Sunflower.” On the chill new release, he finds himself wrestling with some of the traits he hates about himself the most. Stream “Perks Of Being A Sunflower” below, and look for . . .

Post Bloom
New Music May 23  |  

Soft Glas gives us mellow futurism with “Post Bloom”

Soft Glas has been supplying subtle, relaxing music of the future for quite some time now, and he continues to do so with “Post Bloom.” Live instrumentation is supplemented by futuristic sound effects and other minuscule, but ultimately important details. Kick back and cool down to this one. Stream “Post Bloom” below.

New Music Apr 17  |  

Soft Glas takes us on a vacation with “Monument”

Soft Glas‘s “Monument” is a vibe best suited for a lazy Saturday, tipsy weeknight, or impromptu vacation. I plan to keep using this picture of him for each song that he releases until further notice, because all of his songs really do feel like guitar being played outside on a beautiful day in the midst . . .

40 in april
New Music Apr 2  |  

Soft Glas brings in spring with “40 In April”

While Late Bloom felt like the perfect winter album, his newest single “40 In April” welcomes us into spring with versatile guitar work and jazzy keys.

Dealing In Hypotheticals
New Music Sep 20  |  

Soft Glas debuts the gorgeous “Dealing In Hypotheticals”

Soft Glas gives us jazzy, nuanced soul music with his latest release, “Dealing In Hypotheticals.” Featuring eloquent vocals by fellow Brooklynite Madison McFerrin, this song has the potential to be echoing in your head for weeks to come. Between Soft Glas’s mellow production and Madison’s echoing harmonies, there is plenty to appreciate throughout. Stream “Dealing . . .

soft glas
New Music Dec 29  |  

Soft Glas Elegantly Remixes Kendrick Lamar’s “Sing About Me”

Kendrick Lamar‘s “Sing About Me” was one of the most intimate, personal songs on good kid, m.A.A.d city. Kendrick told several powerful narratives in gripping fashion, assisted by Skhye Hutch and Sounwave‘s emotive production. Brooklyn-based producer Soft Glas switched things up beautifully, remixing the song with beautiful instrumentation that might be echoing through your head . . .

New Music Dec 3  |  

Softglas – “Front”

New York producer Softglas is up next on Myself & Others’s Digital Advent Calendar with “Front,” a warm, surging piece of experimental electronic music that is constantly changing. If you were to listen to the first and last thirty seconds of “Front,” you would struggle to believe that they belong together, but when you play . . .

don't reach

The Highlight Reel #007: Don’t Reach

It’s Sunday. You know what time it is. For the seventh week in a row, I’ve sat down and stacked up some of the best SoundCloud releases that have come out in the past seven days. This past week we transitioned into 2016, but it didn’t seem to slow things down. We saw Big Sean . . .

johnny yukon
New Music Jun 3  |  

johnny yukon – “Rounds/Sleep”

johnny yukon keeps things smooth and seductive with “Rounds/Sleep,” showing off his vocal range while painting a picture of his ideal night alone with that special someone. Enticingly soulful production comes courtesy of Kleber Jones, Daniel D’artiste, & Soft Glas. Stream “Rounds/Sleep” below.

James Blake’s ‘The Colour In Anything’ helped me find peace (Review)

James Blake‘s third studio album, The Colour In Anything, came on the heels of the ending of a two and a half year long relationship with someone I was planning on eventually having big headed kids running around with. The stinging pain that came along with that wasn’t something that I was in any way prepared . . .

i been goin thru it all

Erykah Badu – “I Been Goin Thru It All”

Erykah Badu has been the target of a lot of social media vitriol as of late, following some comments that she made on Twitter. She is unafraid and unfiltered on her latest release, “I Been Goin Thru It All,” which comes to us in tandem with her new cover story with the Fader. This time . . .