New Music Jan 2  |  

Seattle singer N Ë S T R Ä shines on the Sango and Esta-produced “1 1 : 1 1”

“Your presence blesses me with love and harmony.” Production by Sango and Esta is a great look, but N Ë S T R Ä is the focal point of his spacey, futuristic R&B single, “1 1 : 1 1.” The Seattle-based singer/songwriter sings to the woman he wants on the smooth single. Stream “1 1 : . . .

Meio Da Noite
New Music Aug 9  |  

Sango – “Meio Da Noite”

Sango‘s back. He’s as impressive as ever. His latest drop, “Meio Da Noite,” finds him delving back into the infectious, percussion-heavy, Brazil-influenced brand of future sounds production that his fans have come to expect from him. Tune in to this if you’re looking for an interesting, easy listening track to mellow out to. Stream “Meio . . .

know about it
New Music Apr 6  |  

Sango puts a fresh spin on Allan Kingdom’s “Know About It”

When Sango posts a remix on SoundCloud, you listen to it. That’s law. The renowned producer took Allan Kingdom’s catchy single, “Know About It,” to task most recently, adding his own favela-inspired flair to the mix with ease. Stream Sango’s “Know About It” remix below.

De Mim, Pra Você
New Music Mar 15  |  

Sango supplies the flavor with his ‘De Mim, Pra Você’ project

As he continues the build up towards his highly anticipated In The Comfort Of album, Sango sees fit to lace the world with a 16-track project called De Mim, Pra Você. Heavy Brazilian influences have become his hallmark, and he continues that tradition with this release. The project includes guest features from the likes of . . .

New Music Mar 13  |  

Sango – “Bem-estar” ft. Monte Booker

Sango and Monte Booker are just coming off of tour together, and they’ve just released a song called “Bem-estar” to top things off. Look for Sango’s (In The Comfort Of) project to release in the near future. If you didn’t know (I didn’t), “bem-estar” translates to “well-being” in Portuguese. Stream “Bem-estar” below.

New Music Mar 1  |  

Sángo finds his groove again with the Brazil-influenced “Respeita”

Sángo has been refining his sound for years, and he just keeps getting better. “Respeita” is his latest release, and it will resonate with new and old fans alike. It features heavy Brazilian music influences and plenty of bass to keep your head nodding. I’m not sure what genre to even attempt to place Sángo’s . . .

New Music Dec 5  |  

Smino flows smoothly on the Sango-produced “blkswn”

St. Louis buzzmkaer Smino is preparing to anticipate what might be a rather highly anticipated album release at the top of next year. In the meantime, he’s given us another opportunity to appreciate his bouncy, sing song delivery on the Sango-produced “blkswn.” This song was recorded at the Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles. Stream . . .

Spread Love
New Music Aug 17  |  

Mick Jenkins teams up with Sango to “Spread Love”

Mick Jenkins and Sango on the same record? Sounds like a blogger’s dream in the flesh. “Spread Love” also happens to be a super solid track. The Chicago spitter effortlessly glides over Sango’s chill keys on the first single for his debut album, The Healing Component. These two have both built their own unique lanes . . .

Eu Te Devoro
New Music Aug 15  |  

Sango hits the mark again with “Eu Te Devoro”

Sango keeps the ball rolling with “Eu Te Devoro,” an airy instrumental that makes me feel like summertime is going to last for much longer than it actually will. If you’re on vacation right now, turn this on and kick back by the ocean. If not, play this and close your eyes. You just might . . .

New Music Feb 29  |  

Stream Chris McClenney’s Epic Trap Remix of Sango & SPZRKT’s “JMK”

Chris McClenney has been known to switch the style up here and there, and he’s back at it again with a trap-influenced remix of Sango and SPZRKT’s “JMK,” which was originally featured on their beautiful collaborative project, Hours Spent Loving You. Chris explained, “I love the harmonies in the song. I figured SPZRKT could use . . .

life without god is nothing
New Music Feb 25  |  

Sango – “Life Without God Is Nothing”

It’s amazing exactly how much emotion and thought Sango can convey with his music, even with the song title and a couple of samples being the only actual words involved. “Life Without God Is Nothing” is amazing sonically. Vocal samples are fused together, united by dynamic, futuristic instrumentation in a masterful way that makes us feel like . . .

New Music Jan 20  |  

Sango Mashes Up Bryson Tiller & GoldLink With J. Dilla

It’s less than two minutes long, but Sango‘s latest drop makes me want to hear more. This time around, he takes J Dilla instrumentals and mashes them up with vocals from Bryson Tiller and GoldLink; specifically Tiller’s “Sorry Not Sorry” with Dilla’s “Colors Of You” and GoldLink’s “Sober Thoughts” with Dilla’s “Come Closer.” Stream the . . .

mais mais mais
New Music Jan 18  |  

Sango Takes Us Back To Brazil With ‘Mais Mais Mais’

Sango dives deeper into the Brazilian favela influences that have been prominently featured in his music for years with his newly released Mais Mais Mais project. The Seattle-based producer extraordinaire places a total of three tracks on Mais Mais Mais- two originals, and a remix of Bryson Tiller‘s “Don’t.” Let’s be honest; a lot of producers have taken . . .

New Music Nov 25  |  

Tayá Impresses On The Sango-Produced “Fingerprints”

This is our first time hearing of Tayá, but the Liverpool-based vocalist puts her best foot forward with “Fingerprints,” a mid-tempo single featuring emotive production courtesy of the one and only Sango. Tayá’s vocal fluctuations and pensive lyrics prove to be a potent match for Sango’s dramatic instrumentation. Stream “Fingerprints” below.

da rocinha 3
New Music Nov 10  |  

Sango Releases Highly Anticipated ‘Da Rocinha 3’ Project

With Da Rochinha 3 releasing today, Sango decided to put “Na Hora” on SoundCloud for our listening pleasure. Featuring Fatkiss and Chris McClenney, “Na Hora” has more of the Brazilian influence that we’ve come to expect. Infectious persussion and light melodies provide a welcoming, progressive backdrop. “Na Hora” can be heard below, along with the previously released . . .