Russ gives a ticketing lesson and encourages indie artists

Russ gives a ticketing lesson and encourages indie artists

Learn the difference between ‘soft ticketing’ and ‘hard ticketing’ Russ is usually making headlines for rants about how blogs didn’t cover him in the past or how the labels negatively operate. All that is fair play and he is entitled to tweet/discuss what he wants in interviews, but I felt that his latest stream of . . .


Russ confidently declares himself the “MVP” (Video)

“Hooks, beats, and verses – every song I score a hat trick.” Multitalented producer and emcee Russ continues to see his stock rise and his fanbase grow, and he reflects on that on “MVP.” The accompanying visuals are hazy and dark, which proves to be a perfect fit for the slowed down vocals in the . . .

cherry hill

Russ – “Cherry Hill”

Russ is releasing his debut album, There’s Really A Wolf, next Friday, and he’s given us one more taste of what to expect with his latest release, “Cherry Hill.” It should come as no surprise that this is another self-produced gem. Additionally, he chose to give us another dose of his falsetto. Stream “Cherry Hill” . . .

keep on goin

Russ – “Keep On Goin” ft. Bas

For his latest magic trick, Russ drops a new gem of a record called “Keep On Goin” with Bas. If his verse is any indication, it would seem that the Dreamville emcee was more than motivated enough to step up to the plate for the appearance. The two emcees bring a different demeanor and flow . . .

Waiting For You
New Music Feb 23  |  

Rexx Life Raj – “Waiting For You” ft. Russ

I'm listening to handheld gps by @RexxLifeRaj — Russ (@russdiemon) December 26, 2016 If you follow Russ on social media, you might have seen this one coming. He features on Rexx Life Raj‘s smooth new drop, “Waiting For You.” The two use melodic deliveries that fit together quite well, all things considered. Stream “waiting For . . .

The Journey
New Music Feb 6  |  

Russ switches the flow up on “The Journey”

“Ain’t no destination, the journey is everything…” He can sing, but Russ sticks to the bars on his latest drop, “The Journey.” The self-produced drop features a gorgeous soul sample and confident delivery from the Atlanta native. There’s no chorus this time around, but Russ keeps things interesting by switching the flow up throughout. Stream . . .

Used To You
New Music Jan 24  |  

Russ thinks he could get “Used To You”

Russ dropped another self-produced track on SoundCloud entitled “Used To You”. Russ starts the track off with some gentle singing. He allows himself to be vulnerable and expresses his desire to cultivate something real. Then, in the middle, he switches it up. He calls out the lady of interest for deceiving him. It surprised me . . .

New Music Jan 6  |  

Russ takes a vacation with his mother for “Manifest” (Video)

Russ has been doing tons of shows, which is not a surprise, given his huge jump in popularity over the past few months. He takes some time to vacation and relax with his mother in his new video for “Manifest.” This is one of his more relaxing songs, so it makes sense that the video . . .

sideline number
New Music Jan 2  |  

Russ – “Sideline Number”

Russ continues his prolific stream with another self-produced joint called “Sideline Number.” This one finds the Atlanta native musing about a new romantic acquaintance he’s still feeling out. He outlines the rules to his game, as both a vocalist and emcee. Stream “Sideline Number” below.

Aint Nobody Taking My Baby
New Music Dec 26  |  

Russ – “Aint Nobody Taking My Baby”

Admittedly, I missed Russ‘s latest release, “Aint Nobody Taking My Baby,” in the midst of the holiday season. Russ has a lot of songs that focus on interactions with the women in his life, but this song is more focused on resolution than the conflict itself. Stream “Aint Nobody Taking My Baby” below.

Fallin Too
New Music Dec 12  |  

Russ talks about family relationships on “Fallin Too”

Russ has been living a much different life due to his quick ascent in the game, but he gets back to the basics with “Fallin Too.” He vents about how people are treating him differently, as his finances have changed so much. I can’t say that I can personally relate Stream “Fallin Too” below.

For The Stunt
New Music Nov 29  |  

Russ celebrates the come up with “For The Stunt” (Video)

“I was broke a year ago, I worked for this.” Russ has never been one to make his mentality about the support he’s receiving hard to gauge, which has made his recent come-up that much more evident. In his new video for “For The Stunt,” we see the Atlanta native riding around his old neighborhood . . .

Psycho Pt 2
New Music Nov 8  |  

Russ slows things down on “Psycho Pt 2”

It’s crazy to see how Russ‘s popularity continues to grow. He’s currently on a nationwide tour, but found time to release a new joint called “Psycho Pt 2” that plays off of a few common themes we’ve come to expect from him – women with emotional issues and their effect on his life. Stream “Psycho . . .

New Music Oct 11  |  

Russ says his come-up is long “Overdue”

With all the work Russ has been putting in this year alone, be it song releases or preparing for the nationwide tour he’s about to kick off in a few days, it’s no wonder he’s saying what he’s saying in his latest release “Overdue.” The Atlanta singer/rapper put out another self-produced track speaking on the . . .

New Music Oct 3  |  

Russ gets the last laugh with “Look”

“Look who’s laughing now, they always used to laugh.” If his music is any indication, Russ intends to live a life full of success that can inspire many people. With his latest self-produced drop, “Look,” the Atlanta-based emcee and producer continues to let his confidence bubble through. Stream “Look” below.