fall in love
New Music Jan 11  |  

Olivier St. Louis’s vocals might make you “Fall In Love”

Every record that Olivier St. Louis releases is drenched in soul and elegance, and his latest drop, “Fall In Love,” holds true to that. The romantic, guitar driven affair could be a great way to get your mind right for Valentine’s Day. It’ll be here before you know it. Look for Olivier’s Ever Since The . . .

ain't cool
New Music Oct 8  |  

Olivier St. Louis – “Ain’t Cool”

Olivier St. Louis, formerly known as Olivier Daysoul, delivers delightfully authentic soul with “Ain’t Cool.” Featuring guitar riffs packed with angst, wailing organ, and emotive vocals, the new drop sets the stage for an impressive Black Music EP, which is set to be released via Jakarta Records. Olivier currently resides in Berlin, and has already . . .