Mr. Carmack
New Music Apr 19  |  

Stream Mr. Carmack’s Kendrick Lamar-inspired “DNA” instrumental

Kendrick Lamar‘s “DNA” has quickly risen in the rankings as a fan favorite from Damn, and the newly released video co-starring Don Cheadle certainly didn’t hurt. Mr. Carmack adds his own chapter to the song’s quickly developing story, as he saw fit to release a remix on SoundCloud. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this . . .

New Music Feb 16  |  

Tennyson & Mr. Carmack – “Thursday” ft. BJ The Chicago Kid

Tennyson and Mr. Carmack are a great combination by themselves, but when you throw BJ The Chicago Kid into the mix, things truly become next level. “Thursday” is definitely next level. Do you know how it feels to truly fall in love? This song might make you understand that feeling. Stream “Thursday” below.

New Music Feb 15  |  

Tennyson and Mr. Carmack create a peaceful “Wednesday” instrumental

Tennyson and Mr. Carmack join forces under the Red Bull Sound Select umbrella to craft “Wednesday,” a melody driven instrumental with just the right amount of kick to it. Surging synths, delicate piano chords, driving percussion, and an array of other intricate details are pieced together admirably well to create a smooth listen with something . . .

Otis Otis
New Music Nov 7  |  

Mr. Carmack snaps on the Otis Redding-sampling “Otis Otis”

Three months after his 50+ track release splurge, the immaculate Mr. Carmack is back at it again with a non-traditional banger called “Otis Otis.” Taking a jab at the infamous Otis Redding sample used on Jay Z & Kanye West‘s “Otis,” Carmack displays brilliance in his rendition of the tune. To start the track out, . . .

Mr. Carmack
New Music Jul 15  |  

Mr. Carmack released 54 tracks on SoundCloud last night

Count ’em. 54 tracks. Hours upon hours of listening. There’s no telling how long these have been in the vaults, but Mr. Carmack released 54 tracks on SoundCloud for the world to enjoy last night. Remixes, original numbers, and interesting collaborations are interspersed. We assembled them all on an easy to stream playlist, for your . . .

Jay Joint
New Music Jun 20  |  

Jarreau Vandal and Mr. Carmack cover Rihanna’s “Jay Joint”

Did you know that Jarreau Vandal can sing? Neither did I, but the Netherlands-based producer delivers an engaging vocal performance to top things off on his recent collaborative release with Mr. Carmack, a remix of Rihanna’s “Jay Joint.” It should come as no surprise that these two include a number of subtle surprises to keep . . .

New Music May 4  |  

Mr. Carmack lets loose the lighthearted “Champion!”

Mr. Carmack manages to pack an amazing amount of detail and emotive pull into his latest lighthearted instrumental release, “Champion!” The Hawaiian producer seems to have removed every single song from his SoundCloud except for this one. What will he do next? We’ll have to keep an eye out. Stream “Champion!” below.

chillin with girlfriend
New Music Apr 14  |  

Mr. Carmack Remixes 112’s “Dance With Me” for “Chillin With Girlfriend”

Mr. Carmack has a ton of ill remixes under his belt, and the Soulection Gems SoundCloud page brought another one back into play with the sharing of “Chillin With Girlfriend.” The original song sampled is 112’s “Dance With Me.” Stream “Chillin With Girlfriend” below, and watch the original video for “Dance With Me” after that.

New Music Mar 4  |  

Towkio – “G W M” ft. Vic Mensa (prod. Mr. Carmack & Kenny Segal)

Mr. Carmack and Kenny Segal production. Towkio, featuring Vic Mensa. “G W M.” Gang With Me. Banger, certified. Two Chicago artists and SAVEMONEY team up to wreak havoc over ferocious production on this cut, which I can see myself playing heavily in the whip for months to come. This was originally heard on different stops of . . .

New Music Oct 30  |  

Stream Mr. Carmack’s Energetic ‘White’ EP

Mr. Carmack dropped a new, four-track remix EP earlier this week, and it might be enough to get your blood boiling. White is composed entirely of remixes, and all four remixes are full of off the wall percussive rhythms and sonic innovation in general. Stream White below.

blowing money fast
New Music Oct 17  |  

Mr. Carmack Brings The Noise With “Blowing Money Fast” featuring B.Real & Demrick

With the help of guest verses from B. Real and Demrick, Mr. Carmack crafts a hard-hitting hip-hop track full of dynamic percussion rhythms and frenetic instrumentation. The Honolulu-based beatsmith proves his versatility once more, as he switches things up from the more mellow side of things to get hearts pumping and heads nodding. Stream “Blowing Money Fast” . . .

when i first saw you
New Music Sep 18  |  

Tiffany Gouché – “When I First Saw You (Mr. Carmack Remix)”

Inglewood vocalist Tiffany Gouché‘s harmonies and vocal abilities are beautiful on their own, but when combined with Mr. Carmack‘s driving, moody production, they reach a new level of memorability. House and future sound influences fit in well with Tiffany’s expressive intonations. Stream Mr. Carmack’s “When I First Saw You” remix below.

New Music Aug 2  |  

Mr. Carmack – “Red” (EP)

Mr. Carmack recently dropped a seven-track EP called Red, and it’s as off-the-wall as ever. The Los Angeles-based producer came out of nowhere with the project, which features some remixes, production pieces, and previously released tracks. Stream “Warrior,” “Summer,” and “Ugh” below, and download the full project here.

New Music Jun 10  |  

Mr. Carmack – “All In” ft. Kehlani

The stage keeps getting bigger for Hawaiian beatsmith Mr. Carmack. Recently he stepped into the studio for “All In,” a track for adidas’s #songsfromscratch series featuring Kehlani. The two prove to be a solid match, as Carmack’s chilled melodies and percussion mesh very well with Kehlani’s relaxed vibe and delicate harmonies. Stream “All In” below.

down on my luck

Vic Mensa – “Down On My Luck (Esta Remix)” ft. Jarreau Vandal, Mr. Carmack, & Sam Gellaitry

Vic Mensa‘s “Down On My Luck” pushed him to a new level of notoriety. Esta‘s latest remix, which features Jarreau Vandal, Mr. Carmack, and Sam Gellaitry, ups the ante. Stream the Esta remix of “Down On My Luck” below, and download for free via SoundCloud. (OkayPlayer)