Sean Price – “Notebook 00 – Negus” ft. MF Doom

The ever elusive MF Doom has reemerged with a track called “Notebook 00 – Negus,” featuring the late, great Sean Price. Doom is going to be releasing one song per week, for the next fifteen weeks. The project, which is called The Missing Notebook Rhymes and will release via Adult Swim, will include “all new . . .

Doomed On Reality
New Music Jun 28  |  

Cane raps over MF Doom beats for his ‘Doomed On Reality’ project

“I’m not glad, but I have to be a fool for a salary. I’m doomed on reality.” If you’ve ever been frustrated with your day job, Cane‘s new Doomed On Reality project is for you. The Virginia-based emcee puts his pen to the test once more, rapping over fifteen MF Doom beats and coming out . . .

New Music Dec 15  |  

MF Doom and Madlib’s “Avalanche” is a quiet killer

“Emcee extraordinaire, technique’s sorta rare.” I truly believe that every MF Doom verse we can get our hands on is a gift to society as a whole. The reclusive rapper teamed up with Madlib once more for “Avalanche,” a slightly ominous single that was released with an accompanying vinyl record and action figure, which is . . .

Super Hero
New Music Oct 20  |  

Kool Keith – “Super Hero” ft. MF DOOM (Video)

Kool Keith and MF Doom are two veterans who have never been afraid to step outside of the box. Their new video for “Super Hero,” which director Kir Merc describes as a “visual pop travesty,” is a disorienting, frenetic representation of their art. Keith told The Fader: “When I produced the track I pictured DOOM . . .

frankie sinatra
New Music Jun 2  |  

Danny Brown & MF Doom feature on Australian group The Avalanches’ “Frankie Sinatra”

I’ll get one thing out of the way first. “Frankie Sinatra” is a weird song. It lurches, leans, warbles, and chugs along like a drunken marching band. This chaos is all orchestrated by The Avalanches, an Australian electronic band that is releasing an album this year for the first time since 2000. They seem to . . .

Light Years

Jay Electronica – “Light Years” ft. MF Doom

Your favorite lyrically inclined recluse, the one and only Jay Electronica, is back in top form with the MF Doom-featuring “Light Years.” Snippets of this song had been floating around the internet for some time now, but now we can hear the full version in its flute-centric glory. Stream “Light Years” below. (RapWAVE)

New Music Oct 18  |  

A State of Mind – “Masking” ft. MF Doom (as King Dumile) (Video)

Any time MF Doom, the legendary man of many aliases, makes a return to the rap game, it feels like a victory lap. We’ve seen a number of appearances from the reclusive rapper as of late, the most recent of which is under the alias of King Dumile for a song by A State Of . . .

yasiin bey
New Music Apr 3  |  

Yasiin Bey Rhymes Over 7 MF Doom Songs

Yasiin Bey has been a bit off the map as of late, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been working. The legendary emcee formerly known as Mos Def has taken a total of seven MF Doom beats and crafted his own verses and videos for them. The Bey treatment is applied to “Beef Rap,” . . .

Got One
New Music Apr 27  |  

Mike of Doom, Cal Rips, OGK & Miles Meraki – “Got One”

Menacing. That’s the first word that comes to mind in reaction to “Got One.” The newly released record features production by Max Fuego and appearances from four well known DMV artists; Mike of Doom, Cal Rips, OGK and Miles Meraki. This record is a long-awaited collaboration between three different collectives – 30Whop, Kool Klux Klan . . .

Bad Day
New Music Dec 30  |  

Freddie Gibbs joins the Avalanches for “Bad Day”

Australian group The Avalanches has already collaborated with Danny Brown and MF Doom for “Frankie Sinatra.” This time around, they’ve joined forces with Freddie Gibbs for “Bad Day.” While “Frankie Sinatra” had a warbling, lurching, disorienting feel to it, “Bad Day” quickly hits a sweet spot thanks to a beautiful soul sample and chill instrumentation. . . .

Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt Releases New Material to Further Build Production Moniker

It’s been almost a year since we last heard anything from Earl Sweatshirt – excluding the minor leak 2 weeks ago. Today, Earl Sweatshirt dropped 3 tracks under his production alias randomblackdude. Previously known for being in charge of 90% of all production on his sophmore album I Don’t Like S**t, I Don’t Go Outside, randomblackdude released 3 songs via . . .

thelonious martin dusty cartridges 2
New Music Nov 23  |  

Thelonious Martin Plugs Back In With ‘Dusty Cartridges 2’

It’s been 5 years since Thelonius Martin dropped Dusty Cartridges but now we have Dusty Cartridges 2 to absorb. A mixed bag, DC2 contains original and previously released music along with new remixes. This is great vibe music that covers a lot of bases for those with eclectic hip hop palettes as you’ll hear everything from vintage Jay . . .

Lord Apex

London-Based Emcee Lord Apex Captivates With His “Hyōkō Meisō” Project (Interview)

There are but a few artists who can gain interest on an international level while still holding American appeal, yet even within that talented proportion, Lord Apex, better known as “Sensei” embodies a unique presence. Apex has been delivering promising material ever since his mid-2013 GXLDEN ERV and C.R.A.T.E. Diggin’ EP’s, taking an old-school, lyrical backpack . . .

Nickelus F

A Conversation With Nickelus F Part 3: The Richmond Music Scene, Kanye West Rants & Drake

Nickelus F is an undeniably unique artist. From his delivery, to the sound that he cultivates, to his experiences, the Richmond, Virginia native is in a world all to itself. We already discussed a number of topics with Nick, but today he speaks on the Richmond music scene, the Association of Great Minds, his relationship . . .

Mobb Dizzle
New Music Jan 9  |  

Video: Bishop Nehru – “Mobb Dizzle”

Prodigious sixteen-year-old New York emcee Bishop Nehru drops a video for “Mobb Dizzle,” a standout head-nodder from his strictlyFLOWZ mixtape. The self-directed video centers around Bishop himself, as he sits alone in a dark room delivering his verses with calm confidence. The video is broken up by sporadic scenes from movies that flash in and . . .