Maydien & ROMderful’s “Here” is a testament to perseverance (Premiere)

Dutch vocalist Maydien and U.K.-based producer ROMderful, also known as R.O.M., are a fitting duo on their ambient new release, “Here.” ROMderful’s bouncy, melodically driven production serves as an ample backdrop for Maydien’s elastic delivery, which toes the line gracefully between singing and rapping. The production has a slightly ominous feel to it, with guitar . . .

New Music Jan 16  |  

Premiere: Stream Maydien and J-Rican’s soothing, spacey “Untouchable”

Future Beats Records is known for smooth, futuristic music. Elements of R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music are non negotiables. Dutch rapper Maydien and Los Angeles-based singer J-Rican deliver with their latest collaborative release, “Untouchable.” Produced by Finnish beatmaker SPVCE JAMES, it features a soothing, spacey vibe. Maydien has a laid back but sharp delivery, and . . .