glo up
New Music Jan 18  |  

Latasha Alcindor empowers women and deads the distractions with her “Glo Up” (Video)

“At the edge of greatness, an ocean of haters…” Latasha Alcindor isn’t afraid to let go of everyone and everything that could potentially stop her “Glo Up.” Latasha is a veteran emcee from Brooklyn, who is known to be a ferocious lyricist with no regard for human life. She shows us a different side with . . .

Latasha Alcindor
New Music Jan 16  |  

Latasha Alcindor surprises the world with her ‘B(LA)K’ album

Latasha Alcindor‘s B(LA)K album is a surprise to us all, but it’s been four years in the making. She just took shots at the world with her “Revoke Thee” video, and she’s already back on the map with this varied, sixteen track effort. As if one language wasn’t enough, the Brooklyn veteran flexes her lyricism . . .

revoke thee
New Music Jan 16  |  

Latasha Alcindor aims for the head with “Revoke Thee” (Video)

Brooklyn native Latasha Alcindor gets straight to the point with her “Revoke Thee” video. It’s about the bars. The record, which is based on a true story, is tense and aggressive, as L.A. goes straight at the necks of two people in her life who tried to get her caught up. Latasha explained to Dinner . . .

head raps
New Music Mar 28  |  

Latasha Alcindor Commands Respect with “Head Raps”

Latasha Alcindor reminds us of her charismatic presence and remarkable capacity for wordplay with her latest release, “Head Raps.” The quick-witted and brash lyricist deftly switches topics and flows over top of dynamic Kaui production. This is the second of Latasha’s #MusicMondays releases. Stream “Head Raps” below, and stream the first #MusicMondays release afterwards.

Bee Em
New Music Jan 8  |  

L.atasha A.lcindor – “Bee Em (Black Magic)” (Video)

So it’s substance you’re looking for? You’re in luck. L.atasha A.lcindor‘s “Bee Em (Black Magic)” video tackles many of the controversial issues evident in today’s society. L.atasha explains: “Bee Em is stepping to frontline and asking the audience to open eyes to the systematic nature of our society towards race and entertainment. It’s also a . . .

New Music Jan 7  |  

Video: L.atasha A.lcindor – "MOMA"

Minimalistic, echoing production sets the pace for L.atasha A.lcindor‘s “MOMA.” She utilizes a confident, raspy, dynamic delivery to lure her audience in as she discusses concepts such as modern day freedom and understanding self. Released in conjunction with Massappeal, the dark video adds greater context to her ambitious, powerful lyricism. As L.atasha explains, “I hope . . .