Kaytranada remixes Gorillaz’s “Strobelite”

The Gorillaz‘s “Strobelite” was already club-ready in its original form, but Kaytranada‘s funky remix takes things to another level. The choral harmonies that serve the original so well are an integral part of the new edition. Stream Kaytra’s “Strobelite” remix below, and purchase via iTunes.

little things

Sunni Colón and Kaytranada’s “Little Things” is funk-tinged magic

“It’s the little things that matter to me.” Sunni Colón and Kaytranada both have proven track records when it comes to crafting vibe-heavy music, so it should come as no surprise that their new collaborative effort, “Little Things,” flows as smoothly as it does. The song captures the joy that comes with a blossoming, love-filled . . .

world of wonders

Buddy & Kaytranada – “World Of Wonders” (Video)

Buddy and Kaytranada revisit their summery Ocean & Montana project today with a video for their standout track, “World Of Wonders.” The newly released visual accompaniment is entertaining to say the least. When the video begins, Buddy can’t understand what Kaytranada is saying. Remember: Kay hails from the French-speaking province of Montreal. The two make . . .

They Say
New Music May 15  |  

Kaytranada releases “They Say” with Chance The Rapper

Over the weekend Montreal producer Kaytranada unveiled “They Say,” featuring Chance The Rapper on Pharrell’s OTHERtones radio. Chance scats along to rich piano keys that flip in and out over glitchy drum patterns. This record was created during the early phases of the recording process for Coloring Book. Though the song missed the final cut for the . . .

Find Me
New Music May 12  |  

Buddy previews his Kaytranada-produced EP with “Find Me”

It’s hard not to be overly excited whenever news of a new Kaytranada release reaches my ears. The Montreal bred producer is producing West Coast rapper Buddy’s forthcoming Ocean & Montana album in its entirety, and his newly released “Find Me” single is another piece of evidence proving that the excitement is for good reason. . . .

New Music Mar 27  |  

Freddie Gibbs – “Alexys” (prod. Kaytranada & BADBADNOTGOOD)

Freddie Gibbs dropping lyrics over dramatic BADBADNOTGOOD and KAYTRANADA production? Sound amazing. Guess what? It is. “Alexys” is as good as you’d think it would be. Freddie spares no details as he paints a picture with his words once again. You Only Live 2wice releases on March 31st, and can be pre-ordered via iTunes. Stream . . .

My Forte
New Music Mar 22  |  

Lou Phelps and CJ Forte link for the KAYTRANADA-produced “My Forte”

Lou Phelps and CJ Forte team up to trade bars over dusty, head nodding production courtesy of KAYTRANADA. Spoiler Alert: Lou happens to be KAYTRA’s little brother. Both emcees display firm control of their respective flows and mesh their voices well with the mellow, melodic instrumentation. Stream “My Forte” below.

New Music Mar 9  |  

GoldLink – “Meditation” ft. Jazmine Sullivan & Kaytranada

RCA Records signee GoldLink and his signature bouncy delivery are back on the map with “Meditation.” This time, he has two friends along for the ride. You might know them. Jazmine Sullivan and Kaytranada ring a bell? Jazmine’s soulful vocals are a great fit for the chorus over top of Kaytra’s percussion-heavy, futuristic production. This . . .

Hip-Hop Campaign Speech: Kaytranada

Hip-Hop Campaign Speech: Kaytranada

You could easily say that 2016 was one of the best years for hip-hop in recent memory, but who had the BEST year? The contributors at Artistic Manifesto submitted their pick of which artist had the biggest 2016, and wrote a speech from that artist’s perspective. Now it’s up to you, the reader, to decide . . .

Sweet F-in Love
New Music Jan 10  |  

Alicia Keys and Kaytranada make some “Sweet F-in Love”

“I’m talkin’ ’bout sweet, sweet f’in love.” Alicia Keys teams up with Kaytranada for her newest single, “Sweet F-in Love.” Last year was an extremely busy year for Kay. Recently, he’s remixed tracks by the likes of TLC, LATRELLE, Chance the Rapper and Solange. His critically acclaimed album, 99.9%, is just a piece of what . . .

diggin on you
New Music Jan 5  |  

Kaytranada remixes TLC’s “Diggin On You”

Montreal bred producer Kaytranada has been on one hell of a run as of late, centering around the success of his stellar 99.9% album. He decided to take a break from touring to drop two remixes, one of which is an amazing, floating remake of TLC‘s “Diggin On You.” In typical Kaytra fashion, this new . . .

Aurora Borealis
New Music Dec 16  |  

Mick Jenkins and Kaytranada make waves with “Aurora Borealis”

After the success of their collaborations on The Healing Component, Mick Jenkins and KAYTRANADA are back together for a new groove called “Aurora Borealis.” The song title is actually the scientific term for the “Northern Lights.” These are two artists at the top of their respective niches, and the resulting composition is nothing short of . . .

Planet Rock
New Music Dec 6  |  

Kaytranada remixes Afrika Bambaata’s “Planet Rock”

Kaytranada digs a bit deeper into the vaults this time – 1982, to be exact – for a remix of hip-hop pioneering DJ Afrika Bambaata’s iconic single, “Planet Rock.” The South Bronx legend’s iconic melodies are updated with elements of Kaytra’s signature, funky sound. This remix will be featured on Apple Music’s forthcoming documentary on . . .

Cranes In The Sky

Kaytranada remixes Solange’s “Cranes In The Sky”

How do you add anything to such a beautiful song? Solange‘s “Cranes In The Sky” is a gorgeous, sad song that is more than powerful enough to stand on its own. Except, there’s always a plot twist. Kaytranada actually teased his version of the song last week at a show in New York City, and . . .

So Bad
New Music Oct 3  |  

Stream Reva DeVito’s Kaytranada-produced “So Bad”

Any time we can get some breezy new vibes from Reva DeVito, it’s a good day. She’s worked with Kaytranada before on joints such as “Friday Night,” and they prove to be a good look on this joint as well. It’s hard to avoid getting into the dancefloor-ready vibes of this one, which was released . . .