Someone That You Love
New Music Mar 10  |  

Jarreau Vandal hits a sweet spot with “Someone That You Love”

Jarreau Vandal and Olivia Nelson are a blissfully refreshing combination on “Someone That You Love.” This is Jarreau’s first single of 2017, and it was worth the wait. This is also the first time I’ve heard of Olivia Nelson. The London-based singer/songwriter doesn’t have any solo material on her SoundCloud – just a repost of . . .

New Music Feb 1  |  

ROM, Jarreau Vandal and Emmavie – “Murder”

ROM, Jarreau Vandal and Emmavie are an absolutely amazing combination on their new collaborative release, “Murder.” ROM and Jarreau Vandal team up to create an instrumental that toes the line between refreshingly organic and intriguingly futuristic. Emmavie steals the show with lush, soulful harmonies. Stream “Murder” below, and purchase via iTunes.

Jay Joint
New Music Jun 20  |  

Jarreau Vandal and Mr. Carmack cover Rihanna’s “Jay Joint”

Did you know that Jarreau Vandal can sing? Neither did I, but the Netherlands-based producer delivers an engaging vocal performance to top things off on his recent collaborative release with Mr. Carmack, a remix of Rihanna’s “Jay Joint.” It should come as no surprise that these two include a number of subtle surprises to keep . . .

suburb superhero
New Music May 2  |  

Jarreau Vandal mixes reality and fantasy in “Suburb Superhero” (Video)

Amsterdam-based producer Jarreau Vandal takes us on a cinematic journey through his world in the newly released video for the title track to his Suburb Superhero EP. Jarreau explained to Pigeons & Planes: “I grew up in the suburbs of Amsterdam which are not like the fancy suburbs in the states or whatever. They are . . .

suburb superhero
New Music Apr 29  |  

Stream Soulection producer Jarreau Vandal’s ‘Suburb Superhero’ EP

Jarreau Vandal’s stock will continue to rise with the release of his three-track Suburb Superhero project. As part of the diverse Soulection roster, Jarreau Vandal is seeing increasing levels of success and notoriety, thanks to his continued focus on his individual efforts. Jarreau just finished the “European Sounds of Tomorrow” tour. His newly released EP . . .

jarreau vandal
New Music Feb 25  |  

Jarreau Vandal Takes Rihanna’s “Work” in Surprising Directions

Jarreau Vandal puts his renowned skillset to work once more for a forward thinking remix of Rihanna‘s “Work,” which features a number of well-orchestrated parts, including a sample shared with Punjabi MC‘s “Beware,” which came to prominence in the hip-hop arena when Jay Z remixed it. That’s far from the only element that contributes to the . . .

rabbit hole
New Music Feb 9  |  

Jarreau Vandal – “Rabbit Hole” ft. BMB Spacekid & Jelani Blackman

As Jarreau Vandal gears up for his Suburb Superhero EP, he releases a unique collaboration with BMB Spacekid and Jelani Blackmon called “Rabbit Hole.” The new drop has a quirky but enticing feel to it, as Jelani proves himself to be equally adept at creating infectious choruses and nuanced verses. Stream “Rabbit Hole” below.

nobody else
New Music Dec 3  |  

Jarreau Vandal – “Nobody Else” ft. Brasstracks & Niya Wells

When I saw that Jarreau Vandal and Brasstracks were together on “Nobody Else,” I was already excited. Jarreau’s name has been bouncing around for a minute now, and he’s rightfully gained a reputation as a visionary producer and instrumentalist. His remix of Kendrick’s “Alright“? Bananas. True to their name, Brasstracks has been making a killing . . .

It Ain't Right (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
New Music Oct 20  |  

Jarreau Vandal Creates A Funky Remix Of Hannah V’s “It Ain’t Right”

Soulection producer, Jarreau Vandal, goes in on Hannah V‘s “It Ain’t Right” single. He gives it a new face with a jazzy twist by infusing elements of G-funk and smooth r&b that takes the original club ready jam and turns it into a feel-good r&b track. Stream the “It Ain’t Right” (Jarreau Vandal Remix) below.

So Flute
New Music Oct 17  |  

Soulection Labelmates Wantigga and Jarreau Vandal Team Up For “So Flute”

Soulection labelmates Wantigga and Jarreau Vandal connect for a jazzy new cut called “So Flute” to be featured with Netherlands-based collective Werk Space. The song is modern and jazzy, featuring a number of different influences that manage to work together harmoniously. Stream “So Flute” below.

lotus eater
New Music Sep 18  |  

Mura Masa – “Lotus Eater (Jarreau Vandal Edit)”

If you loved the Mura Masa original, you’re going to definitely enjoy this Jarreau Vandal take on Lotus Eater. Vandal adds in some new synth and vocal effect elements, paired with the original’s signature flute chop, and a more distinct and distorted sub-bass to create a more enhanced and moving version of Masa’s original track. . . .

be alright
New Music Aug 21  |  

Jarreau Vandal Remixes a Kendrick Lamar Hit With “Be Alright”

Jarreau Vandal takes a familiar, iconic chorus in a new direction with “Be Alright.” Think of this as the jazzy, chilled-out version of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Alright.”  In place of Kendrick’s ferocious verses, we hear lush instrumentation fit for a late night lounge. While the original will always be a favorite, this is a refreshing alternative. . . .

down on my luck

Vic Mensa – “Down On My Luck (Esta Remix)” ft. Jarreau Vandal, Mr. Carmack, & Sam Gellaitry

Vic Mensa‘s “Down On My Luck” pushed him to a new level of notoriety. Esta‘s latest remix, which features Jarreau Vandal, Mr. Carmack, and Sam Gellaitry, ups the ante. Stream the Esta remix of “Down On My Luck” below, and download for free via SoundCloud. (OkayPlayer)

twenty years
New Music Dec 12  |  

Jarreau Vandal – “Twenty Years” ft. Bemyfiasco

Soulection-affiliated producer Jarreau Vandal connects with vocalist Bemyfiasco for “Twenty Years,” a soulful listen that soothes the ears. Bemy’s cultured vocals are an excellent match for Jarreau’s dynamic, vibrant production. Hopefully we’ll hear these two working together more in the very near future, because this is just excellent. This is the twelfth Myself & Others . . .

New Music Apr 20  |  

Anik Khan sings from the heart on “Kites”

After a great deal of anticipation, the title track to Anik Khan’s forthcoming Kites project has arrived. The mellow record is produced by Jarreau Vandal, Raj Makhija, and Anik himself. Anik is primarily an emcee, but he flexes his vocal prowess this time around. Anik told Beats 1 Radio: “‘Kites’ is about having an aerial . . .