New Music Aug 16  |  

James Fauntleroy – “Smoking”

“Can barely see your face now. Room full of grey clouds. Smoking.” James Fauntleroy lights up to deal with the stress on his gloomy new single, “Smoking.” He muses that the world is full of grey clouds as he harmonizes over top of guitar and crisp percussion. Stream “Smoking” below.

James Fauntleroy
New Music Mar 20  |  

Stream three new James Fauntleroy songs

James Fauntleroy has a knack for dropping tracks out of the blue, and he’s done it again. This past weekend he surfaced with Farewell (>?), a 2-track release featuring “Stop Doing Cocaine. . .” and “I Can’t Do That.” The next day “Miami Rain” an intoxicatingly relaxed track, came like fresh dessert after a full R&B entrée. Just last . . .

New Music Feb 6  |  

James Fauntleroy – ‘DOJO’ (EP)

James Fauntleroy continues to feed the people with release after release. This time, he is back with the “Oblige.” DOJO EP. It’s a 6-song project including the previously released Stream the SWLY-produced DOJO below.

New Music Nov 28  |  

James Fauntleroy – “Fell In Love”

James Fauntleroy most recently hit us with “How You Feel” and featured on Lil Durk‘s “Eyes.” Now he is back with “Fell In Love.” A bit more upbeat and on the positive tip, this track finds James floating over a guitar strumming-instrumental led by  bass guitar undertones. Listen below.


Lil Durk – “Eyes” ft. Talib Kweli & James Fauntleroy

Lil Durk, Talib Kweli and James Fauntleroy have released a new collaborative effort called “Eyes,” that will be part of a joint venture titled We Can Do This Together. The project will focus on all the world’s problems, in an attempt to spread some positivity. This single is meant to build up some buzz around . . .

Last Soldier
New Music Oct 18  |  

James Fauntleroy pours out his feelings in “Last Soldier”

A few days ago, James Fauntleroy went live on periscope and played some music that he’s never released and, according to him, he probably never will. . .then he deleted the video. I was ready to square up at that point. Right after that, he released his latest track on SoundCloud entitled “Last Soldier.” The . . .

How You Feel
New Music Oct 10  |  

James Fauntleroy knows “How You Feel”

Whoever has been toying with James Fauntleroy‘s feelings, you need to stop (Not really. Keep going. This music is amazing)! James speaks to faking like turkey bacon with your feelings in his latest release “How You Feel”. “And don’t try to act like that’s not love when I know that you been through the same”. . . .

Harmless Drugs
New Music Aug 25  |  

James Fauntleroy funks it up with “Harmless Drugs”

I sometimes ask myself what we did to deserve James Fauntleroy. After giving us “What The Blazes?!” a little over a week ago, James dropped “Harmless Drugs” to follow things up. This is a self-produced funky dance-infused track about persevering through the less rosy parts of love. “I love you. Don’t mean I won’t fuck . . .

What The Blazes?!
New Music Aug 15  |  

James Fauntleroy – “What The Blazes?!”

A lot of James Fauntleroy‘s songs center around love, but “What The Blazes?!” focuses on the aftermath of a love gone wrong. We already heard “Say Where” and “Oblige” from Fauntleroy earlier this month, and this latest drop is yet another welcome addition to his growing discography. Stream “What The Blazes?!” below.

New Music Aug 8  |  

James Fauntleroy – “Oblige”

“Do you get off on the pain? That sh*t is insane. But if that’s what you want, I’ll oblige, til you get enough.” James Fauntleroy saw fit to let another one loose on SoundCloud. “Oblige” is dedicated to producer and manager Dominique Trenier, a producer and manager who passed away last week, and it will . . .

can't let you go
New Music Jun 7  |  

James Fauntleroy talks about finding that ‘special one’ on “Can’t Let You Go”

“My dream came true. I’m right here with you.” James Fauntleroy clues us in on the special feeling you get when you think you’ve found that special one on “Can’t Let You Go.” It’s like a completion of yourself, in a way. It’s the other piece of your soul that you didn’t realize was missing until . . .

sound so sure
New Music May 19  |  

James Fauntleroy – “Sound So Sure”

James Fauntleroy makes the type of music that you could see playing during the credits of a modern romantic comedy. His latest release, “Sound So Sure,” is a mellow, rock-tinged effort that calls for clear communication. Communication is key, and the multi-talented singer, producer, instrumentalist and songwriter makes that apparent as only he can. Stream . . .

New Music Mar 21  |  

James Fauntleroy Gets to the Point with “Feel”

The undeniably talented James Fauntleroy is back with another groove called “Feel.” This one is more graphic and explicit than previous releases, as he confidently states, “I heard your body call, so I’m just calling it back. I don’t see nothin’ wrong with that.” Stream “Feel” below.

james fauntleroy

James Fauntleroy Is The Real King Midas

It’s 2016, and if you don’t know who James Fauntleroy is by now, square up and get ready to fight me. Today, we honor a man who has given the world so much and asked for so little in return (so much free music). My personal relationship with the music of James Fauntleroy began as . . .

how to survive in a world

James Fauntleroy Shows You “How To Survive In A World”

James Fauntleroy knows how to write some damn songs. He delivers another engaging, out of the box listen with his latest drop, “How To Survive In A World.” The song has subtle political undertones and features a guest appearance from Los Angeles artist Emma Rena. Stream “How To Survive In A World” below.