New Music Dec 5  |  

Gravez delivers free flowing melodies on “Drip”

It’s Gravez‘s birthday. The well-known producer decided to give us a gift on his special day, in the form of a new instrumental called “Drip.” It features the lush melodies and bouncy vibe that we’ve come to expect from him. Stream “Drip” below.

all yours
New Music Dec 27  |  

Ozzie, Gravez & Brasstracks sample Justine Skye for “All Yours”

Did you know that Ozzie, Gravez, and Brasstracks collaborated on a track called “All Yours” in 2015? Me neither. It happened, though. The song features refreshing experimental production that’s based around a distorted sample of Justine Skye’s “Collide.” According to Ozzie’s SoundCloud description, this track was a thing for the first time in early 2015. . . .

New Music Oct 9  |  

Gravez presents an intense mix of unheard recordings in “Rize”

Atlanta native and melody maven Gravez has been a bit quiet on the scene lately. Multiple shows, a few remixes and a meme heavy Twitter presence have had the artist overloaded with social responsibility. In his latest drop, “Rize,” he presents a short mix of a few unreleased tracks and remixes to keep his fanbase occupied until the . . .

New Music Jan 19  |  

Gravez Remixes GoldLink’s “Zipporah”

Los Angeles resident and Atlanta native Gravez puts his unique brand of musicality to work once more, this time remixing GoldLink‘s thought provoking, reflective “Zipporah,” a standout from And After That We Didn’t Talk. Gravez explained to the Fader: “After being presented with the opportunity to accompany Goldlink on his spring tour, I felt motivated to create . . .

stay tough
New Music Dec 10  |  

Gravez Returns With “Stay Tough,” Featuring JMSN & Elhae

After making a big name for himself, largely through SoundCloud, Gravez has taken a more quiet approach in recent months. We get the feeling that something bigger is on the way. “Stay Tough,” a new collaborative effort with JMSN and Elhae, whets our appetite for more. This is Gravez’s first original release in five months. . . .

New Music Oct 29  |  

PYRMDPLAZA & Gravez Create Lush, Mellow Vibes With “UsVsU”

PYRMDPLAZA and Gravez pay attention to all of the subtleties. The two talented producers join forces to craft a unique listening experience with “UsVsU.” The song borders on minimalist at times, as it alternates back and forth between dark, bold, futuristic sounds and organic, jazzy transitions. Stream “UsVsU” below.

New Music Aug 25  |  

Cousin Stizz – “Shoutout (Gravez Remix)”

Gravez displays a remarkable combination of grace and power with his remix of Cousin Stizz‘s “Shoutout.” Intricate, overlapping melodies fluctuate with powerful bass and ominous synths, but somehow it all makes sense. “Shoutout” was originally featured on Cousin Stizz’s Suffolk County project. Stream Gravez’s “Shoutout” remix below.

One Step Back
New Music Jul 7  |  

Galimatias & Joppe – “One Step Back” ft. GoldLink (Gravez Remix)

Gravez is back, and this time around he’s putting his own smooth spin on “One Step Back,” a record by Galimatias and Joppe featuring GoldLink. It’s all about the subtle touches with this one, as Gravez revamps the percussion to his own liking and makes other slight changes to keep us guessing. Stream the Gravez . . .

Call Me Back
New Music Jun 11  |  

Gravez & ELHAE – “Call Me Back”

Gravez and ELHAE? You already know it’s about to be a problem. Gravez has quickly and continuously grown his fanbase due to his unique style of production, featuring unique melodies and sounds, along with his varied percussion. ELHAE’s versatility is on display once more, as he changes his delivery several times to match the ebb . . .

New Music Jun 9  |  

Gravez – “Rizen”

When listening to Gravez‘s “Rizen,” it actually feels as though we’re going in the opposite direction. Rumbling bass, warbled vocal samples and dark melodies bring to mind a descent into another world. “Rizen” samples vocals from Father and OG Maco. Look for a new EP from Gravez some time in the future. Stream “Rizen” below.

New Music May 26  |  

Denzel Curry – “Threatz (Ekali & Gravez Remix)”

Denzel Curry‘s gritty standout track “Threatz” receives a more experimental but equally aggressive remix courtesy of Ekali and Gravez. Ghastly vocal samples and hard-hitting bass are standout trademarks of the hazy, menacing production. Stream the Ekali and Gravez remix of “Threatz” below.

New Music Mar 22  |  

Gravez – “Sole” (EP)

Gravez continues to stretch the imagination with his new four-track EP, Sole. The renowned beatsmith has a truly unique brand of production, exemplified with tracks such as “Red Lotus,” “All Yours, and “Petals.” Gravez is currently gearing up for a European tour this summer with Tek.lun, Fwdslxsh, and HW&W. Stream “Sole” in full below.

10 Bands
New Music Feb 17  |  

Drake – “10 Bands (Gravez Remix)”

You could almost call Gravez a mad scientist. His imaginative production style and sharp execution continues to impress. Drake’s “10 Bands,” produced by Boi-1da and Sevn Thomas, was already an excellent sonic experience. Gravez saw fit to up the ante even more with his trademark sounds, and the resulting remix is pure audio cocaine. Sevn . . .

Gravez Remix
New Music Feb 5  |  

Travis Scott & Big Sean – “Don’t Play (Gravez Remix)”

Gravez has turned a lot of heads in a short amount of time as of late, thanks in no small part to his unique brand of production. That signature sound can be heard on his recently released remix of Travis Scott and Big Sean’s “Don’t Play.” Gravez dropped this one to celebrate breaking 20,000 SoundCloud . . .

Rich Without Money
New Music Feb 4  |  

Waldo – “Rich Without Money” (prod. Fortune, Gravez & Sango)

Waldo has a history of collaborating with some of the biggest experimental producers in the game, so it’s only right that his latest, “Rich Without Money,” features the unique talents of Fortune, Gravez, and Sango. Waldo is as confident as ever over the uniquely vibrant instrumentation, as he tells listeners about his inner worth. Stream . . .