goat on a boat
New Music Jan 19  |  

Geotheory chops up Kanye West vocals for “Goat On A Boat”

“The system broken. The schools closed. The prisons open.” Geotheory is from the future. There’s no other rational explanation. For his latest magic trick, the innovative producer chopped up Kanye West vocals and incorporated them into sparkling, futuristic production. The result? “Goat On A Boat.” This man clearly does what he wants, and it’s spellbinding . . .

New Music May 24  |  

GEOTHEORY drops a jazzy remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA”

Kendrick Lamar‘s “DNA” is possibly the most aggressive record on Damn. GEOTHEORY flips that with his new release, “D & A.” Think of this as the jazzier b-side version of the original. It’s an unexpected new direction, but it works. Stream “D & A” below.

New Music May 4  |  

Geotheory put his own spin on NxWorries’s “Suede”

NxWorries, also known as Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge, gave the world plenty of smokey, funky soul music with their 2016 album release, Yes Lawd!. Geotheory saw fit to put his own spin on a standout track from that project, “Suede.” Geotheory explained: “I remember finding Paak on soundcloud right after Malibu first dropped and I . . .

New Music Apr 19  |  

Stream GEOTHEORY’s swirling instrumental release, “LUVBOT”

GEOTHEORY is as quirky and frenetic as ever on his swirling, synth-filled new instrumental, “LUVBOT.” In addition to the song itself, the New York City-based producer has released a new soundpack for all the aspirant producers out there. It can be purchased here. Stream “LUVBOT” below.

what u do to me
New Music Feb 27  |  

GEOTHEORY’s “What U Do To Me” does everything you need

Netflix & Chill is pretty much done. GEOTHEORY & Chill is just getting started, and it’s better than anything imagined. A New York artist deep into house, jungle, soul and the DIY musical movement, GeoTheory has amassed a fairly large and rather decent discography via his soundcloud, offering a vast and diverse collection of sounds . . .

Tales Untold
New Music Sep 23  |  

Stream GEOTHEORY’s spaced out ‘Tales Untold’ Fool’s Gold debut

After a super successful string of SoundCloud releases, New York City native GEOTHEORY takes a huge step forward with the release of his four track Fool’s Gold debut project, Tales Untold. Each track is full of unpredictable, engaging sounds that draw from multiple genres. Stream Tales Untold below, and purchase via iTunes.

New Music Aug 24  |  

GEOTHEORY links with Fool’s Gold Records for “Submerged”

GEOTHEORY keeps things moving with “Submerged,” the first release from his forthcoming Tales Untold EP. This project will be his official debut with Fool’s Gold Records. If hybrid, layered electronic music is up your alley, you’re not going to want to miss this. Stream “Submerged” below.

Stars & Pyramids
New Music Aug 5  |  

GEOTHEORY’s “Stars & Pyramids” is a gritty, futuristic experience

“Stars & Pyramids” almost sounds like a more culturally in tune Star Wars theme song. GEOTHEORY‘s latest composition is equal parts gritty, soulful, explorative, and futuristic. According to the SoundCloud description, we should expect a lot more music soon as he builds towards an album release. Stream “Stars & Pyramids” below.

New Music Mar 30  |  

GEOTHEORY Samples Kendrick Lamar for “Levitate”

Levitate. Levitate. Levitate. Levitate. GEOTHEORY samples the immortal Kendrick Lamar for his latest drop, “Levitate.” The track draws from “Untitled 07,” off of untitled, unmastered., to be specific. If you’ve listened to GEOTHEORY before, you know that he doesn’t hesitate to make everything he touches bold, futuristic, or unique. This joint is no exception. Dizzying . . .

GEOTHEORY - "Gran Turismo"
New Music Mar 10  |  

GEOTHEORY Composes Greatness Again with “Gran Turismo”

There’s always a lot to explore, when it comes to GEOTHEORY music. “Gran Turismo” is actually tame as far as their releases go, but it’s still full of some interesting twists and turns. The music we hear is fit for a jazz lounge, but changes key and tempo to keep us on our toes as things . . .

get it in
New Music Mar 6  |  

Feel the Bounce with GEOTHEORY’s “Get It In”

Few producers can create music that possesses both the beautiful intricacies and infectious rhythms that can be found running through GEOTHEORY‘s music. With his latest release, “Get It In,” we’re treated to a fast-paced, forward thinking composition with many layers to be analyzed and appreciated. If that’s not what you’re looking for, have no fear. The . . .

New Music Feb 4  |  

GEOTHEORY’s “Snapsfrombae” is a Steamy Soul Interlude

I was torn. “Snapsfrombae” is so damn short, I almost didn’t post. At the same time, it’s so great, even in its 94 seconds of brief glory, that I couldn’t neglect to share. I’ve viewed GEOTHEORY as an amazing producer since first being exposed to his SoundCloud, but now I’m beginning to understand that he . . .

New Music Oct 3  |  

Geotheory – “Atlantis”

Appropriately enough, Geotheory‘s “Atlantis” begins with the sound of running water. Soon thereafter, we’re immersed in a lush soundscape, full of different melodies and sound effects. The eighteen year old, self-described ‘old soul’ continues to pack each track he releases with beautiful intricacies. Stream “Atlantis” below.

You Know You Like IT
New Music Sep 12  |  

DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge – “You Know You Like It (GEOTHEORY Remix)”

GEOTHEORY‘s got another one. This time, he channels his undeniable energy into a pulsating, rhythmic remix of DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge‘s “You Know You Like It.” Just press play on this one. Make sure you have plenty of bass on your speakers. Enjoy. Stream “You Know You Like It” below.

inner planets
New Music Aug 30  |  

GEOTHEORY- “Inner Planets” (EP)

In all honesty, GEOTHEORY‘s Inner Planets EP sounds like the soundtrack to a futuristic space thriller movie of some sort, in the best of ways. Featuring an array of imaginative, experimental sounds, Inner Planets is a short but impactful listen full of complex but moving sounds. This project was released via Flow-Fi. Stream Inner Planets below.