When Stars Align

AM Mix: Yazbeatz redefines ‘Future Beats’ with “When Stars Align”

If you’ve been following Artistic Manifesto for some time now, you may have heard a number of quality releases from artists on the Future Beats Records roster. Today, we’re joining forces with them to release a brand new mix called When Stars Align. When Stars Align is an audio representation of what happens when the . . .

Ta-ku speaks on his creative journey, his faith, and his future goals (Interview)

In an age where the music industry trends towards favoring repeating trends and rehashing classic songs for plays and profit, Ta-ku has carved out a career that’s defined by his originality and innovation. His journey has taken him beyond just music. The worlds of photography, books, fashion and even barbershops have become part of the Perth-based musician’s . . .

Meet the Movement #004: Dexter Brandon of Kolossus Records (Part 1)

Dexter Brandon is a busy man. Aside from being a student, he produces, draws and runs Kolossus Records, a diverse label that began in 2013 and has since put out releases from the likes of Falcxne, Vaperror and NeguimBeats. I spoke to Dexter in July about the label’s recent reorganization, and inspirations, as well as . . .


GEOTHEORY talks Future Japan, Inspirations and Future Collaborations (Interview)

Making major moves in the IDM and future beat scenes this year is GEOTHEORY, a.k.a. Joseph, a New York native whose soundscapes are influenced by a love of Japan, video games and astronomy. With a compelling style that varies from spacey synth-laden tunes that are impossible to define, to throbbing house beats that sound like they‘re fresh out . . .


Maydien & ROMderful’s “Here” is a testament to perseverance (Premiere)

Dutch vocalist Maydien and U.K.-based producer ROMderful, also known as R.O.M., are a fitting duo on their ambient new release, “Here.” ROMderful’s bouncy, melodically driven production serves as an ample backdrop for Maydien’s elastic delivery, which toes the line gracefully between singing and rapping. The production has a slightly ominous feel to it, with guitar . . .

New Music Jan 16  |  

Premiere: Stream Maydien and J-Rican’s soothing, spacey “Untouchable”

Future Beats Records is known for smooth, futuristic music. Elements of R&B, hip-hop, and electronic music are non negotiables. Dutch rapper Maydien and Los Angeles-based singer J-Rican deliver with their latest collaborative release, “Untouchable.” Produced by Finnish beatmaker SPVCE JAMES, it features a soothing, spacey vibe. Maydien has a laid back but sharp delivery, and . . .

New Music May 24  |  

Choicevaughan’s ‘So Far’ EP is the result of his world travels

Choicevaughan was raised on Christian pop music and 90’s R&B, but he cites influences such as Apollo Brown and 9th Wonder as some of his chief musical influences. The presence of these different styles of music could be a reason it’s so hard to easily categorize the New Zealand-based producer’s latest project release, So Far. . . .

New Music Feb 2  |  

Stream Invention’s Ambient ‘LXXK // LXSTXN’ EP

Future Beats Records returns with a new release, this time from Ontario, Canada-based producer Invention, who fills his LXXK // LXXSTXN EP with breezy, laid back sounds with the help of Ableton and a Korg SP-170S keyboard. The entire project is brief, running in at approximately ten minutes in total, but substantive as well, thanks . . .

the third dimension

Take An In Depth Look At Sahil’s ‘The Third Dimension’ Ep & Beyond

Back in September, I came across the EP of a very special producer named Sahil. His sounds came off as something I had never fully experienced. The sonics and creativity blew me away. After posting the project on the site, I wanted to dig deeper. If I felt this way about his debut project, I . . .

ELJAY - Subside
New Music Sep 16  |  

ELJAY – “Subside”

Future Beats Records team member and producer aficionado, ELJAY, returns with an absolute banger in his latest track, Subside. Atmospheric chord progressions transition into an aggressive, metallic percussive breakdown, followed by a head-nodding, mosh-pit inducing drop. ELJAY said that this track was created due to him wanting to switch his style up a bit and produce . . .

lose my breath
New Music Aug 26  |  

Destiny’s Child – “Lose My Breath (Jaël Remix)”

Netherlands-based producer Jaël (pronounced Jah-El) puts a futuristic, jazzy spin on “Lose My Breath,” a Destiny’s Child classic. Jaël has already been featured on Future Beats Records, Darker Than Wax, Soulection, Flirtini, First Ear Music, and a host of other places. The new version slows things down a bit, in order to make space for more . . .

New Music Aug 2  |  

Eljay – “Envisage”

Young United Kingdom talent Eljay draws heavily from R&B influences to create his distinctly futuristic brand of production with tracks such as “Envisage.” Echoing melodies and chopped up vocal samples abound throughout the song’s rich soundscape. “Envisage” is Eljay’s debut release with Future Beats Records. Stream “Envisage” below.

New Music Jul 17  |  

El Blanco Nino – “Skyview” (EP)

El Blanco Nino, who hails from the wild concrete jungle known as New York City, is a boundary-pushing producer with a ton of ideas flowing through his head, is his newly released Skyview EP is any evidence. At four tracks deep, the Future Beats Records-released project is full of some truly interesting sounds and samples. . . .

Far Away
New Music Jun 29  |  

No Tv No Radio – “Far Away” (EP)

No Tv No Radio‘s Far Away EP, released via Future Beats Records, is a promising project filled to the brim with unique soundscapes. The Belgian beatsmith draws from an eclectic mix of sources to draw listeners into an otherworldly experience full of unexpected, but beautiful twists and turns. Stream Far Away below, and purchase via . . .

Deep In The Forest
New Music Jun 15  |  

No Tv No Radio – “Deep In The Forest”

Just when you know what to expect from “Deep In The Forest,” the latest release from Future Beats Records, things switch up. No Tv No Radio begins their latest release with a lush, melodic instrumentation, lulling us into a false sense of security before blasting us into another stratosphere with dark, deep synths that sound . . .