right side
New Music Jun 21  |  

Stream L8loomer’s bouncy, melodic release, “Right Side,” with Doja Cat

L8loomer used to be known as Broderick Batts, but after a year or so away from music he’s come back to reestablish himself. The Tampa-based emcee gives us bouncy, melodic vibes on his latest single, “Right Side.” Doja Cat makes a strong impression with her guest verse. Stream “Right Side” below.

New Music May 30  |  

Doja Cat makes her demands clear on “Spoiled”

“Don’t you ever bite the hand that feeds you.” Doja Cat isn’t afraid to make her desires known on her self-produced new gem, “Spoiled.” Airy, synth-heavy production serves as a dynamic backdrop to supplement Doja’s blunt lyrics. Play this song when your summertime fling is acting up and you’re about to show them how good . . .

New Music Jan 11  |  

Doja Cat appeals to the senses with “Touch”

Doja Cat is back with another random single, this one called “Touch.” Like many of her other songs, “Touch” is slow and seductive. The song is very sensual with a hook that repeats, “I like it when you touch me,” and the way she sings on this particular track is alluring, adding to the overall . . .

New Music Sep 13  |  

Doja Cat – “Casual” (prod. Troy Noka & Yeti Beats)

Doja Cat finds her stride on her latest release, the Troy Noka and Yeti Beats-produced “Casual.” The Los Angeles-based songstress’s alluring, mellow vocals find a welcoming home in the midst of acoustic-tinged production. The song addresses the ambiguity of many of our “situationships.” She simply wants to know – do you want a fling or . . .

sleep on it
New Music Jan 1  |  

Mellow Out With Doja Cat’s “Sleep On It”

After coming off of a promising year in 2014, Los Angeles-based vocalist Doja Cat  had a relatively quiet 2015. Over the past couple days she’s decided to release a mellow new joint called “Sleep On It,” featuring lofty falsetto and enveloping, chilled out production.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is a sign of more . . .

Doja Cat - Unison 2016
New Music Oct 28  |  

Doja Cat Delivers Sultry Vocalization In “UNISON [2016]”

Los Angeles based singer Doja Cat, is back with a new track, “UNISON [2016]” produced by lo-fi beatsmith, wun-two. Doja blesses the melodic beat with a sultry and simple vocal excursion. The overall end product creates for an ethereal, audio journey. Stream “UNISON [2016]” below.


Anderson Paak – “Shifty” ft. Doja Cat

Los Angeles native Anderson Paak keeps up the music with “Shifty.” The shoulder moving, bass heavy track produced by Beijing’s very own Mike Gao shows off Paak’s vocal talent and is weighed out with a blend of creeping synths and fellow L.A.-born talent Doja Cat supplying the vocals on the chorus. Stream “Shifty” below.

hurt so good
New Music Feb 21  |  

Ohio native VIAA delivers a light, playful single, “Hurt So Good”

Dayton, Ohio native VIAA gives us a breath of fresh air with her Yeti Beats-produced single, “Hurt So Good.” She’s served her time as a backup vocalist for the likes of Anderson .Paak, Willow Smith, and Doja Cat, but is poised to take center stage for herself with songs such as this. VIAA told Nylon . . .


fwdslxsh – “The Fall” (EP Review)

fwdslxsh is back. The London-based producer had an explosive 2013, highlights of which include breaking out in style with his Last Night in Paris crew’s debut EP Roses+, and, following a string of enticingly emotional releases, a collaboration with Tajan that premiered through Soulection, becoming one of just two tracks to reach a million plays . . .

Love In Room 1408

AM Mix: DrewsThatDude – “Love In Room 1408”

The location? Toronto. The details? Only the two occupants of Room 1408 know, and they’ve long since departed to unknown destinations. All we are left with is the soundtrack, which speaks of lust, desire, intimacy, and love. This is the premise of Love In Room 1408, an original mix curated and mixed by A.M. favorite DrewsThatDude. Drews is . . .

New Music Jul 6  |  

SevnthWonder – “Young & Only” (Mix)

It’s never a bad time for a new mix from SevnthWonder. His latest mix, Young & Only, is just under forty minutes, Young & Only is filled with an array of easy listening records. Stream Young & Only below, and check the tracklist afterwards. Lido – Bad Blood Samuel Truth – Dragons LIZ – Turn . . .