love hangover
New Music Oct 9  |  

TroyBoi drops “Don’t Want,” a brilliant remix of Diana Ross’s “Love Hangover”

I’m listening to this with a look of amazement on my face. TroyBoi took “Love Hangover,” an iconic song by Diana Ross from 1976, and flipped it into “Don’t Want,” a remix of epic proportions that I didn’t know I needed until I heard it. The London-based producer has a knack for adding his high . . .

New Music May 28  |  

Holy Rain samples Rihanna and Diana Ross for “Wurk”

Sometimes, things just work. You can’t exactly explain why, but when you hear them, everything makes sense. This is the best way to describe Holy Rain‘s “Wurk,” which samples Rihanna‘s “Work” and Diana Ross‘s “I’m Coming Out.” Stream “Work” below.

the big big beat
New Music Feb 20  |  

Azealia Banks Finds her Tempo Again with “The Big Big Beat”

Azealia Banks is at her best on songs like the Diana Ross-inspired “The Big Big Beat.” The catchy single features airy, house-influenced instrumentation with a driving beat that allows her to showcase her skill as both an emcee and a vocalist. Azealia has been known more for her social media drama than her music at . . .


AM Blacklist: Celebrating Iconic Black Music from the 1980s

The 1980s in black music was a time of transformation and solidifying our place in popular music. We’d just come off of the disco craze of the ’70s and we were in the post-disco/house music phase. Funk was still a popular genre and contemporary R&B was taking its rightful place in the forefront. Boy Bands . . .


AM Blacklist: Celebrating Iconic Black Music From The 1970s

There’s no better way to describe the 1970s than a time of peak blackness. The Civil Rights movement had made huge strides, the Black Panther party’s membership was at an all time high and black officials were being elected to government positions at increasing rates. Public support of the Vietnam war was waning. Police brutality against black Americans . . .

Reviews Oct 2  |  

dumblonde – “Dumblonde” (Album Review)

Let me first preface this entire review by saying that never in my black life did I think I’d be doing this. I wasn’t a big fan of Danity Kane and I generally eschew anything having to do with electronic music. With that being said, I must admit I am sold. On September 25th, Dumblonde . . .

Jermaine Dupri
New Music Sep 23  |  

Today in Music History: Jermaine Dupri

One of the most under-appreciated and influential producers turned 43 today: Jermaine Dupri. Jermaine Dupri is arguably one of the hardest working men in the music business. He started off as a dancer. Whether it was crashing the stage at a Diana Ross concert at the age of 10 to the delight of concertgoers or . . .

Drayco McCoy and Mathaius Young
New Music Jan 9  |  

Drayco McCoy and Mathaius Young get rowdy on “Bout That”

Indianapolis has been nurturing two rising rap artists in Drayco McCoy and Mathaius Young. That midwest turn up comes through in “Bout That.” Even though it clocks in at less than 2 minutes, you won’t be disappointed. Light synths and ethereal chimes are given that dirty-bass treatment from this K Stacks and TheBeatPlug-produced track. This . . .

daddy lessons

Alison Bonaguro doesn’t think “Daddy Lessons” is a country song, but she can’t prove it

Two days ago, Alison Bonaguro offered up a very interesting take on Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” , the sixth track from her recently released album-movie Lemonade. Bonaguro opens the article for CMT: “Sorry. I just don’t hear it. Sure, Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade has a song with some yee-haws, a little harmonica and mentions of classic vinyl, rifles and . . .

Freddie Gibbs Shows Ambition And Growth On ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ (Album Review)

It’s been a minute for Freddie Gibbs. 2014 was arguably his biggest year yet with the release of Piñata, a collaborative LP with Stones Throw legend Madlib that saw the Gary, Indiana rapper expand his range to include smooth soulful loops, bringing new life to his lyrics. Released independently through Madlib’s Invazion label the project . . .