Curbside Jones explores life changes on Ecstatic
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Curbside Jones explores life changes on “Ecstatic”

Listen to Curbside Jones’s “Ecstatic” When life brings change, it’s an opportunity to create art. Curbside Jones does exactly that in his new song “Ecstatic.” The Austin, Texas, based artist is happy, no doubt, and he shares it with us and his fans. In an email from Curbside he states, “Inspired by my recent trips . . .

Curbside Jones discusses 'Wolves' Clothing' EP & Austin Hip-Hop

Curbside Jones discusses ‘Wolves’ Clothing’ EP & Austin Hip-Hop

Weeks ago, I got in touch with Curbside Jones to chop it up and see what he’s been working on. He sent me some new music and needless to say, I was impressed. He had truly outdone himself. It’s not everyday that you get to talk to artists that continually overcome obstacles and improve on . . .

Premiere: Curbside Jones - Wolves' Clothing (EP)

Premiere: Curbside Jones – ‘Wolves’ Clothing’ (EP)

Listen to the Wolves’ Clothing EP from Curbside Jones Last week, we brought you Curbside Jones‘s “Been Wolf” music video. He is back for the second act of our 3 part escapade to exclusively premiere the Wolves’ Clothing EP. Wolves’ Clothing is a spin on the tale of the wolf pretending to be a sheep to get . . .

PREMIERE: Curbside Jones - "Been Wolf" (Video)

Premiere: Curbside Jones – “Been Wolf” (Video)

Austin rapper blends with wolves in the “Been Wolf” music video It’s still Sheep SZN for Austin rapper and producer, Curbside Jones. Today we’ve partnered with him to exclusively premiere the official video for “Been Wolf.” One thing I quickly learned about Curbside once we first connected and I saw his work, is that he’s . . .

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Curbside Jones – “SHEEP SZN”

With a soulful sample atop classic hip hop drums, Curbside Jones sticks up for society’s “least of these.” His new song, “Sheep SZN”, is an ode to those who are considered weak, docile, and easily influenced. But what if the sheep fought the power? “The revolutions not makeshift, we taking back the slave-ship/Parallel park that . . .

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Curbside Jones heads down memory lane on “FaceTimeWithGod 1.8”

Austin’s Curbside Jones returns in top form with “FacetimeWithGod 1.8” for his fans. The boom blap champ hit us over the head with rolling drum patterns that keep you hypnotically tuned in to his past experiences. “Saw my 1st choppa at the age of 15/Older cousins living what rappers say in these magazines” Have you ever worked . . .

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Curbside Jones wants untiy on “Younyte (You’re Alive)” ft. Jake Lloyd

“Why you on the dance floor if you ain’t come to work?!” Austin’s Curbside Jones opens up the catalog  a little on his latest track, “Younyte (You’re Alive) ft. Jake Lloyd. It’s an uptempo, energetic jam that ignites positivity and self love in the black community. Yes, do that please — Younyte (@CurbsideJones) June . . .


Curbside Jones Shares Deeper Themes On “Midnight” (Premiere)

Austin, Texas-based rapper, Curbside Jones, returns to premiere his latest track with us. On “Midnight”, he takes some serious effort to deliver a story slightly dipped in lore that will still hit home for some. As described by Curb, “Midnight” is a combination of Lupe Fiasco’s song The Cool and Black Star’s Respiration. In the opening . . .

Digital Boogie Man
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Curbside Jones Unleashes The ‘Digital Boogie Man’

Austin artist/producer Curbside Jones has released his technologically-inspired concept project, Digital Boogie Man. “Clever” is an understatement. With an array of samples to get vision across, he takes us on journey into our very own addiction to information and technology. Digital Boogie Man is the first in a two-part series. It is a concept EP based around . . .

Downloaded [Read]

Curbside Jones Premieres “Downloaded [Read]” ft. Pliny Science

Ahead of his upcoming Digital Boogie Man EP, Austin, Texas, artist Curbside Jones continues his promo run with a new release. Today, we premiere and give you “Downloaded”. This is a real treat because it’s a bonus  track and originally wasn’t going to be included on the project. Sonically, “Downloaded” fits right in with the project’s . . .

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Curbside Jones – “Nuillabes” (J Dilla & Nujabes Tribute)

J Dilla and Nujabes‘ shared birthday has to be one of the most appropriate coincidences in hip-hop history. Many beat makers and artists paid homage to the two legendary creators once more on Saturday. Curbside Jones‘s “Nuillabes” does an excellent job of capturing the indescribable feelings that these two heroes could create. Stream below.

Musa Reems - 'Lately I've Been Sol Searching' (EP)
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Musa Reems – ‘Lately I’ve Been Sol Searching’ (EP)

Chicago’s Musa Reems drops his new Hip-Hop project titled Lately I’ve Been Sol Searching. Produced entirely by Curbside Jones, Musa takes us on a journey thorugh his soulful mind. He details love, society, and life as he knows it over 5 songs. Stream below.

the unheard of
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The Fifth Estate reimages his ‘Clandestine’ EP with ‘The Unheard-Of’ EP

“No matter how many times people tell me ‘stop believing in yourself, stop saying what you can do, stop affirming what you can do and then complete that in real life,’ that’s the improper way to do it. I refuse to follow those rules.” Texas-based, multi-talented artist The Fifth Estate proves his ear for unique, . . .