Chill Moody – “Hey Momma” ft. Teimi

Chill Moody drops an audible gift to his mother Philadelphia-based recording artist Chill Moody celebrates his mother’s birthday on his latest offering, “Hey Momma.” Secret Society’s jazzy production and soulful vocals from Teimi set Chill Moody up to shine on center stage. “Hey momma, I really love you/ We been through so much/ I’m thinking . . .

nicethings fall apart
New Music May 22  |  

Chill Moody – “nicethings Fall Apart”

About fifteen years ago, a hip-hop band out of Philly known as The Roots dropped a huge record known as Things Fall Apart. Today, a talented emcee out of Philly known as Chill Moody saw fit to revisit that infamous project with the aptly titled “nicethings Fall Apart.” Polished production courtesy of JoeLogic stitches together . . .

New Music Jan 20  |  

Chill Moody & Mike Zombie – “Godzilla”

Grating and grimey, Chill Moody and Mike Zombie‘s “Godzilla” record is as fearsome as the fabled monster from which it draws its name. Over heavily rock-influenced production courtesy of Dilemma, Moody and Zombie trade aggressive rhymes back and forth, both showcasing their respective styles in emphatic fashion. Stream “Gozilla” below.

Kanye Rants
New Music Sep 23  |  

Donwill ft. Von Pea, NE$$ & Chill Moody – “Kanye Rants”

What’s life without a weekly dose of Kanye West rants in some shape or form? Donwill, Von Pea, NE$$, and Chill Moody get in touch with their inner narcissist with “Kanye Rants,” a track that samples Kanye West‘s most recent outburst at the (mothafuckin) Pusha T listening session for My Name Is My Name (listen . . .

New Music Mar 21  |  

NightChild wants you to keep it real on “Misbehave”

New Jersey singer, NightChild, graces us with sensual stylings on “Misbehave.” He takes a cue from the late, great Aaliyah as he makes it clear that he wants “naughty naughty” and has no need for the “goodie-goodie” fronts. It’s a chilled, moody R&B cut that finds him coupling his harmonies with the gloomy soundscape to make . . .

darker than wax

Meet the Movement #001: Dean Chew of Darker Than Wax (Part. 1)

As SoundCloud, Spotify and other online-based music platforms pave the way for how we consume audio in the digital age, artists are finding themselves with more power and control than ever before. New collectives and record labels are being created at a record rate. Often many of the people behind them go unknown, with the artists . . .