been a while
New Music May 18  |  

Chiddy Bang – “Been A While”

“Been A While” marks the return of Chiddy Bang, but a few important things have changed since we last heard from them. Chiddy Bang used to be a duo, but that changed when Xaphoon Jones, also known as Noah Breakfast, left the group. Now, it’s just Chiddy. The Philadelphia-based rapper proves that his flow is . . .


Russ Speaks On Diemon’s 2014 Plans, Chiddy Bang Collaboration, and Show In Seattle

Few artists show as much talent and passion as multitalented producer, emcee, and vocalist Russ. His artist name is the only arguably nondescript thing about him- every other thing associated with his art overflows with emotion and character. I’ve only had a handful of conversations with Russ, but I feel like I “know” him because . . .

New Music Jul 16  |  

Russ – “Understand” ft. Chiddy Bang

For his latest release, talented emcee and producer Russ links up with Chiddy Bang for “Understand,” a soulful and mournful new release. It can’t be understated how prolific and polished this cat is. Very few artists in modern times continue to drop such high quality works at a rapid rate. Chiddy and Russ display a . . .

New Music May 2  |  

HOWLS – “004”

HOWLS is a duo, composed of Soulection producer Ta-ku and fellow Australian producer Kit Pop. They specialize in dreamy, upbeat trap-influenced records, such as their latest release, “004.” This time they get help from Philadelphia’s own Noah Breakfast, who you might know from Chiddy Bang. Stream “004” below, and check out more of their sounds . . .