New Music Aug 8  |  

Brasstracks and VanJess might have made your “Favorite” new song

“I just wanna be your favorite. “ Brasstracks lays down the horns, VanJess gives us the vocals, and “Favorite” is ready to be your new go-to song to help bring summer to a successful close. This feel-good record, which premiered on BBC Radio 1Xtra, doesn’t have a home yet – as far as we know. Hopefully . . .

New Music Jul 24  |  

Brasstracks supplies audio bliss with “Fever”

As their name would suggest, Brasstracks continues to feed the streets with warm, horn laden music. “Fever” has plenty of futuristic touches, but the focus is still on the exuberant, bright horn section. You’re definitely going to want to play this with a solid set of headphones to enjoy the audio fullness thereof. Stream “Fever” . . .

all yours
New Music Dec 27  |  

Ozzie, Gravez & Brasstracks sample Justine Skye for “All Yours”

Did you know that Ozzie, Gravez, and Brasstracks collaborated on a track called “All Yours” in 2015? Me neither. It happened, though. The song features refreshing experimental production that’s based around a distorted sample of Justine Skye’s “Collide.” According to Ozzie’s SoundCloud description, this track was a thing for the first time in early 2015. . . .

New Music Dec 20  |  

Khalid and Brasstracks join forces for “Whirlwind”

Khalid and Brasstracks are the latest to take part in Yours Truly and adidas originals’s #songsfromscratch series, and “Whirlwind” is a great final result. Khalid is an El Paso, Texas native with a voice that is expressive and seasoned, seemingly well beyond his 18 years of life on this earth. Brasstracks continues to provide beautifully . . .

Melanin Man
New Music Aug 19  |  

Brasstracks and Masego embrace the power of blackness on “Melanin Man”

“My culture is your new trend.” It’s not always easy being a black man in America, especially in this day and age. On “Melanin Man,” Brasstracks and Masego team up to craft a soulful, vibrant tribute to the power of blackness. Masego stretches himself vocally, giving us a more complex performance than we’ve gotten from past . . .

Get Your Way
New Music Aug 2  |  

Brasstracks – “Get Your Way” ft. Roses Gabor

You already expect to hear distinctly warm, strong brass runs in every single track that Brasstracks releases. They’ve proven to be more and more flexible with releases such as the Roses Gabor-featuring “Get Your Way.” This time around, they boast more house influences, allowing Rose’s smooth vocals to take flight. Stream “Get Your Way” below.

Telling The Truth
New Music Jun 16  |  

Brasstracks and Lido deliver a victorious message on “Telling The Truth”

“Before my life is done, I need to tell everyone. That all my life, I’ve been telling the truth.” Warm horn arrangements from Brasstracks, surging synths and electronic undertones from Lido, and soulful vocals from Father Dude combine beautifully on their new collaborative track, “Telling The Truth.” As we’d expect from a Brasstracks record, this . . .

good love
New Music May 9  |  

Brasstracks and Jay Prince supply a jazzy bounce with “Good Love”

I was a bit surprised to see that Brasstracks was collaborating with Jay Prince, but not due to their musical compatibility. In fact, the Brooklyn-based act and the London-based emcee prove to be a salient combination on “Good Love.” I was a bit surprised, simply due to geographic limitations, but I should keep in mind . . .

nobody else
New Music Dec 3  |  

Jarreau Vandal – “Nobody Else” ft. Brasstracks & Niya Wells

When I saw that Jarreau Vandal and Brasstracks were together on “Nobody Else,” I was already excited. Jarreau’s name has been bouncing around for a minute now, and he’s rightfully gained a reputation as a visionary producer and instrumentalist. His remix of Kendrick’s “Alright“? Bananas. True to their name, Brasstracks has been making a killing . . .

say u won't
New Music Nov 17  |  

Brasstracks Brings The Horns Again With “Say U Won’t”

Brasstracks breaks the mold one more time with their new single, “Say U Won’t.” Their expected dose of rich horn-centric melodies is augmented with quirky electronic instrumentation to create an experience that is authentically unique. We’ve heard tons of epic remixes from the New York-based duo, and this single makes it clear that their original work . . .

New Music Oct 19  |  

Brasstracks Adds Beautiful Horn Arrangements To GoldLink’s “Dance On Me”

Brooklyn-based duo Brasstracks has been making beautiful music as of late, adding horn arrangements and overall beautiful musicality to every record they touch. For their latest release, they put a festive, lush spin on GoldLink‘s infectious “Dance With Me.” This song already had plenty of bounce, plenty of energy, plenty of funk. The new version? . . .

dreaming at the function
New Music Sep 16  |  

JNTHN STEIN – “Dreaming At The Function” ft. Brasstracks

JNTHN STEIN calls in Brasstracks to provide some support on drums and trumpets on his latest track, “Dreaming At The Function.” Not a single word is uttered on this track, but the melodies are catchy enough that they just might be echoing through your head for the rest of the day. Stream “Dreaming At The . . .

New Music Aug 26  |  

Gallant – “Weight In Gold (Brasstracks Remix)”

How awesome would Gallant‘s “Weight In Gold” sound with a full horn section behind it? Wonder no more. Thanks to Brasstracks, the popular single is revitalized once more. The song already felt powerful before it was remade, but now it has an even more triumphant feel to it. Stream Brasstracks‘s “Weight In Gold” remix below.

Voco Loco
New Music May 4  |  

KRNE, Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks – “Voco Loco”

KRNE, Alexander Lewis and Brasstracks connect for “Voco Loco,” an adventurous record that starts off sounding like it could be an outtake from a Donnie Trumpet instrumental track before blasting off into more sonically rebellious, trap-influenced territory. Enjoy the unpredictable, multifaceted adventure. Stream “Voco Loco” below.


Stream Lido’s long awaited debut album, ‘Everything’

Lido is only 23 years old, but the expectation for his debut album has been bubbling for years. Everything is finally here. Lido has a lengthy history of great collaborative efforts with the likes of Halsey, the SAVEMONEY crew, Santell, Brasstracks, and more. The project carries strong emotional ties. Lido explained, “everything is a concept . . .