hermes link
New Music Jan 5  |  

Ashton McCreight chops up Drake vocals for “Hermès Link”

“I don’t take naps. Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that.” Ashton McCreight takes us back to early 2017 with “Hermès Link.” To be specific, he chopped up “Gyalchester,” a standout track from Drake’s polarizing More Life project, for his latest remix effort. Stream “Hermès Link” below.

brown skin
New Music Jun 12  |  

Ashton McCreight’s latest instrumental is an ode to “Brown Skin”

Ashton McCreight keeps the vibe just right with his latest SoundCloud drop, “Brown Skin.” The Los Angeles-based producer creates a lush, vibrant soundscape full of all the right touches that has the potential to serve as the perfect backdrop for your late night phone call to that special someone. Stream “Brown Skin” below.

Dream Ting
New Music May 4  |  

Los Angeles producer Ashton McCreight’s “Dream Ting” is a futuristic vacation

Ashton McCreight‘s “Dream Ting” feels like a breezy night on vacation in the year 2045. Heavy percussion serves as the foundation for the swirling, mellow, synth-filled instrumental. The Los Angeles-based producer has a knack for creating forward-thinking instrumentals that feel like a breath of fresh air. Stream “Dream Ting” below.

New Music Aug 11  |  

Ashton McCreight drops a jazzy remix of Travis Scott’s “Antidote”

“Anything can happen at the night show.” There’s a particularly crisp, refreshing vibe that I get from every single Ashton McCreight release that I’ve heard. He delivers more of the same with his latest effort, a jazzy, futuristically inclined remix of Travis Scott’s “Antidote,” which he calls “The Night Show.” Stream “The Night Show” below.

ashton mccreight
New Music May 24  |  

Ashton McCreight – “For The Ladies”

Los Angeles producer Ashton McCreight crafts some smooth, mellow vibes for his latest drop, “For The Ladies.” Like many producers in this era, Ashton keeps a fairly mysterious social media profile, letting the music speak for itself. Stream “Take It Easy” below, and listen to more of Ashton’s music via SoundCloud.

Ashton McCreight
New Music May 16  |  

Ashton McCreight – “Take It Easy”

Los Angeles-based producer Ashton Mccreight has something special on his hands with “Take It Easy.” Futuristic and distorted, but surprisingly intimate, “Take It Easy” could very well be a romantic song from a century or two into the future. Listen to more of Ashton’s music via SoundCloud. Stream “Take It Easy” below.

Session 031

ESSNTL’S “ETYB Radio: Session 031” Features GoldLink, Dwele, Melo-Zed & More

More smooth vibes from the West Coast. ESSNTL drops some more heat with Session 031 of his highly touted Earth To Your Brain radio series. This time around, we’ll hear music from the likes of GoldLink, Dwele, Melo-Zed, Alicia Keys, IAMNOBODI, Pharrell, Tom Misch, Hiatus Kaiyote, 9th Wonder, and many more. Stream Session 031 of . . .