off guard
New Music Oct 6  |  

Alexander Lewis’s new release might catch you “Off Guard”

Alexander Lewis isn’t afraid to chart a new course with his latest release, “Off Guard.” Alexander explained: “this song was a breath of fresh air for me. Trying to avoid being dubbed as a singular genre artist and getting caught up in the monotony of making the same style of song over and over again, . . .

New Music Apr 18  |  

Alexander Lewis Is Explosive On “Contrast”

Producer, Alexander Lewis, is impressive on his latest track, “Contrast.” Let me tell you, the song title is so fitting. He takes us from 0-100 so smoothly that even if you see it coming you’re not ready. He starts off with chill percussion and harmonies that eventually build to dynamic and explosive drum patterns that had . . .

New Music Aug 9  |  

Alexander Lewis – “Forward”

Alexander Lewis‘s “Forward” is absolutely sizzling with power and intensity. He also has a couple of shows coming up. Read his words on what is to come, below. “I have a show August 15th opening up for Brasstracks . If you happen to be going to the Soulection Yacht Party the night before you get . . .

Mega Blastoise
New Music Jul 29  |  

Alexander Lewis, KRNE & JNTHN STEIN – “Mega Blastoise”

I couldn’t tell you the last time I had anything to do with Pokemon, nor could I tell you what the sounds of “Mega Blastoise” have to do with Blastoise itself. What I can tell you is that the newly released collaborative record by Alexander Lewis, KRNE and JNTHN STEIN is an absolute banger. Stream . . .

New Music May 17  |  

Alexander Lewis & Medasin – “Coexist”

Film Noir continues to grow into being one of the most exciting experimental labels out. They launch NoirSundays Vol.2 with “Coexist,” a well sequenced, melodic banger by Alexander Lewis and Medasin. Look for a few Film Noir shows to pop up in Los Angeles around August. Stream “Coexist” below.

First Course
New Music May 11  |  

KRNE & Alexander Lewis – “First Course”

KRNE and Alexander Lewis turn up the volume for their new collaborative release, “First Course.” Varying drum structures and melodies are layered together with precision to create a frenetic, pulse-pounding listen that feels like it’s made for another planet. Look for an EP from KRNE and Lewis in the near future. Stream “First Course” below.

Voco Loco
New Music May 4  |  

KRNE, Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks – “Voco Loco”

KRNE, Alexander Lewis and Brasstracks connect for “Voco Loco,” an adventurous record that starts off sounding like it could be an outtake from a Donnie Trumpet instrumental track before blasting off into more sonically rebellious, trap-influenced territory. Enjoy the unpredictable, multifaceted adventure. Stream “Voco Loco” below.

New Music Apr 6  |  

Tails & Alexander Lewis – “Time”

Tails and Alexander Lewis‘s “Time” is a fun, adventurous track with plenty of power. A funky bassline, warbling melodies, DJ scratches, brash vocal samples, and excellent sequencing are the key ingredients that make “Time” a success. Stream “Time” below.

New Music Nov 14  |  

Alexander Lewis & Fortune – “Horizon”

Alexander Lewis and Fortune connect for “Horizon,” a dark new release that sounds like the opening number for a futuristic thriller movie. It seems as though the two innovative producers have found a lot of common ground, if the cohesive sound of “Horizon” is any evidence. Stream “Horizon” below.

New Music Jul 1  |  

Deffie takes flight with his ‘Conjurer’ EP

With the help of a lot of friends and a decent amount of love, I bring to you the Conjurer EP.” – Deffie Deffie has been great music for quite some time now, but Conjurer is his most cohesive and developed project, up to this point. The Texas-based producer put his heart and soul into . . .

sweet and sour

The Highlight Reel #014: Sweet and Sour

With every week, I attempt to put the best SoundCloud releases from the past seven days on one playlist. Naturally, The Highlight Reel tends to be a fairly diverse undertaking, with sounds ranging from more traditional hip-hop, to soulful doses of experimental instrumentation, to aggressive trap sounds, to everything in between. This week is no different. . . .

Film Noir

Meet the Movement #003: BNJMN, MadBliss and Medasin of Film Noir (Part .1)

After a slight delay, Meet the Movement returns for its third installment, focusing on one of the most exciting labels to appear in the last few years, Film Noir. Despite being just four months old, the label has already achieved so much, including having their latest release, The Pink Polo EP, a collaboration between sax-machine Masego and heavy-hitting producer . . .

Film Noir
Events Jun 16  |  

Film Noir Announces Summer Tour

It’s hard to believe that Film Noir was founded this year. They’ve quickly amassed a significant following worldwide, thanks in no small part to their experimental sounds and well-executed collaborative efforts. The rapidly rising collective, based in Kingston, Jamaica and founded by BNJMN, Oshi & Krs, just announced their summer tour dates in the United . . .