New Music Dec 9  |  

Aja Monet – “Courage” (EP)

Brooklyn poet Aja Monet continues her musical explorations with her newly released Courage EP. Drawing from influences such as the legendary Maya Angelou, Aja’s poetic grace transfers well to her new project. Aja explained to Essence: “I’ve always wanted to do things with music. It just was a matter of being at the right time . . .

handful of hurricane

Aja Monet – “Handful of Hurricane” (Premiere)

Brooklyn native Aja Monet continues to set herself apart, as both a poet and vocalist. Her latest release, “Handful of Hurricane,” is a somber listen, featuring emotive instrumentation that draws from rock, jazz, and blues. Aja has a knack for finding production that truly enhances her poetry. She is adventurous with her music, not resigning herself to . . .


Video Premiere: Aja Monet – “NoMads”

Talented poet Aja Monet continues to toe the line between spoken word and music with the debut of her monochromatic video for “NoMads,” filmed by Piers Dennis. Music courtesy of Buddy Sativa and Nicky Lars creates a soothing blend of jazz and electronic music to support Aja’s words and melodies. Aja mesmerizes listeners with quotes . . .

You Make Holy War
New Music Feb 15  |  

Video: Aja Monet – “You Make Holy War”

Demonstrating a remarkable mastery of vocal inflections, cadence, and wordplay, spoken word poet Aja Monet impresses with a picturesque visual accompaniment for “You Make Holy War,” featuring mellow, soulful music by Buddy Sativa & Nicky Lars. Aja is an accomplished Cuban-Jamaican poet from Brooklyn, New York.  “You Make Holy War” uses powerful descriptions to create . . .

New Music Dec 20  |  

Video: Aja Monet & Sleeping Giant – “Glitch”

Brooklyn spoken word poet Aja Monet links up with innovative producer Sleepin Giant to create “Glitch,” a futuristic jam that entrances both lyrically and sonically. Monet, a Cuban-Jamaican wordsmith, navigates the track’s intricate melodies with ease, allowing her voice to be a conduit of emotion that easily reaches into your consciousness. Even if you don’t . . .