New Music Dec 6  |  

AbJo released two new instrumentals; “Carnelian” and “Quartz”

West Coast veteran Abjo saw fit to lace his SoundCloud followers with two new instrumentals today, and they’re both worth the listen – albeit for different reasons. “Carnelian” has a degree of tension, thanks to ominous melodies and rapid-fire percussion. “Quartz” carries the more lush and mellow aesthetic of the two. Stream “Carnelian” and “Quartz” below.

New Music Nov 27  |  

AbJo shows the world the power of his synths on “Anthracite”

There’s a lot going on throughout “Anthracite.” AbJo‘s latest SoundCloud release is engaging, futuristic, and complex. A lot of different elements come into play, but the San Diego-based producer manages to avoid overwhelming listeners by ensuring that every element is seamlessly integrated. Stream “Anthracite” below.

The Art Of Refixing V.4
New Music Jul 25  |  

AbJo remixes Kanye West, Janet Jackson & Migos on ‘The Art Of Refixing V.4’

AbJo is no rookie in the remix game, but the West Coast producer continues to find ways to keep things fresh on his latest project, The Art Of Refixing V.4. He uses his unique vision and polished skillset to make all ten of the remixes on this project pop. Kanye West, Jay Z, Migos, Outkast, . . .

get em high
New Music Jul 17  |  

JR Jarris, Saturday Night, Haan808, and Abjo remixed Kanye West’s “Get Em High”

JR Jarris, Saturday Night, Haan808, and AbJo have joined forces, and the resulting remix speaks for itself. Taking us back to Kanye West‘s classic College Dropout debut, the four producers saw fit to remix “Get Em High” for the culture. The result is a bass-heavy, head nodding production that carries just as much energy as the O.G. . . .

get em high
New Music Jun 2  |  

Stream AbJo’s unorthodox remix of Kanye West’s “Get Em High”

“Who the hell is this? Emailin’ me at 11:26?” AbJo is back. AbJo is always welcome back. This time, the West Coast-based producer has taken his vision and skillset to work with a remix of Kanye West’s College Standout track, “Get Em High.” Stream AbJo’s “Get Em High” remix below, and check out his remix . . .

New Music Mar 21  |  

AbJo combines Roy Davis and Sampha on his gorgeous ‘St. Gabriel’ EP

West Coast producer extraordinaire AbJo has been creating beautiful instrumental concoctions for quite some time now. He gives us another short dose of excellence with his new two-track EP, St. Gabriel. This project creates an interesting intersection, combining the Roy Davis studio version and Sampha live rendition of “Gabriel.” The rest is history. Stream St. . . .

On My Mind
New Music Oct 10  |  

Trackwide kicks laid back rhymes on “On My Mind” (prod. AbJo)

I didn’t know much about Trackwide before hearing “On My Mind,” but consider my interest piqued. The San Diego-based emcee teamed up with Soulection-affiliated producer AbJo and vocalist Gabriela Tristan to kick rhymes on a track that is equal parts jazz and hip-hop. Stream “On My Mind” below.

New Music Aug 3  |  

Vibe to AbJo’s remix of Slum Village’s “Selfish”

AbJo adds his signature #VIBRA style of instrumentation to a Slum Village classic track, “Selfish.” The West Coast producer confidently takes things into his own hands, introducing a number of subtle elements that combine to create a vibe that is as mellow as the original, but refreshingly different in terms of sound. Stream AbJo’s “Selfish” remix . . .

New Music Jul 3  |  

AbJo pays homage to his favorite samples throughout ‘VIBRA’

West Coast producer AbJo has been known to draw from a variety of inspirations for his music, and his new VIBRA album continues that theme. As AbJo himself explained: “the focus for this album: paying homage to all my favorite samples/sample sources, most of which were used by my musical heroes, Madlib, Jay Dee aka J Dilla, DOOM, . . .

mantra grooves
New Music Feb 24  |  

AbJo Provides Abstract Inspiration on “Mantra Grooves”

“I know what I want, and I know where I got to be.” These are the only words heard on AbJo‘s appropriately titled “Mantra Grooves.” We’ll call it abstract inspiration. The California-based producer lets the instrumentation power his latest release, incorporating plenty of jazzy, new age, and west coast influences, engineering a laid back vibe . . .

right within
New Music Feb 12  |  

AbJo Flips Lauryn Hill Unexpectedly for “Right Within”

AbJo hears the same classic music we’ve all heard, he just finds ways to flip it that most of us wouldn’t imagine in a million years. This time around the West Coast producer and visionary borrows a line from Lauryn Hill‘s “Lost Ones” – ‘how you gon’ win, when you ain’t right within?’ – and . . .

forever ago
New Music Jan 25  |  

AbJo Releases “Forever Ago” in Honor of Soulection’s 5 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Soulection is celebrating its fifth year anniversary, but here we are. In honor of the momentous occasion, AbJo himself has released an intricate new track called “Forever Ago.” The instrumentation itself is complex, but the vibe itself is easy to absorb and enjoy. Stream “Forever Ago” below.

New Music Nov 23  |  

AbJo Gets Wild With “1UP” And “Descent”

Abraham Joseph, better known in the music world as AbJo, has a long history full of unique, interesting, experimental production. The San Diego creative takes us on another adventurous trip with his two latest releases, “1UP” and “Descent.” The former sounds like the cross between a frantic video game soundtrack and a new age neo-soul . . .

the midnight kid returns
New Music Oct 7  |  

AbJo’s “The Midnight Kid Returns” Samples Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature”

AbJo takes a classic Michael Jackson sample and works his magic with it. Specifically, he takes the unforgettable melody of “Human Nature,” which was originally featured on Thriller, and pushes it into a new millennium with style and grace. Stream “The Midnight Kid Returns” below, and watch live footage of the King himself performing “Human . . .

return of the mack
New Music Jul 25  |  

Mark Morrison – “Return of The Mack (AbJo Remix)”

AbJo brings a new feel to a song that many of us know like the back of our hand, Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack.” The anthemic R&B cut has a new, stadium-like, futuristic feel courtesy of the West Coast beatsmith. Stream AbJo’s “Return Of The Mack” remix below.